Where are the shirts?

Where are the shirts that 11W made through skreened? I have looked all over, and want to purchase a skull session T.  Can anyone tell me where they went, or where I can find them? Was it ever cleared up as to how much of a percentage goes to 11W?  I also need to have at least 100 letters...

Nothing To Play For

I've heard from people on a lot of different sites, some Buckeye and some not, that this team needs to get motivated because of the post season ban.  I do understand that the lack of an opportunity for a Big Ten Championship, no shot at a BCS bowl or not even having a shot at being crowned...
28 Aug 2012
by Ohioste

OSU Players Recruited By Urban

Just thought it would be interesting to give everyone a look at the veteran players currently on the roster (non-true frosh) who were recruited by Urban at Florida. These were players who had offers from Meyer when he was the head coach. There were some others on last year's roster, but I though...
28 Aug 2012
by Alex

Arizona Buckeyes

The wife and I are possibly looking to relocate to Arizona. Always wanted to go that direction and with the third and last off to college we are ready to go. Would like to hear from fellow Buckeyes in Arizona. What do you think of the place after living there a while? We know that a couple of years ...
27 Aug 2012
by LouGroza

DISH NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!

First they take off AMC, now with the season starting less than a week I find out they might be dropping the Big 10 Network! I lived in NW Ohio my whole life but moved to AZ the last few years, half the games are usually on espn or espn2 and the other half on the Big 10 Network... I know a good...

reactions to espn's all access

I have been looking for info on reactions to the espn all-access series following tOSU. I havent found much just saw a ($)247 article about raekwon mcmillan where he states "Something special is going to happen at Ohio State real soon." I thought the series showed a very good look behind t...
26 Aug 2012
by 2002osubuck

When will #10 be retired?

Just wondering if anyone knew when or  if we were going to hang up #10 for Troy Smith. I think it's weird to have guys on both sides of the ball wearing a Heisman winners Jersey number. Most other teams don't do that, so I was curious to see if anyone knew anything about this.  I k...

Eleven Warriors App?

Hi I was wondering if the staff had any plans on developing an android/apple app for this awesome site? I think it would be a wonderful idea and a nice way to earn some extra cash by offering a add free version for a small price. With the popularity of mobile browsing and tablet browsing I think thi...
23 Aug 2012
by SPreston2001

Top 25 Breakdown

     College football needs an offseason like Weird Al needs a weirdness coach, like cycling needs a doping scandal, like television needs feminine hygiene and E.D. ads, like this guy needs some free time.  You get it right?  If you don’t than I am certain that Bl...
22 Aug 2012
by Maestro