Editor's note: This feature, a pictorial countdown to the kickoff of the 2013 Buckeye football season, was originally spawned in the Forums, but a fellow 11dubber suggested that it move to the blogs - so, here it is. Enjoy today's installment of the countdown. Prior to 1972, there wasn'...
17 Jul 2013
by AndyVance

Rose Bowl Brick Campaign

"The Pasadena Tournament of Roses®, in a joint effort with Legacy Connections, is proud to announce the launch of the Brick Campaign at the Rose Bowl Stadium. The Brick Campaign will allow fans of the Rose Bowl Game® and Rose Bowl Stadium to purchase personalized pavers and bricks that...
16 Jul 2013
by Stinson

Former Buckeyes supporting former Buckeyes

Maybe a weak post but thought I'd share anyway. I'm not as active on Twitter as I once was but within minutes of one another this afternoon I noticed two activities that somewhat mirrored one another, both very telling of the "brotherhood" that comes with sports and sports teams. ...
08 Jul 2013
by Grant Edgell

Met the James Laurinaitis yesterday

Thought I would just share this awesome experience I had yesterday with all of you! Being 21 and going into my senior year of college, I spent my high school years cheering my head off for this guy, and I am sure we can all agree he was and still is a beast. Anyways, I was working at dicks sporting ...
04 Jul 2013
by pcuzz1

A Classic Game

I was recently on the BTN website and noticed that they added the 2005 Mishagain game to their vault of "Football Classics".  I had not seen the game in years ("The Catch" not included) and thought "what the hell why not watch this while I have some free time?" My...
29 Jun 2013
by 303 Buckeye

B1G vs. SEC Arrests/Citations

Since all this Aaron Hernandez news has come to the surface, there has been a lot of talk as to who can be to blame in all this. It must be that thug Urban Meyer and his tolerance for criminal activity! *cough*cough* So I figured instead of speculating, I'd actually do some research to prov...
26 Jun 2013
by Stinson

Football National Elite - What teams stack up?

I've had several discussions with people on the boards I belong to about college football.  One of the topics that almost always come up is the SEC and how they are "great" from top to bottom.  I always call "bullshit" when that's mentioned.  But it brought...
26 Jun 2013
by dzig