Is it bad that every time I see Brady Hoke I think of Fred Flintstone, John Balushi, or Norm from Cheers?     Is it a wonder that his last name happens to rhyme with such words as: Choke or Joke?   While Rich Rod did everything he could to kill "The Ga...
22 Aug 2011
by bucki5

Connor Crowell to wear 36?

I was a little concerned that this new kid would come to Ohio State and automatically start wearing number 36. I mean he is out on redshirt his first season here, healing from an injury and he is still keeping the vaunted number? I just read a little piece from Ourhonordefend and it seems th...
22 Aug 2011
by Irricoir

Thanks, ESPN

For the longest time ESPN had many people (including myself) believing that they were the premier place for sports news, updates and scandals. They had some witty announcers/analysts with catch phrases and seemed to be a great media source that provided everything you needed about sports in a rel...
18 Aug 2011
by Reens

Todd Boeckman vs Terrelle Pryor Part Deux

Initial reports out of camp have the quarterback battle pairing down to the elder statesman and the young buck. This is not surprising as one is long on experience and the other long on simmering potential. That leaves Ohio State’s offensive minds two options to explore as far as ‘how...
18 Aug 2011
by Doug Buckles

CFN's Miami Nostalgia

College Football News this morning has about 3 or 4 articles reminiscing about just how f'ing awesome the Miami Hurricanes football program was over the last 30 years.  My question is, WTF?!  Did Ohio State get the red carpet treatment for its transgression??  No.  Did the...
18 Aug 2011
by Bucksfan

Favorite Buckeye game you ever went to?

I'm sure this topic has been hashed and rehased multiple times since this feature was added to this site, but with kickoff coming ever closer, and the fact that I'm new to this site, I thought I would open it back up.  So, what's your favorite Buckeye game you ever attended at th...
08 Aug 2011
by 303 Buckeye

Heritage and Tradition

On a cold December night, a woman is wheeled into a delivery room at St. Luke's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.  After winning the fight with the nurses, she clung to an ashtray with a grey football attached to its center like it was going to protect her from the coming pain.  As the s...

Help Spread the 11W Gospel

As Ramzy pointed out a few days ago, Blogs With Balls has launched the Untitled Sports Media Awards Project to recognize some of the shining stars in online sports journalism. There are literally hundreds of different awards shows in entertainment, media and sports, but none of them have ...

B1G Coaches Speak

While we load Fickell's presser to the main page, be sure to check out what the rest of coaches had to say on Day 1 of Big Ten Media Days. Click each coach's name below to see the video streaming straight from the Big Ten Network, who did a great job showing these live all day long. Be su...
28 Jul 2011
by Alex

Brewster and Simon Two to Watch

Mike Brewster and John Simon were the two Buckeyes represented on the conference's Watch List which came out this morning. See the official release below: July 28, 2011   CHICAGO - The Big Ten Conference released its inaugural Legends Division and Leaders Division Pla...
28 Jul 2011
by Alex

Urban dictionary bias

Inspired by Ramzy and quoting him almost entirely, I took up the challege to get this done.  And apparently I've's the email I just receivd: Thanks for your definition of Herbstreit Effect! Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it. To g...
19 Jul 2011
by Scott K

Really ESPN, really?

So in case you haven't heard ESPN has turned up the witch-hunt-o-meter to 11.  Yes, THE FOUR LETTER is suing Ohio State.  Stop the Presses!!! Here is a tidbit from their complaint filed in the Ohio State Supreme Court on July 11th...."In short, when times are good, Ohio State l...
12 Jul 2011
by Maestro

Hurting ESPN

After reading the post about ESPN's lawsuit against Ohio State, I started mulling over creative ways ESPN would be impacted by Ohio State fans being pissed off.  I read the comments after the post and have to say, simply avoiding ESPN is not the answer.  Maybe the ratings take a sma...
12 Jul 2011
by btalbert25

Are the Sanctions Here Yet?

First posted at Inside The Shoe, written by Brady. Disclaimer: My tone for today’s column may be a little harsh. It has a lot to do with the upcoming kick in the balls the Buckeye’s are facing in August but also reflects my feelings on the 7 game lead that my beloved Indians choke...

Home Field Advantage

Exercising your Second Amendment right to bear arms adds a new intangible teams will need to consider when entering Ohio Stadium.  Ohio Lawmakers Vote to Allow Guns in Bars, Stadiums A law allowing Ohioans with concealed-carry permits to bring guns to bars, restaurants and stadiu...
15 Jun 2011
by dja.ohio

Pryor's Apology

So, after watching the Pryor press video, I actually feel a little sorry for the guy. He seems genuinely remorseful and, if I'm being honest, scared. He looks like a 21 year old who just had responsibility fast-forwarded a year and realizes how much he'll miss his old life. As a Michigan ...
15 Jun 2011
by MGoBlue81

Kyle Dodson Commits To Wisconsin

Kyle Dodson grew up an Ohio State fan from Cleveland and thought his dream was to grow up and play for the Buckeyes one day. That was until he visited Wisconsin. "Growing up I always rooted for the Buckeyes because where I'm from everybody roots for them and hates Michigan", Dod...
13 Jun 2011
by Alex

Tressel write ups

Jim Tressel's Last Punt January 4, 2011.  Ohio State leads the Sugar Bowl 31-26 with just over 1 minute left.  4th down and short.  Coach Tressel calls a punt to make Arkansas drive the length of the field to win.  It's blocked and Ohio State is as good as dead. ...
08 Jun 2011
by Maestro