OSU 2013 Offensive Recruiting Needs

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February 24, 2012 at 11:29a

While most of us are still recovering from Urban Meyer's in-your-face recruiting domination with the 2012 class, his newly formed staff is already looking ahead.  We are eager to find out what new faces will be on the field in 2012, and already they are checking out high school athletes and lining up potential visits for some of the best players that have not even finished their junior classes.  Such is the life of a big-time NCAA coaching staff.

With only 4 players committed to the 2013 class at this time (Cam Burrows, Jalin Marshall, Billy Price, and Eli Woodard) there are still somewhere between 12 and 16 spots available for scholarships.  The possibilities for who could fill the needs for next year's group are endless, especially this early in the process, but here are my early predictions for the offensive side of the ball, based on upcoming departures.  (Side note - the targets/offers that you see listed below are as of 2/24/12 and WILL continue to change on a regular basis)

Ohio State loses: None
Despite the fact that OSU will not have lost a quarterback in this time-frame, barring any transfers or unforeseen occurences, the 2013 class is the perfect time to bring in at least one QB prospect to continue planning for the future.  Many coaches even aim to bring in a QB per recruiting class as a "just in case" philosophy for the sport's most important position.  Ken(ny) Guiton will be entering his senior season in 2013, Braxton Miller will be a junior, and Cardale Jones will likely be a sophomore in eligibility.
Needs: One
Ohio State targets: Brice Ramsey, Johnathan McCrary, Aaron Bailey, Malik Zaire (**my prediction), Tyrone Swoopes, Darryl Richardson, J.T. Barrett
Commits: None

Running back
Ohio State loses: Zach Boren, Jordan Hall, Adam Homan
Ohio State will have some fire power in their running back stable in 2013, with Carlos Hyde (senior), Rod Smith (junior), and Warren Ball/Bri-onte Dunn (sophomores), but it never hurts to have talent and depth at this position.  Deveon Smith (Warren, OH) and Derrick Green are my two early favorites to get these spots.  Smith is an Ohio native with decent speed and very deceptive strength when running the ball, and Green is a Buckeye fan, despite being from Virginia (he wears #27 in honor of his favorite player, Eddie George).  Both are extremely tough north-south runners who would fit nicely with quick QBs/WRs.                                                    Needs: One/Two
Ohio State targets: Ty Isaac, Deveon Smith (*my prediction), Derrick Green (*my prediction), Ryan Green, Adam Lane, David Williams, Greg Bryant, Keyonte Green, T.J. Logan, Ezekiel Elliot
Commits: None

Wide receiver
Ohio State loses: None
Ok, this one's a bit tricky.  Technically OSU does not lose any wide receivers, because they have such a young core group of players.  The transition from current WRs to incoming players will be an interesting one over the next couple of seasons, as we don't want to use too many scholarships on one area, but will need to replace this group.  To help this situation, I'd expect one or two "wide receivers" to be a part of the 2013 class, as well as an athlete or two.  Jalin Marshall, for example, may be used in a Percy Harvin-esque manner, so I'll count him as one of our incoming WRs for now.  My other prediction for this position, although they have not yet been offered, is either Robert Foster or Laquon Treadwell.
Needs: Three
Ohio State targets: Uriah LeMay, Jake Oliver, Marquez North, Jordan Cunningham, Shelton Gibson (*my prediction), Travis Johnson, Ra'Shaad Samples, Richard Benjamin
Commits: Jalin Marshall

Tight end
Ohio State loses: Jake Stoneburner, *Reid Fragel (played 3 years at TE, senior year at OT)
It should come as no surprise that the tight end position will be utilized much more in the passing game than anything we saw with Jim Tressel.  It will also be very difficult to replace a rare talent like Stoneburner, but that is what OSU must do.  Adam Breneman is the nation's best TE according to nearly every website right now, but he could very well be surpassed by Mike Heuerman, the little brother of current OSU TE Jeff Heuerman.  Both of them have what it takes to be heavily involved in Urban Meyer's high-octane offense, so landing either would be great...both would be nasty. 
Needs: One/Two
Ohio State targets: Adam Breneman, Mike Heuerman (*my prediction)
Commits: None

Offensive line
Ohio State loses: None
As scary as it may sound, OSU will not graduate any offensive linemen before 2013.  Yep, you read that right.  Thanks to the brilliant recruiting strategy of Jim Bollman, OSU was not bringing in nearly as many OL recruits as it should have been on a yearly basis.  Instead, he opted for a wait until we're in dire need for them approach and recruited in bulk.  Urban will hopefully continue on a different route and try to grab about 4 prospects per class to ensure a good amount of depth on the line from here on out.  I'd expect this group to look very different than the names listed below when the final class is announced next year, although I like our chances of landing Evan Lisle from Centerville High School.
Needs: Four
Ohio State targets: Ethan Pocic, Laremy Tunsil, Hunter Bivin (*my prediction), Jake Raulerson, Evan Lisle (*my prediction), Chris Fox, Derwin Gray, Logan Tuley-Tillman
Commits: None


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Nice write up!

On QBs- I think this next class is going to have 2, not 1- (Zaire, Hodges** my predictions)

Also, on OL- gotta like OSU's chances with Pocic. I believe it was reported that his parents really liked Wisconsin, Ohio State, and scUM, in no particular order. With scUM being filled with a ton of OL guys, and Wisconsin being coached by a POS, gotta think this one is open to Urban working some magic. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

BTwrestle04's picture

You forgot Robert Foster on the WR list and he is arguably the biggest "must get" at that position.

Edit: Sorry noticed you mentioned him, but he has in fact been offered.

Hootie159's picture

I believe Laquon Treadwell was also offered.

Alex's picture

Treadwell was offered and is visiting this weekend

AJBor41's picture

Thanks guys.  I made the mistake of going by ESPN's website as far as who's been offered.  Obviously they're still doing stellar work.  And yes, I completely directed all of the blame onto ESPN instead of my own research.

Foster would be huge for WRs and I don't know much about Treadwell, but I think that Eli Woodard was working on him via Twitter. 

ThirdLegLouie's picture

Foster would be a monster get for this class. He's an unbelievable athlete. I'd put him and Joey Bosa at the top of the WANT list

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

Rational MFAN's picture

I believe Treadwell is a big Michigan lean at this point. Foster is definitely yours to lose at this point. But, not trying to troll here or anything that was not my intent when I joined here, I just do not see you guys having success recruiting the big physical wide receivers that you are accustomed to with Urban in the future. The style of offense is just not all that intriguing for a big time wide receiver prospect who has NFL aspirations.

How many wide receivers has Urban Meyer put into the NFL? Only one I can think of is Louis Murphy for the Raiders who is somewhat of a contributor.

JasonBuck's picture

Lol just Lous Murphy huh? How about David Nelson, Percy Harvin, and others I can't think of at the moment but there was a post earlier about this same subject. I appreciate a "rational" scUM fan joining the site but please try to think yhings through before you post all over the board. We already have one scUM fan that most of us respect in M Man, but saying a big time wide receiver with NFL aspirations won't come to tOSU is just plain wrong.

JasonBuck's picture

Just a quick search yielded Riley Cooper, Andre Caldwell, and I'm sure if I had more time I could find more.

FortMeyer's picture

I think this is what others have been weary of with scUM fans on this board. One comes in then another then another and this is all we will see on here....Why we suck and why what we're doing will not work. Hope not but you never know.

JasonBuck's picture

@FortMeyer I completely agree. I like the opposing points of view but have you ever tried posting anything on mgoblog? Have to give them credit they DO NOT want a tOSU fan posting there. I like our accepting nature but the more accepting we are the more who will come lol.

btalbert25's picture

Something tells me it's just because Hoke is getting a ton of recruits right now.  I have a feelin once Meyer starts  knocking down guys like Foster, Gibson, etc, we probably won't get too many Michigan fans commenting anymore.  

btalbert25's picture

David Nelson, Riley Cooper, Louis Murphy, Percy Harvin, Andre Caldwell are the WR's he has put in the NFL.  So, out of the 34 players who he has put in the NFL, 1/5th are WR's.  None of them are neccessarily stars in the NFL but what WR have the Buckeyes put in the NFL who is really a star the last 10 years or so?  Holmes?  Certainly not Ginn, Hartline, Robiskie, Sanzenbacher, or Gonzalez. I'm not concerned about his ability to land quality WR.  They will come. 

JasonBuck's picture

Yah, I was trying to even think of WR's that Carr put in the NFL when he ran the pro style offense. I can only think of two Braylon Edumb (yes, I know his last name but I'm a Browns fan, can't stand him) and Desmond Howard...I may be wrong and there may be more but the only ones I can name off the top of my head. I don't think style of offense has anything to do with whether you are successful or not. This is all IMO of course...

Statutoryglory's picture

Basically every WR that played under Urban in Fla has started a game in the NFL this past season.  Do your research mich trolls.  By big physical WRs that mich will "now" get I can only assume you mean one of the 15 OL coming in.


AJBor41's picture

Thought about commenting on his post, but it looks like order was restored.  My favorite part was his implying that WRs wouldn't come because of Urban's offense, as opposed to the run and gun that we ran last year.  I'm sure WR recruits were drooling at the 4 attempted passes we threw at Illinois.

Rational MFAN's picture

Listen guys, I am not coming here to blast you for your hire with UM. I really came on here just to get my enemies perspective on things and just chat up football and the rivalry. It is after all what this is about.

I just think this is what big time WR's look at when they think about going to a school. The goal is to get to the next level for most of these kids regardless who they grow up loving. As far as guys put into the nfl, ya David Nelson is a good third option for a horrible Buffalo Bills team. Riley Cooper had 16 receptions last year. Percey Harvin is an absolute stud and I think those are the guys you are going to get. His official position says WR, but lets be honest he does it all and is more of a quick slot guy. I am referring to the great outside receivers you guys are accustomed to having.

I also do not think we will be going after the same guys on offense. As long as Urban is in Columbus we will never go head to head on a Quarterback Prospect. Maybe even some running backs. You guys are looking for more of a quick scat back type running back while we are looking for the bruiser type. It is why I wanted Brionte Dunn so bad, with that said I do not see Brionte Dunn ever being the reason why Ohio (sorry it has grown on me) will beat Michigan in the next four years. I really felt that Urban just did not want him in Ann Arbor and that is why he recruited him hard, knowing it may come back to bite him in the ass.

With all that said, I definitely think UM will do great things in Columbus and is a great offensive mind. I have broke down his films in Florida for about 5 years now and have used some of his stuff for my own team. ( I am an offensive coordinatior here in Michigan) He does a great job changing up formations and personnel. Lots of shifts before the snap that can confuse the defenses and does a great job with motion. Unlike that jackass Rich Rod. He never motioned a guy once in three years! I kid you not, watch the film. My favorite play he runs is the shovel option that he uses with the TE/H back and the running back. The qb reads the D end, if the D end plays the Option then the quarterback shovels it underneath to the H back/ T end and vice versa. Very effective play that has helped me win a bunch of games in the last two years. So, no doubt UM is a great offensive mind. Probably the third best mind in the game behind Kelly and Malzahn. It will be a hell of a battle against the Michigan Defense. Because those guys can flat out coach D as well. Looking forward to a new 10 year war.

hodge's picture

I get what you're saying, but I have to at least partially disagree: we'll have no problem pulling in the "Percy Harvins" of the recruiting world, seeing as how Meyer's track record kind of speaks for itself.  But, I understand that's not really what you're getting at--you're talking about the Calvin Johnsons of the world.  The big guys who want to play in a pro-style, downfield-passing, number-boosting system.  It makes total sense, seeing as that's where they can produce the most, but I wouldn't say Meyer will not be successful getting this type of player.  Just like wanting a powerful running back (what his offense was lacking at the end of his tenure at UF), I think scoring a big possesion-type reciever will be a definite focus in Meyer's future recruiting, and the pending recruitment of Robert Foster (6'3, 190), seems to be a step in this direction.  It's not like the big guys don't succeed in Meyer's system: look at Dallas Baker, he put up career numbers and was all-SEC in '06.

So maybe he won't get the Calvin Johnsons as much as he can get the Percy Harvins (see Marshall, Jalin), but I'm sure he'll land enough to accomplish his offense's singular goal--create and exploit mismatches.

Rational MFAN's picture

JasonBuck, how about that receiver who made the biggest catch in the Super Bowl three weeks ago? I will give you a hint, he is from Warren, Ohio and attended Warren Harding.

JasonBuck's picture

Ah yes...Mario....forgot abt that idiot. And David Nelson a great third option.....ok, I'm not going to try and debate your "point". Thanks for joining 11W!

JasonBuck's picture

But I would also say he didn't exactly have a all pro year and he is the third option on that team as well, I mean if you want to fairly and rationale weigh both points of view.

Rational MFAN's picture

I guess you are right, going into the year he was the second option until Victor Cruz went out of his mind. Thanks for having me I appreciate it.

Saw someone post about Mgoblog. I stopped posting there as well. The majority of the people there are elitist. I would always get "neg-bombed" for bashing Rich Rod during his tenure and now the site has become a bunch of people bitching about other people's postings. Oh and if your posts are not in APA format in formal essay type the Grammar Nazi's will hunt you down. I have never had that problem personally, but if you can read and understand someone's point why clutter space with stupid postings. I just want to talk football. The Fort is an excellent place to get Michigan Football information. The mods there do a great job covering every angle of Michigan sports.

AJBor41's picture

I will disagree on your previous statement about Bri-onte Dunn in Meyer's offense.  I think that the reasoning behind keeping Dunn as a Buckeye may have been 10-15% "We'll get him so scUM can't have him," but I think he actually will play a large part in the spread offense.  You mentioned Urban needing the scat back, but if you remember his most successful offenses with Florida, he also had a big bruising back.  The back just happened to be a 230+ pound QB who ran more like a fullback.  We have Braxton Miller as a quick run option currently, and could use a scat back WR/RB hybrid for big plays, but Dunn (or Hyde, Ball, etc) will also play a big part in the run game.

JasonBuck's picture

@AJBOR41, completely agree with you.  Just didn't want to debate anymore points with a rational scUM fan.  However, like you said, Urban has said NUMEROUS times that we need a bruising back to make this offense work, especially in the B1G 10.  I think we'll continue to get high quality physical wide receivers and the big bruising backs because un-like RR for scUM Urban realizes what he needs to make his offense work when it's 35 degrees out in November in the 'Shoe and we are putting a beat down on scUM.  Like I said, appreciate another point of view, but have to realize we probably won't agree with you (to the scUM fan's who post ont his site) IMO.  I think that's a reason I appreciate M Man's posts, because he gives the scUM point of view but he also seems to always post that he can see where we are coming from as well.

Statutoryglory's picture

@National Mfan  Find a College team where 4 of the WR on the same college team's 4-wide look all started a NFL game in a season.  Not to mention the TE.  Urban's philosophy is having 6 guys who are matchup problems, not 1.  As such even a guy as talented as Percy Harvin wasn't going break 1k yds.  He wants teams to cover the whole field.  The NFL doesn't look at Harvin and say he isn't dominant because he didn't have 1500yds rec and some clown from Rice did.  

Buckman's picture

What's the possibility of getting Laremy Tunsil? Alex?

I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.