My Cousin Georgie: Cam Newton is doomed

This choice line from Newton's lawyer, George Lawson, is not exactly confidence inspiring: "I am a million percent confident that Cam Newton took no money from no one," Lawson said Thursday. "I would suggest to you he knew nothing about any solicita...
18 Nov 2010
by Roger

Amir Williams Officially In The Fold

  The last 24 hours have been good to the basketball Buckeyes, but things got even better today, as Amir Williams has signed a national letter of intent with Ohio State. Williams, a 6-10/220 center from Detroit Country Day School, became the fifth member of the class of 2011, joining...
17 Nov 2010
by Alex

Buckeye Basketball - Get on the Bus!

Nationally, people seem to recognize how good OSU basketball is. Locally, it will always play second fiddle to football. That's fine, and it's understandable. I just wonder when people will recognize that OSU has premier talent and premier coaching. Thad Matta has never won fewer than 20 ...
17 Nov 2010
by Buckeye

Pryor by the Numbers

There are more than a few Terrelle Pryor detractors out there, but consider the numbers:   According to, Pryor is on pace for: 2,563 yards passing with 26 TDs and 10 interceptions, and a completion percentage of 67%. That would put his QB rating at 166.4. Additionally, P...
16 Nov 2010
by Buckeye

Custom Buckeye Jerseys

SO after hanging around on UNIWATCH, I came up with an idea for new B-Ball jerseys. Just my own concept. I really don't care for the Nike System of dress style, even though their is still a pattern named "Ohio State" (based on the 06-07 regular season jerseys) which can be...
12 Nov 2010
by BuckeyeChief

Observations from Practice on 11/9

I had the chance to watch practice on Tuesday for the coaching football class that Tressel teaches, and I thought I'd write down some of the interesting things I saw there. -Homan was practicing, but he had a blue no-contact jersey on, probably as a precaution.  He looked good, break...
11 Nov 2010
by Tim

Major Penn State Burn!

I have a story for this week.  I'm in grad school on the west coast, and took a class last Spring on drug development.  We had a guest speaker who is a venture capitalist and is the head of a local company that funds start-up biotech.  Neat guy, but led his presentation with th...
09 Nov 2010
by Bucksfan

Donatos Throws Another Buckeye Pizza Party

Donatos Throws Another Buckeye Pizza Party - GO BUCKS! The last time Donatos threw a city-wide pizza party, it was to celebrate the Buckeye season opener against Marshall. OSU won that matchup 45-7, so has Donatos decided to do it again for the Penn State game. On Thursday, November 11 from 5...
04 Nov 2010
by Buckeye

5 Scenarios If Ohio State Can Win Out

This is in response to some grumblings of our inevitable trip to the Capital One Bowl or worse. (All of these are presuming Ohio State can win out and does not make it back to the BCS National Championship Game) Here's how I look at it:   Scenario #1   &nbs...
26 Oct 2010
by JakeBuckeye

On winning out.

There is so much poor analysis of this in the forums that I feel the need to post an (albeit under the influence) analysis of same. Presuppositions: 1. Sparty loses at some point. "At some point" obviously means late in the season, and this loss drops them below both Wisky and O...

Pryor against Purdue

Completely ripped off from MGoBrian.  He explains his terms here   Terrelle Pryor   Throwing   Dead On Catchable ...

Impact of the loss to the Badgers

Well, let me begin by saying that that was depressing. I am not sure why, but when our offensive drive following Wisky's kickoff return TD did not produce points, I got a horrible feeling in my gut. When we settled for 3 before halftime, I started to see smoke coming from the pile of hopes an...

Fair-Weather Sports Fans

  What Does it Mean to be a "Fan"?   This guy is a real Cavs fan. Now that I have lured you in with a funny picture, I have a deeper question that has been on my mind (the title does kind of give it away). ...