Swagger In, Stumble Out – A Miami Preview

More shameless self promotion.  (Linked to Miami fans think OhioStatestole their title thanks to a bogus PI by a renegade referee.  OhioStatefans, on the other hand, have had their hands full cheering for their team on the way to other National Champi...
10 Sep 2010
by Poe McKnoe

Not a rivalry

  Throughout the offseason and even more this week we are reading & hearing all about the so called rivalry and intensity between OSU and Miami.  Did I miss something or is this just pure media hype?  I know, rhetorical question... Truth be told, the national championsh...
09 Sep 2010
by Cincy_Kid

Let's Remember...

I’m sure like me, everywhere you read about the ’02 championship game you see references to “the Call”.  You will hear the so called experts call this the greatest college football game ever and yet in the same breath bring the whole game down to the pass interference...
08 Sep 2010
by Cincy_Kid

Perspective from the BSU-VT Game

I was at the BSU-VT game.  I have some relatives from Idaho who travel to big games, and they scored us some sweet seats in the 100 section near the VT end zone.  Their seats were in the 200 section on the Bronco side of the 50 yard line.  Given all the claptrap about BSU and my ow...
08 Sep 2010
by milquetoast

Eight years of hate.

Raul sat quietly in the dark, his only companions being a half empty bottle of cheap rum and lingering hate. The rum was his childhood friend from Cuba and the hatred was an eight year-old being that came in the form of late flags and silver helmets. “I hate Ohio State,” he ...
07 Sep 2010
by painterlad

Can not wait until Saturday

What a great Saturday for Big Ten college football... ND will play michigan of course, but starting at 3:40, you can flip on ESPN and ride approximately 7 hours of The Buckeyes vs. "The U" followed by #1 'Bama vs. PSU and their true fresh QB.  There are several other go...
07 Sep 2010
by Cincy_Kid

NFL Talent: A Look at the Big Ten

[Ed: Bumped because of the density of quality stats. And because it's almost time to start handing out Houndies.] The NFL preseason just finished and I found myself flipping the channel around to see how former Buckeyes were doing.  Since many of the lower profile players switch team...
07 Sep 2010
by gravey

Mini-Rant towards ESPN/Gene Smith

Why the hell is College Gameday going to Tuscaloosa? Seriously, Penn State is going to get whomped in all 3 quarters by 'Bama's first team. And then get whomped in the 4th by Bama's 2nd and 3rd team. What a waste of mascot head picking, when you could have at least been at com...
05 Sep 2010
by JakeBuckeye