Big Ten Facing Past Perception

I know this is from Bleacher Report, which isn't the greatest of sources, but regardless it is an interested read. Obviously, the SEC is a stronger conference than the B1G, but how on earth can they justify having every SEC team with a winning record ranked in the top 25? I'm sorry, but ther...
15 Oct 2013
by osuxrow07

Best QB in the B10

I know this is not going to be popular, and I'm going to preface with I'm a diehard buckeye fan. But, the best QB in the B10 IMO is Hackenburg at Penn St. The command of the offense, along with his poise, accuracy and arm strength is incredible.  He is getting pro coachin...

A Buckeye's take on a Notre Dame Game

I guess I need to make a couple of things clear to get this started: 1. I am not a ND fan. I am a OSU booster and season ticket holder. I bleed scarlet and grey. Family members make fun of me because most of my non work clothes are OSU related and or scarlet or grey. As a matter of fact, some of my...
14 Oct 2013
by klfeck

DNI Big Ten Rankings

First off, DNI stands for "Deadly Nuts Index". This is a ranking that combines quality of opponent and a slight mix of margin of victory. It works like this: *This weeks edition is based off coaches poll rankings *Next weeks will go off BCS Win over top 10 team = 6 points. If you beat ...
14 Oct 2013
by Deadly Nuts

Selection Committee Academic Affiliation Breakdown

With the announcement of Jeff Long's appointment as the chair of the tournament selection committee, seeing that he was from an SEC school automatically made me fear for the worst - that yet again we were going to have an SEC "homer" potentially weighing in on important (i.e. tOSU-impa...
14 Oct 2013
by WC Buckeye

NoVA Buckeye Power Rankings Week 7: New Number 1?

Here's Week 7 of my computer-based power rankings which doesn't factor in margin of victory, poll rank, or how close a game was. Without ado, here they are: 1. Clemson (28) 2. Florida State (27.8) 3. (tie) Oregon (27.667) 3. (tie) Alabama (27.667) 5. UCLA (27) 6. Missouri (26.5) 7. Oh...
13 Oct 2013
by NoVA Buckeye

NoVA Buckeye Power Rankings Week 6: Mass Chaos

The season is still young, so I have released an updated version of my power rankings from last season. In this format, teams get 24 points for a win over a BCS foe, 20 points for winning over a Non-AQ, and 16 points for beating a FCS foe. (0 points for DII or below if applicable. You deserve nothin...
09 Oct 2013
by NoVA Buckeye

A message to calm your nerves...using math

Hey everyone! A sentiment that used to be quite obvious seems to have been forgotten here in the buckeye nation as of late.  Going undefeated is hard. It seems like everyone is very worried about the possibility of the buckeyes going undefeated and being left out of the championship game.&nbs...
08 Oct 2013
by Goalscorer9

Are we really overrated?

Today's polls all seem to be based on perception's, opinion, and bias. I have attempted to create a ranking system that will rank all teams equally and fairly without any human element. The system is simple. When a team beats another team they gain points. Points are determined by the oppone...
08 Oct 2013
by Nkohl13