Pryor 2008 vs Miller 2011 (Updated through 10 games)

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November 14, 2011 at 12:28p

I will continue to update this as the season goes on, but it's pretty interesting to take a look at Terrelle Pryor's freshman year in 2008 and Braxton Miller's freshman year in 2011. Keep in mind Miller didn't play in the Akron game, while Pryor played in every game, so we will compare by games played in by the individual, not team games.

Here is your chart through  games:

Terrelle Pryor 84 129 1076 9 3 8.34 12.81 65.1 103 450 5 4.37
Braxton Miller 53 109 762 9 3 6.99 14.38 48.6 128 595 6 4.65

As we hit the 10 game mark for Braxton, you can see the difference more clearly in the passing numbers. While both players threw 9 TDs in their first 10 contests, Miller trails Pryor by over 300 yards through the air. That being said, he ran for 145 more yards than TP, for a net difference of 169 yards, with one more total touchdown.

Obviously, the question is what do you make of this. Are the numbers that different in the passing game where Miller's record as a starter is 4-4 and Pryor's was 6-1 at the 10 game mark? I think the passing game with TP as a freshman definitely helped out a bit, but I think the other factors including lack of weapons on offense and off-field situation have been the major influencer of the poor record on Miller's part.

No guarantees, but you'd have to imagine if Tressel was still at the helm, the Bucks would probably look closer like the 8-2 team Pryor had through 10 games, rather than the 6-5 team Miller has through his 10 games played.

What say you Buckeye faithful?

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Huge difference, Pryor was throwing to Robiskie, Hartline, Sanzo, Ballard.  No comparison really.

Miller has a ton of improving to do, but I see a bright future.

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Agreed.  Fewer targets now.  Bigger upside later.  Drops are not factored in here and I would have to think Miller has been denied a comparable completion percentage because of many KEY 3rd down drops.


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As I mentioned in the blog, definitely less weapons on offense, although I'd argue a better offensive line than that 2008 team....also Jake Ballard is a buddy of mine, but by no means was he someone to bragg about throwing to at OSU...not his fault at all---just was used as a 6th blocker rather than an actual TE, which is what he is showing everybody he is now with NYG

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Worth noting that this year's line is a lot better than 2008's


Braxton has been very good, but I still think people expecting him to be better than Pryor are being very unrealisitic.

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Stats don't agree with you though.  2008 team averaged 192 yards rushing and gave up 2.15 sacks per game.  2011 team averages 200 yards rushing and gives up 3.30 sacks per game.

Certainly a lot of those sacks are on Miller, but the same can be said for 2008 as Pryor had a penchant for holding onto the ball for too long as well.

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I'm not disagreeing per se.  It just seems like the line, especially against the Fightin' 'Staches this past Saturday, doesn't give Braxton any time to work.  Alot of those sacks are poor line play IMO.

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Miller is light years ahead of TP because he is producing similar results despite Siciliano coaching him and Bollman calling the plays versus Tressel.

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I kind of disagree with what TP's weapons were though.  Ballard was never a key part of the offense, and other than 1 brilliant catch how many plays can anyone point out and say I remember when Ballard did this?   Sanzenbacher was a much different player that year than he was the Sanzenbacher we all have grown to love.  I remember people talking about his drops, how he was slow, and how he was going to get killed out there because of one hit he took in Wisconsin. 

Also, Hartline and Robiskie became liabilities at times.  They were not happy with the change of QB's and it showed on the field.  I saw several occasions where each guy dogged it on the field.  During the Troy game, Robiskie quit on a ball that if he would've dove he would had a great chance of hauling it in.  Hartline's attitude was horrible and he became cancerous to the team in my opinion. 

All of these guys are in the NFL, well I think Robisikie isn't anymore, but when TP took over, they weren't exactly the greatest for different reasons.  Robiskie seemed to pull it together later in that season, but Hartline to me never did come around.  I was glad he announced he was leaving early for the NFL.  

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The thing with Braxton right now is, we were expecting and hearing he was a better passer than TP was his first 2 years and maybe better than he was last year too.  We haven't seen that in accuracy, production, or just quality of the ball he throws.  His ball still wobbles a lot, he misses open receivers too.  He locks in on specific targets.  His decision making is pretty good overall.  It's hard to say if he's better than TP or not.  He's definitely the best option on this team right now and he'll be pretty good. 

The thing is, TP was a difference maker whether people want to admit it or not.  People didn't like him for various reasons, and think he was a disappointment because of his play on the field.  He was in a no win situation.  If he held the ball and took off for 40 yards but took a big shot, people were calling him stupid.  If he got 20 yards then ran out of bounds to avoid contact the same people were calling him lazy or weak.  Tressel wanted Pryor to be a pass first QB.  Pryor wanted to be that kind of QB so he could make the NFL, so no doubt he was instructed to not take so many hits.  If you make it wide open for Pryor and have him run up and down the field getting drilled all the time, the guy puts up Tebow numbers.  He was certainly coached to not do that so we didn't have to see Boeckman throwing to the other team or Bauserbomb in there slinging balls into the stands

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Forgetting one key factor: we had Tressel calling the plays, not Bollman.

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According to what source?

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I've watched every game TP every played in, and I'd still have to see Braxton throws a better looking ball.  His throws downfield are on a frickin rope and TPs seemed to just float all over the place.  It just seems to me that they're not giving Miller the chance to develop.  Once we hit 3 losses, the reigns should have been lifted to see where we really stand with this kid.  But how bad would we be this season had Miller not entered into the starting lineup?

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Updated TP vs Braxton check it out

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Thanks for the update.  Miller is like a running back playing QB, whereas Pryor was just able to stiff arm and glide past people.  I really love Miller's future.  Give him bowl practice, spring practice and summer camp and I expect 2,000 and 1,000 as a sophomore.

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