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TSUN and the 2016 Recruiting Class

As he often does, DJ (Typist King, First of His Name, Slayer of Trolls, Master of Kittens, Punisher of FourLoko) inspired me to do some Google research with this line from his Skull Session: Remember, the Wolverines have been a joke for a large swath of these prospects' lives, and Meyer is a thre...
04 Mar 2015
by AJBor41

Is the CFP Good for Meyer's Tenure at OSU?

Urban Meyer's stay at Florida was one of tremendous success, which we, Buckeye fans, know all too well. However, it came at great cost to Urban and his family. We now know all of the stories about the damage that he did to himself, physically, mentally, and emotionally, as well as the separation...
07 Jan 2015
by AJBor41

Prognosticating OSU's Offense on Saturday

We've had several posts on here mentioning Cardale Jones's past highlight videos, wishing him luck, and even letting the world know about some of his amazing talents and abilities, but I was curious to get everyone's take on what we would see, offensively, on Saturday. Given the limited amount of...
03 Dec 2014
by AJBor41

3 OSU/M*chigan Must-See Matchups in 2012

With exactly 100 days left until The Game, and with my excitement for this OSU season currently at a Spinal Tap 11, I thought that I'd throw out three of my favorite matchups to watch for this year between these hated rivals. (Note: While I realize that Brady Hoke vs. China Dynasty's buffet...
16 Aug 2012
by AJBor41

UM O-Line vs. OSU D-Line

“Games are won in the trenches.” Sure, we’ve all heard this saying, and that’s fine and dandy if one team has an major advantage in one trench or the other, but what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?  In other words, what can we expect w...
24 Apr 2012
by AJBor41

Sweet Sixteen: OSU vs. Cincy Positional Matchups

As nice as it has been to brag about Ohio putting 4 teams into the Sweet Sixteen, it’s now time to focus on a matchup that will end the season and send home one of those teams.  The Bearcats of Cincinnati are an interesting team to meet in the tournament, because they play a 4 guard ro...
21 Mar 2012
by AJBor41

Ohio State vs. Loyola (MD) Preview

The first round matchups for schools that are seeded #1 or #2 tend to give us a glimpse at a smaller school that may not be on our radar for the other eleven months out of the year, and Ohio State’s game against the Loyola (MD) Greyhounds on Friday night is no exception.  Unless you&rs...
12 Mar 2012
by AJBor41

Urban Meyer & Brady Hoke 2013 Recruiting Comparison

When the dust had settled last month and the 2012 recruiting classes had been established, it was clear that Ohio State and M*chigan had separated themselves from the rest of the Big Ten.  Based on Scout.com’s rankings, OSU and UM finished 3rd and 4th in the country, respectively, and ...
09 Mar 2012
by AJBor41

Ohio State 2013 Defensive Recruiting Needs/Offers

Last week I wrote about some of the offensive needs that the team would encounter after the 2012 season, and what recruiting offers were currently out there to address those needs.  Now it's time to focus on what wins championships, according to the old saying, and that is defense. ...
28 Feb 2012
by AJBor41

OSU 2013 Offensive Recruiting Needs

While most of us are still recovering from Urban Meyer's in-your-face recruiting domination with the 2012 class, his newly formed staff is already looking ahead.  We are eager to find out what new faces will be on the field in 2012, and already they are checking out high school athletes ...
24 Feb 2012
by AJBor41