Favorite Buckeye game you ever went to?

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August 8, 2011 at 7:12a

I'm sure this topic has been hashed and rehased multiple times since this feature was added to this site, but with kickoff coming ever closer, and the fact that I'm new to this site, I thought I would open it back up.  So, what's your favorite Buckeye game you ever attended at the Shoe or elsewhere?  If I had to pick an easy one I would go with The Game in 2006 just for the environment and my seats (4th row 50 yard line), but if I thought a little harder it would have to be Michigan in 2004 because that was a f***** sweet upset to witness. And Teddy Ginn's punt return will forever be etched in my memory, as will jumping around chanting "OVERRATED" with my dad as loud as we could, since he is usually such a quiet guy. Oh and Brutus stomping on the roses in the fourth quarter was priceless  Your thoughts?


Sidenote: Actually I have a 3rd.  Illinois in 2002. We made the drive down from Chicago and I was young at the time, like 11 or 12 so I was literally on the verge of tears the entire game until the last play.  Then it was sheer joy.

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Or you could talk about the most heartbreaking game you were ever at.  Mine is easy: Texas in the Fiesta Bowl 3 years back.  I seriously collapsed in my seat when generic receiver that looked way better than he was because of Colt McCoy (Cosby i think) scored on us.  The drive home from that game was absolutely terrible. Thought we had it....

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i completely agree...i was a little...intoxicated from the $4 monster beers and i'm just sitting there thinking we've got this...this won't happen we're gonna win..shit..this can't happen...it won't happen...FUCK...it's going to happen ::tear:: THAT..JUST...HAPPENED...

longest walk back to the neighborhoods to the car...ever..oh..and almost getting in a fight b/c some douche meistro called my buckeyes anal beads. Thank god my dad hadn't been drinking or we both would've been in jail

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It's going to be hard to top the sheer madness of the Sugar Bowl. Tressel's final game, finally getting the SEC monkey off of our back, etc.

It ultimately won't count in the books, but wow.

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The Atmosphere for the USC game was worth the $ even though we didnt come out on top

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Yes. Same for Texas at home two years earlier. Very similar experiences - incredible atmosphere. (It's a shame the 'Shoe isn't always that electrifying.)

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The Game in '06. The atmosphere was absolutely electrifying.

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Easy...or not.

The 2006 game vs the weasels will probably be known forever as the greatest show ever in the shoe.  I was there.  I don't remember much from the game without rewatching it.  I do remember standing up in my seats after the game waiting for the team to go over to the band and watching the pandemonium.  My friend Rick and I just held our wives and watched wide-eyed.  Silently.  Totally drained.  Words will never describe that moment.

Later, my oldest daughter met us back at the car all breatless.  She was down in that madness and talked endlessly how she sang Carmen Ohio with Doug Datish and Roy Hall holding her.  Truly, the most memorable game I ever attended live, and my first game was in 1966 and I was at the only Rose Bowl Archie won!

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Dude, standing up in your seats at the end of the game lol?  I was all over the field with my dad cutting out piecies of grass (last real grass game, I remember the players slipping all over the place), and singing Carmen Ohio with the players and band.  It was such an amazing experience, like winning the national championship on your home field.

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Good for you.  Been there done that.  Sitting in C Deck with my wife, it just seemed the thing to do.  Besides, we stay every game until the team sings Carmen Ohio.  As drained as we were, it seemed the thing to do, DUDE. <shakes head>

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Lol just ran across this.  You really made me realize how much I talked like a dumbass back when I was 19/20.  Crazy what two years can do smh..

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January 2003, Sun Devil Stadium, #1 University of Miami Florida Hurricanes v. #2 The Ohio State Buckeyes, I will never forget that moment for as long as I live

Cause I couldn't go for three

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The Rose Bowl was pretty special.  I was in college for the 2002 season, and all of those games were incredibly memorable, particularly the 14-9 thriller over Michigan that capped an undefeated season...man, it was pretty cold that day but we didn't give a damn.

There were many things about the Rose Bowl, though that I'll never forget.  We ran into a college buddy at the parade in the morning.  He didn't have tickets to the game, but bussed with us over to the stadium.  To have been at the same intersection along the route was an incredible stroke of luck, because had we not been, I doubt we'd have ever found each other.  We had beers at the beer garden watching the other Big Ten bowl games going on...mostly vs. the SEC.  The place was going berzerk.  The venue itself is unlike anything you could ever imagine.  It has very unique landscaping along its eastern side, as the hill climbs up to the top of the stands.  And to think how little it's changed over the years, whether it looked that way when Woody aspired to bring the Buckeyes there.  As soon as we got through the gates, the team happened to be leaving the field after the practice...so we got excellent pictures of them going into the locker room.  From our seats we could see the San Gabriels, which looked as if they were on fire during the 4th quarter...but only for about 10 minutes.  Very special.

Then of course, there was the win.  Wow!  I mean, we didn't go expecting a win.  Ohio State hadn't won a big game since that 2006 game against Michigan.  And the Ducks were pretty cocky.  So, the sigh of relief was epic.  After the game we met a guy at dinner back in Burbank who played for Woody and was on the '68 team.  He never saw the field, he said, but man he was excited!  Then, we proceeded to get blitzed in downtown Pasadena, and saw several out of control Buckeyes getting tossed out of bars.

Overall, an awesome time, an awesome adventure, and it's pretty rare for Ohio State to get there, despite the fact that they've been there the 3rd-most times.  So, if they ever happen to find their way back, GO!

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1.  2006 Michigan game.  2. 2010 Rose Bowl 3. 2011 Sugar Bowl


The best 3 games I ever attended, probably in that order.  The 35 hour straight drive to and from Pasadena might have been the best part with 4 other friends.  Although the Sugar Bowl was pretty great afterwards when we shut up those damn Wooo Pig Souie chants.  F'ing red necks!

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  "We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!"

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My 2nd Ohio State game was the Texas game at The Shoe. I was hoarse for about a week after the game. Even though the Buckeyes lost it was quite the game to see live.

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Same here. That was my 2nd ever OSU game, I was a sophmore in high school, and was depressed for a week, but the game itself was amazing until 1:36 left.

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2006 "Game of the Century" - I don't think it's possible for a game to be any bigger, or more exciting than that. The epitome of what it is all about. Game. Set. Match.

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for me it goes as follows:


2004 Michigan game. Came out of nowhere and smacked the skunk bears in the mouth

2006 Michigan game. nuff said

2010 Rose Bowl. My first bowl game. Saw an Oregon fan light his hand on fire trying to start his grill. He put it out by putting it in a sand trap.

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I could go with the usual and customary but:

This is silly but, Illinois 09, my then 6 year olds first big 10 game in the rain.  She was hard as nails in the cold down pour.  My wife kept feeding her skittles, and she wanted to tough it out to watch the whole game.  She still holds Boom in high regard.  I think he scored twice and my daughter went ape sh*t over it.  She got to meet Brutus who was kind enough to climb up a few rows to say high.  I had to keep hoisting her up so she could see the plays.  That was an amazing moment/day.

Watching Troy Smith scramble to hit Robo on a bomb/broken play, while JoPa shat his pants was nice.


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Was at that Illinois game also.... will always remember it for the second quarter, Souht Florida style monsoon, we stood out there in... I saved the ponchos from that game...

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07 penn state just to see all the disappointed penn state fans who thought theyd win by 20 (IT WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!)

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The 2006 edition of "The Game." As I'm a Boston born Buckeye, this was my first OSU-M*ch*g*n game. Absolute, friggin pandemonium. Unlike anything I have ever experienced.

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1995 Notre Dame.  Eddie was running right at me when that iconic picture was taken of 4 Irish chasing him.

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I haven't had the opportunity to go to that many games at the Shoe, but my 2 favorite games I've been to are the UC game at Paul Brown Stadium and the Michigan game that same year.  When the city of Columbus knew that game was over sealing the Fiesta Bowl berth, I think about 300,000 people in Columbus all started yelling at the same time.  It was a pretty incredible feeling. I'll never forget seeing the wave of people running toward Lane Street.  I got out of there before the rioting started, but that moment was pretty awesome.

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I have 2.

The 2002 game against Michigan in which we won 14-9.  For me, that avenged a few losses in the 90s when I was in school there, like the 1996 game when Springs fell down. 

I was also at the game away at Texas in 2006.  We dominated, and got some needed revenge there, too.  The weekend in Austin was amazing, though... I almost wish we played Texas away every year because that place is such a great time!

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I could say the 2006 game vs. Michigan, or 2009 vs. Iowa, Rose/Sugar Bowls, or any of the usual suspects, but my favorite game was vs Purdue 1999, where we blocked their field goal attempt as time expired. It was wet, cold, and dark...and my seats were just a few rows away from our beloved Neutron Man. I was a student back then so I guess games were a little more personal and nostalgic.

Anyone else at this game?

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No, but it sounds very similar to the 2003 Purdue-OSU game at the 'Shoe...cold, rainy, Purdue missed a field goal at the end of the game.

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I was there.  I was in 14C.  Same place I sit today.  I remember being just furious about how bad tOSU looked,  I was always a dove when it came to a desire to fire coaches.  I always empathized with them I guess.  But that was the day I started to turn on Coop.

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That is hilarious... I was a section over from the Neutron man.  I loved that guy!  I almost forgot about the actual game as the more recent games stick out to me.

1.  2002 National Championship win against da U

2.  2005 Texas came to the Shoe... Limas Sweed in the corner of the endzone... enough said.

3.  2006 @ UT quieting all of those fans in burnt orange and Colt McCoy.

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

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1.  2007 Game vs Penn ST in Happy Valley. Made the trip up with my girl and we stayed in the Ohio State section in the stadium. Met some really awesome Buckeye fans. Walking up to the stadium, all the sloppy State Penn fans were talkin so much sh** and called my girl some names, classy. Penn State was trying to pump up the white-out with videos of the 2005 game, tooo bad. Good ole T-Boeck played his best game in the S&G.  Robiskie thrashed Justin King all night. We were a few rows up and the whole team ran over to sing Carmen in front of us. Awesome Awesome feeling.  After the game, me and the lady walked into the McDonalds on the campus and not one PSU fan said a word. Nothing better than repping the Scarlet amidst a crowd of sad lions. Road games make the experience that much fantastic.

2. 2009 Game vs USC: My Senior Year in college, gameday... all the hype. Me and the roomates were down on Lane AVE watching the USC Song Girls marching down, even more unreal in person lol. Yeah we lost, but we were all sitting in BLOCK O and the environment was incredible.  The defense was stifling that night, until the last drive... Still upset we werent more aggresive on the drive before in order to bury the Trojans, the playcalling was typical Tressel-ball with the intent to just pin USC deep. Still amazing experience, resurrection of the "Buckeye Bounce"... the Shoe was shaking and even the 80yr old Alumni were jumping up and down!! lol


Obviously....2006 vs UM

Great Memories!

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The USC is my favorite game we have ever lost. It was so painful, but it was the best atmosphere I have ever seen in a stadium. My wife and I were hoarse for a week afterwards. Our D was incredible that game. It really felt like the entire stadium was working so hard for the win.

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1. 2002 National championship game in Sun Devil - what an awesome campus experience. I've never hugged so many strangers in such a short amount of time.

2. 2003 NC State triple OT - I am diabetic & was sick for this game (in south stands with my bro). Just before halftime my blood sugar was in the 400s & I was projectile vomiting. All the people around me were buying me waters to help keep me in the stands. "Big Play" Will Allen made the stick at the goal line to seal the victory while I was screaming until I blacked out. Great victory... & then I walked to the ER...

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My top three:

1. 1985 vs. Iowa in the Shoe. Buckeyes were #3 and Iowa was #1. On a rain-soaked day we strangled Chuck Long's passing game while Spielman punished Ronnie Harmon. I'll never forget carrying the north end zone crossbar up and down High Street and into Papa Joe's, where a bucket of beer was dumped on my head from the balcony (delicious).

2. 1995 vs. Notre Dame in the Shoe. Just a monster day for Eddie George. This time the goal posts would not budge.

3. 1987 at Michigan. Earle's last game was very emotional and it was great to see him carried off after beating TTUN on its own field in a game we were supposed to lose. Carlos Snow!

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For me it has to be NC State '03. My parents had just divorced and everything just sucked and my dad took me and we were in the south stands it was so amazing. We had a huge lead then that last play was the most nervous moment of my life and then they said he was down and i cant remember a more satisfying and relieving moment in my life still to this day lol.

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Definitely the game in 06 vs UM. Sneaking in last minute to get seats at my first skull session, being offered thousands of dollars for my tickets, and of course being able to come home to Michigan with a big smile on my face. Fantastic.

And of course every game in Ann Arbor where we have dominated, nothing like beat UM while your with all of your Michigan friends.

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Purdue 1968. The joints were jumpin.You know back then, if you got caught with a joint, you could go to jail for life. Any of you ever done anything out in the open air you could go to jail for life. Now that's a rush. Ya Purdue 1968.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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To this day this is my favorite Eleven Warriors post of all time.

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I think you're right man. I'm speechless.  That post needs to be the banner saying (whatever that thing is called) for the website.  Who is this guy lol?

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1.  1971: My first OSU game in person.  Michigan Stadium.  Thom Darden gets away with interference, and Woody Hayes tears up the down marker right in front of me.  Michigan wins 10-7.

2.  1976:  My first game in Ohio Stadium.  Michigan shuts out OSU 22-0.  The first mutterings from Ohio fans that Woody must go.

3.  2008:  OSU at Wisconsin.  Malcolm Jenkins leads the Buckeyes' sideline in Jump Around, and the Buckeyes completely take over a tied game in the 4th Quarter to win.

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Only one correction M man.  1976 was not the first time there were mutterings.  1967 vs Purdue, a 41-7 (?) loss, featured an airplane towing a banner around the stadium the whole second half that said "GOODBYE WOODY".  And the crowd singing a capella "Oh come and sing Ohio's praise, and say goodbye to Woody Hayes."

1968 was a watershed moment for the Big10 and Ohio State football.  It was the beginning of a 2 team dynasty that changed college football.  Until that team hit the field, and Bo the following year up there, Columbus was known as the graveyard of coaches.


I was at the Upset of the Century in 1969. (My first roadtrip as a 12 year old). Truly, unless one was around then, they would never understand what an unbelieveable upset that game on Nov 22, 1969 was.  As a 12 year old, the importance didn't register until the ride home.  We stopped for dinner at an old Toledo landmark called Millar's Restaurant.  I had to go to the bathroom which meant walking through the dark bar.  The USC-UCLA game was playing on the TV and the bar was full, but no one was paying attention.  Honest to God, every man sitting on a bar stool in scarlet and gray was crying.  As a 12 yearold, that made a huge impression on me and its an image I remember to this day.

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What is quite simple, and what is forgotten by many Michigan fans about the 1969 game (because we have deified everybody on our '69 team) is that the one reason that it was such an impossibly huge game for Michigan, was that Ohio State was the best team in the country that year.  A completely awesome, flawless, overpoweringly solid, team.  We got up in the first half, forced Woody to throw a bit in the second half.  Turnovers then won the day for Michigan.  Michigan was a very good team that year, with a half-dozen future All-pros on the roster, and they were still 17-point underdogs in that game.

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Yeah, we revere the 1968 team around here, for good reason.  But if the 1968 team played the 1969 team, the '69ers would be favored by 4 touchdowns.  They were one of the most dominating teams I've ever seen by anyone.  Had they not lost in Ann Arbor (Kern injured his back before the game), its is probable that they would've been the greatest team of all time.


I could come up with 24 future NFLers on that team.  If I'm not mistaken, the 3/4 defensive backfield ended up as all-pros.  The talent on that team was once in a lifetime.


I do believe, however, that the presence of Jack Tatum alone made that team on of the best of all time.  I still remember Mike Phipps being scared of him.  And LeRoy Keyes being completely neutralized.

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I had heard about the airplane, but never the song. That's hilarious:

"Oh come and sing Ohio's praise, and say goodbye to Woody Hayes."

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According to the guy above you, anybody you saw smoking weed should absolutely be your foremost memory of that day.  That guy could have served a LIFE SENTENCE WHAT A FUCKIN RUSH

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3) Kicking the living crap out of the Irish in Tempe; 2) Joe Germain to David Boston in Pasadena and without a doubt--#1 OSU stomping #2 scUM in a game that was not nearly as close as the score dictated.  


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First off, thanks for all your responses.  A little surprised to see no others agreeing with me on the 2002 Illinoins game.  It was incredible, but I must have been one of only 5,000 or so Buckeyes there.  

A lot of 2006 Michigan games, but that was to be expected. Coming from someone who was there, that game was f****** amazing. The crowd was so loud I remember multiple times when Mario Manningham touched the ear holes on his helmet signaling to Henne that he couldn't hear shit!

Wish I ccould have been old enough for the 97 Rose Bowl

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Without a doubt, and I've probably been to over 100 games since my first in 1968, was the 2003 Fiesta Bowl in Tempe when OSU beat #1 Miami, who had a 34 game winning streak. The emotional swings in that game were unbelievable, right down to Clarett sliding in the end zone to go ahead in the second overtime. What made that game the best in my mind was the 5 day trip out to Arizona. We left C-bus on a charter flight on New Years Day and returned on January 4th. All we did for the better part of 4 days was hang around the bars in Tempe with ALL, and I mean all the Ohio State fans that descended on Tempe. There were like 15 Miami fans in town. Can't really blame them, they thought the Canes would just roll past slow, plodding, little offense Ohio State. But, as I told my buddy after the first series when the OSU "D" sacked Dorsey twice, I just looked at him and said, "It's On". 

No way any other game will equal that because I had gone to so many OSU games since 1968 and waited sooooo long for that next National Championship. I will truly take that experience to the grave with me.

Go Bucks!!!!

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I envy you that game.  Just had a newborn and no vacation time left, so I was stuck in my living room.  That said, it was probably the most emotional I ever got after a win.  And I'm with you, when Kenny sacked Dorsey on the first play with one swipe of his hand, I turned to my 16 year old son and said, "we're going to win this game."  I NEVER do that.  And I was hoping, prior to kick-off, just to not get embarrassed.  

On the wall guarding the North Coast from all Weasel invasions.

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This is literally the same exact exchange that my father and I had at the moment haha.  Except I was 12 so maybe it was more meaningful with your 16 year old idk.

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oklahoma @ us,  77 or 78,  very exciting


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September 14, 1991

tOSU vs Louisville

My first game, i was 8 years old. I still remember watching Carlos Snow rip it up from the old C deck. After that i was hooked.

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This isn't quite a legit response to the question, but it is still the best game I have ever witnessed for multiple reasons. No game I ever attend would exceed this one.

'02 Title Game, hands down for me even though I didn't attend.


I had planned to go on a roadtrip with some buds for this game & they certainly had amazing memories. Due to some family issues, I was unable to go on the trip. I, was instead, relegated to looking after my grandfather. Fully admit that while there was no question family came first, I was still royally pissed about the situation. I went to most games that season, even away. To miss out on being there for the ultimate possible achievement was like a punch in the gut.

With my Grandfather, it was always hard-nosed. It was just him. Probably the only thing we really shared involved our love of football, most especially Ohio State. He was a MP in Germany & actually coached some kids to a football championship while there. Whether it was HS or Collegiate, he had a love for it. Hayes, my lord. Those of us who know those people who have that love for him, well you know what I mean.

That day & night, we talked endlessly about the game. How things had changed since his days. The future. Family. My Grandmother & her passing, his feelings on being alone. We watched pre-game & fired up his old grill that always made me feel like I would be poisoned from the rust. He had his wine (which oh my) & the jokester came out.

What transpired during that game brought a shared joy. The elderly man, on deaths door, was now a little kid trying to jump out of his chair, the gruff was also mixed with real emotion. It was epic in the best definition.

I spent that evening in my Grandma's recliner, a few feet away from him. We were up together at times, down as well. Huddled on our knees a few times & jumping around others. That damn T.V. lost picture right before Gamble's conversion that wasn't. Was pretty much armageddon for about 3.5 seconds.

At the conclusion, JT made his comments in regards to TBDBITL & TBDTITL. The tears came out like a hydrant was run over. Of course mine came as well, no shame there.


We had a standing visit every week for the next 48 days, until he died. That game literally changed my life. Of course it wasn't the actual game that affected me. It was the bridge it offered to us. My college partying stopped & I grew from it.

There aren't too many days that go by, that I don't reflect on that event. It is odd how some of the most unexpected things come to pass. My family is some crazy number generation OSU. It has always been something that brings our family together.


So, that is my ultimate game - there or not. It wasn't winning the championship that did it. It was what it facilitated.






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2002 Michigan game wasn't that amazing (until it was over).

2002 Penn State game was amazing - felt like the crowd had an impact on the game - awesome

Home USC game was unbelievable (until it ended).

2006 Michigan game was the best I ever attended - 2002 Penn State game is second

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Here's another big one that doesn't get mentioned:  1995 ND @ Ohio State.

The electricity in the air was other-worldly.  Think 2006 weasels or 2005 Texas and then square it.  You could cut it wiith a knife.  And the noise!  Pre re-design, it was by far the loudest that the shoe ever was.  In fact, I contend, redesign or not, it was as loud on that field as any game ever.  The roars may have been louder in 2005....but the sustained wall of noise was incredible.  3 hours of standing by a jet engine.  

And the hype!  Holy Crap!  We were counting down the days to kickoff FOR TWO YEARS!  And then Eddie George and Terry Glenn broke Regis Philbin's heart.

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Really everything boils down to 3 games for me.


97 Rose Bowl

2002 Championship

2006 Michigan Game


and on the flip side - the 3 most heartbreaking losses

96 Michigan Game

2006 Championship

2010 Wisconsin Game 


I was lucky enough to go to the 2010 Rose Bowl vs the Ducks.  That feeling I had when the clock hit triple zeros was something I'll never forget.

I live in the State of Washington, so my family and I drove down to the game.  With our recent bowl failures still fresh in everyone's mind, The west coast radio stations were jumping all over us.  As we drove through Oregon, the sports talk radio stations were non stop bashing of the Buckeyes.  They said "we were to slow" to keep up with the Ducks speed.  


"It's going to be ugly".  

"We're going to put 50 on them by halftime".

Listining to that all the way through the state of Oregon (and even in California) only increased my fuel for gametime.  

We got to the stadium at 4 in the morning, and kicked it all morning with other OSU fans (and even some chill Oregon fans).  Then it was Game time.

Walking into the stadium, its a pretty cool setting.  Your cut off from everything outside the field, and focused constantly on the action going on in front of you.  We sat about 20 rows behind the band which was awesome, especially after the game.  Before Kickoff, you could sense that every Buckeye fan in the stadium was feeling the same thing:  We HAVE to win this game.  To shut up all the haters, the doubters, and show we are one of the Big Boys.

The Game was awesome from start to finsih.  The opening drive Touchdown.  Shutting down the Ducks offense.  Blounts fumble.  And my favorite was Ballards 3rd down leaping catch (From where I was sitting, I thought Pryor was throwing up a Pick Six.  Ballard litearlly came out of no where and soared up to grab that).  Then the counting down to the win, the trophey presentation, and of course Carmen Ohio.  We stayed in the Stadium until they kicked us out.  

Once we got home, I don't think I've ever watched Sportscenter as much as I did that night and the following morning.