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August 10, 2012 at 2:20p

Eleven Warriors is committed to producing unique, interesting and original content every day. This is reflected not only in our stories but in the 11W Dry Goods online store, which has sold thousands of high-quality t-shirts and other apparel carrying original artwork and designs.

Each concept design in the store is developed under scrutiny to ensure that no trademarking rights are violated. For example, when we recently learned that "Urban Meyer" was about to become a trademark owned by Ohio State we immediately discontinued designs that mentioned his name in whole or in part.

We take trademarking as seriously as plagiarism. It amounts to theft.

Our site name, Eleven Warriors, has been developed as a brand for the six years we've been operations. The company that runs this site, Eleven Warriors, LLC, is committed to protecting this brand.  We won't stand for our own content, name or designs being used without our permission, and we believe it is unacceptable to create even the appearance that Eleven Warriors engages in or supports that same behavior.

To that end, Eleven Warriors has decided to end its transactional relationship with Skreened, which is currently the subject of a trademark infringement lawsuit. We hope to have a new storefront that provides the same selection, quality and ease of use along with even more of the unique and original designs that thousands of you have bought and currently wear.

We are also committed to delivering this before kickoff and with lower prices across the board without compromising quality.

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to rolling out the all-new 11W Dry Goods in the coming weeks.


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Your actions are understandable in this case.  I do have a minor concern with the attempt to trademark a person's name by someone who is not that person.  Without me googling (because the Googling I'm doing today is job interview prep), does anyone know of any other entity trademarking names of their employees?

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Urbz assigned his name and likeness to the University*, likely as part of his compensation package.  I believe that's a fairly standard thing for coaches to do, especially at big name programs.

*edit - In case you're wondering, that info came from the pleadings in the lawsuit.

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Keep it local. Traxlertees only uses vendors located in Ohio. Zack is a good guy too. He prints up the shirts for my soccer and softball teams and is actually printing up shirts for a big name candidate, and also printed the shirts that Norm Mcdonald is wearing in the Safe Auto commercials. Just a suggestion. Either way, good luck!

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That's too bad, it's terrible timing too.  Earlier today I wondered where the link went.  Good luck, I look forward to seeing Tshirts back on sale.

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I like the stand 11W is taking on this issue. I also appreciate the fact that I purchased some of these items with Urban's name before the lawsuit came around, now making them collector's items.

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I was wondering where the Fort Meyer shirt went. I was gonna buy one two days ago too. FML

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Hope you have the store up soon. I've purchased no less than 5 different shirts there this year & I wear them quite a bit. I love them...I also got that "Fort Meyer" shirt so that's one I'll be keeping forever...

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu is right!  Someone couldn't have floated me a secret note telling me to get my last order in?!  So pissed.

EDIT:  I've bought about 30 shirts ?? but the majority of them are workout shirts for parading around the gym ... wishing I had bought some more for my stash or for regular wear had I known they were going away. 

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Hopefully you guys can get up and running soon.  Need some new shirts for the new season. 
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I had my eye on the "We're going to go REALLY, REALLY hard." T-shirt.  Will this still be available (don't even know if this shirt I'm thinking of is from the same company referenced in this post or not)? 

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First, the design got changed on the 24th Regiment. Now, Fort Meyer no longer available.
I have to start buying these shirts when I see them and stop waiting for payday. 

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the new store is going to be badass and much better for all of you....that is all I will say for now while we finalize some things

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Look, all I'm saying is that I saw that ad for Homage on top of all your basketball previews last season...

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A request for the new shop.  Since I presume this will be a print on demand type of operation similar to the previous vendor, can you please have tall sizes available?  As I am Big (and Tall) D, a non-tall shirt is a less than flattering look for me.
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I will return to lurker status now....

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Homage/11W collabo would be sick...

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.

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for real, i'm furious with myself now for not having scooped a BROHIO shirt.  need you guys back up stat!