Summer Internship: 11W Marketer

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March 7, 2012 at 4:17p

If you're a current business school student at the Ohio State Unversity Fisher College of Business and you are interested in a very flexible and fun internship with Eleven Warriors, log into FisherConnect and search for Job 19364.

All of the information on the internship that you need is contained in the job posting on FisherConnect, as only current Fisher students (undergraduate and graduate) are being considered. Having a marketing concentration a plus; loving the Buckeyes with an unhealthy proportion of your being is required.

Applications will be taken exclusively through the resume drop via Fisher.

Full disclosure: You will have to report to Ramzy (who has an MBA, so yes - there will be relevant and applicable bourbon business learnings). Still, apply at your own risk.

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kinda wishing i had a different major right now....but loving that you guys are reaching out for some students, love it

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Same here, open it up to students with business minors as well!

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You can definitely apply...go for it

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Saw the posting on Fisher Connect. Weird seeing my favorite blog in that setting! Will probably apply once I know about my summer schedule in a week or two. Very cool opportunity though...

Urban Warfare

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Nice job 11W!  Using the current student body is a great idea.  Now, how 'bout putting 11W on your dry goods.  Maybe your new marketting intern will suggest it ;P

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The Official DDS of 11W

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Is this going to be a one time deal or do you plan on continuing it after this year?

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I'd like to see it happen regularly.

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Sent mine in. Yay FisherConnect being good for something!

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Hopefully its a regular thing! Will be attending OSU next year and when the time comes for me to get off my lazy butt ans do something besides read through 11w and get an internship, it would be sweet to go work for the people I spend my time reading

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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I wonder if GeneStarwind is going to apply for the full time position at 11W.  Don't know what else he has going on in life, but he seems very well connected to start with.  If I was new on this site, I wouldn't know he wasn't part of the staff already, minus the missing label on his username.

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I wish this had been around when I went to Fisher! You would have had me, Elika and easily a dozen others throwing their hats in the ring.