Dream '14 Early Enrollee Highlights

By Jeff Beck on January 31, 2014 at 11:30a

The Dream ’14 class is slowly but surely marching toward completion. The group is certainly star-studded and should easily be one of Urban Meyer’s best Buckeye recruiting classes to date. Currently the group consists of 22 players, seven of which have already enrolled in classes to get a jump start on life at a football power house.

It is these seven I want to focus on. By enrolling early they’ve shown the Scarlet and Gray a lot of love. So, I’d like to return the favor by taking a look at some of the finest highlights from their high school reels. So without further adieu:

Raekwon McMillan

McMillan is the lone consensus five-star in the class and the nation’s top rated linebacker. The hope is he’ll be able to contribute right away at a position that could certainly use the help. McMillan is an incredibly gifted athlete who has the size and strength to be a run-stopping nightmare, but he also has the top-end speed to pursue the edge or drop back into coverage. The recruitniks on this site have said it before, but I’ll say it again: there isn’t much McMillan can’t do.

Here’s a gem of a highlight from Raekwon’s reel. This is how you blow up a play ladies and gentlemen.

Curtis Samuel

It’s no secret Urban and co. are recruiting speed at skill positions. There are some absolute burners in this 2014 class, but perhaps none as fast as Curtis Samuel, a four-star athlete out of Brooklyn, NY. At the Opening last July, Samuel was clocked with a blazing 4.36 forty. His entire highlight reel is a joy to watch, but perhaps no play shows off his speed more than this punt (kick?) return.  No less than four different players have an angle on Curtis. Didn’t matter.

Johnnie Dixon

Meyer was able to pull the talented Johnnie Dixon out of Florida, securing his commitment over Miami and Alabama. He’s listed as the nation’s No. 16 wide receiver. The kid has speed for days and is someone who I believe will see the field early and often in 2014. Here’s Dixon showing off some ridiculous balance en route to an 80 yard TD.

Kyle Trout

Trout was one of the earliest commitments in the 2014 class, and Meyer didn’t need to go far to find him. The 6’6’’ 285 lbs offensive lineman hails from Lancaster and is rated as the No. 12 tackle in the nation. Trout is a talented four star prospect who is expected to come in and provide depth at a position that saw the most attrition in 2013. Here he is absolutely destroying a would-be tackler.

Marcelys Jones

Keeping the Cleveland Glenville pipeline flowing is offensive lineman/ defensive lineman Marcelys Jones. He’s been committed for quite some time as he pledged to Urban way back in December of 2012, making him the first commitment in the 2014 class. Jones is the No. 14 ranked guard in the state, and he’s a force to be reckoned with at 6’4’’ 354 lbs. Here he is taking on a blitzer and asking him to take a seat.

Stephen Collier

Collier will be one of three quarterbacks trying to win the coveted role of Braxton Miller’s backup in 2014. The Leesburg Georgia product is a true dual-threat who has proven he can make plays through the air and with his legs. He’s a speedy kid, but he’s also got the size to break a few tackles. Coming in at 6’4’’ 210 lbs, Collier is a bear to bring down in the open field. Here’s a great example of what he brings to the table. Rolling to his left, he keeps his eyes downfield and fires a bullet.

But, as aforementioned, Collier’s abilities don’t stop there. Here he is rumbling and stumbling on his way to a ridiculous rushing TD.

Sean Nuernberger

Last but certainly not least is Sean Nuernberger, a German born kicker/punter out of Butler, KY. The kid has a huge leg and after the departure of Drew Basil he’ll be vying for the starting spot against senior, Kyle Clinton. Nuernberger is a two-time Kentucky first team all state kicker and there’s a reason for it. Check him out nailing what looks to be a 52 yard field-goal.


It's probably safe to say these aren't the last highlights we'll be seeing from these seven. Welcome to Ohio State gentlemen. We're happy to have you.


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fear_the_nut70's picture

Honest question, but if Jones stays committed and we pull of the coup and add McDowell, I know a big if, can we start talking about this class possibly being the best in Ohio State history (and I am talking about at the time signed, as I know things don't always pan out as expected)?

timhbomb's picture

it's up there for sure, but looking back at 2002...that was a hell of a class.

CC's picture

Classes should not be judged until 5 years after they have arrived.

BuckeyeChuck's picture

Hear, hear.  I'll take a team full of AJ Hawks, please.

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Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

As with most things recruiting, we should probably wait to see how this class materializes before putting any stamp on it.  Recruiting championships are as valuable as September Heismans.

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jamesrbrown322's picture

What many may not want to hear, is that based on rankings, the 2008 Class with Pryor, Adams, and Posey all 5 stars by Rivals, was probably the best they've ever had.
Although, I believe that 1994, 1996, 2002, 2004, and 2009 were all very good also, if you only take into account the recruiting rankings. If you look at contributions, gotta think it's probably either 1994 or 2002.
Also, do not forget the importance and talent of the 1967 class...a.k.a. "The Super Sophomores."

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Buckeye5000's picture

Brewster and Shugarts were also rated 5* by one or more of the other recruiting services. The fact we got 3, 5* O-lineman in the same class and couldn't do more with them really speaks to the ineptitude of one certain O-line coach.

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jkrk's picture

Your call, Jamarco.

dc28's picture

I told all my friends last year that Joey Bosa would be a beast. Of course they laughed at me because they don't follow up on recruits like I do. So they asked me who is this years Joey Bosa. I said Curtis Samuel. I believe he will burst onto the scene early. He has way to much speed to not play right away. The next guy would be Kwon.

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Hovenaut's picture

"It's probably safe to say these aren't the last highlights we'll be seeing from these seven."

BUCKNUTINmi's picture

If it is true that Kwon slammed Grant I would say his highlight reel has already begun. http://www.elevenwarriors.com/forum/football/2014/01/kwon-slams-grant

UrbanAssaultVehicle's picture

Of course its true, if its posted on 11W it is the gospel.

jedkat's picture

It's on the internet isn't it?

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osubuck57's picture

Can't wait to see all the position battles break down. Who cracks the two deep and who red-shirts.


scarletblood's picture

These are awesome! But that was a 42 yard FG, right?

UrbanAssaultVehicle's picture

Negative.  Gotta add that endzone Yardage in there. He Kicks from the 42 then it has to cover 42 yards plus the extra 10 to get to the back of the endzone to the goal posts.

SOF_Buckeye's picture

From the 42 yard line, plus 10 for the endzone, equals a 52 yard field goal.

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HighBallAce's picture

actually it's a 59 yard field goal cause you add 17. 10 for the endzone and 7 from the line of scrimage meaning you add 17 yards.

BierStube's picture

Go back and look where the ball is placed.

"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

UrbanAssaultVehicle's picture

Yeah we already got the 7 in there.  Just looking at where the holder was when it was kicked, the 42.

Squirrel Master's picture

actually, if my calculations are correct and they always are, the crossbar is approximately 10 feet above the ground. So using Calculus, 10 feet is equal to 3.3 yards.
So really its a 55.3 yard kick!

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Diseased Leg's picture

Well no, we would have to use the Pythagorean Theorem to find that distance out! ;)

Seattle Linga's picture

Thank goodness u of m students don't have to figure it out the thread would never end. 
He had plenty of room to spare

MN Buckeye's picture

Samuel's speed is absolutely incredible, but he also has quickness and moves. He burst through some lines that looked as if there was no hole at all.

BoFuquel's picture

1967 is still the best. No other comes close. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Borrowed Time's picture

1592 was the best by a light year. No question. No debate. All future classes haven't been able to compare to that fabled 1592 class.

GoBucksToledo's picture

I don't think football was invented in 1592, 100 years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

SilverState's picture

Sifting through recruits' reels for their "best play." How do I get your job...

DC-town's picture

'67 good call, I'm excited to see Dixon...dude just looks like a receiver with polish as opposed to a pure speed guy

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bodast67's picture

1967 is probably the best year of all time...




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BuckToAsT's picture


Go1Bucks's picture

Im on my iPad and can't see any videos.  My issue?

Go Bucks!

2002osubuck's picture

I'm having the same problem on my iPad. There's nothing there just blank grey background.

Jeff Beck's picture

Apologies. Had to use TubeChop to cut up the videos and it doesn't show up on mobile devices or tablets. Sorry fellas.

63tinman's picture

Get "Photon" Browser from the app store.  i use it on my ipad and whenever this problem arises, you just hit a lightning bolt symbol on the top right to start a flash session.  Works like a champ! Only browser i use on ipad.  Hope that helps.

dwcbuckeye's picture

Serious question on Jersey numbers:  Curtis Samuel wore 4 in HS.  Just got done watching his highlights again.  He looks amazing, blazing fast with great moves.  Not taking anything away from Dontre, but I can really see Samuel excelling in that same role.  Does he get the # 1 jersey if he wants it? How does that work in college?  I do know there was a lot of switching between some players last year, but just curious. 

2002osubuck's picture

Wilson wanted the #1 jersey and had to earn it last year so I'm guessing he keeps it. I think Samuel stays with his HS number but we'll see.

cinserious's picture

Curtis Samuel will back up Dontre @ the H-back position. Samuel will get some looks here and there to see what he can do plus special teams but its still Dontre's position to loose. Should be grrreat competition between them for the next couple of years. Grrrrrreat!


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tOSUswaggernut's picture

You can bet, with urban, there will be competition for it!

jaxbuckeye's picture

The CRAZY thing is (and hopefully this will put it into perspective for the few people that are freaking out over Jones or the possibility of not adding anyone else), the early enrollees are better than many school's entire class.  Think about THAT for a moment.

FROMTHE18's picture

Awesome talent in the early enrollees...Lets get that crystal boys.

Squirrel Master's picture

it is nice to know that the most dynamic two offensive players and defensive player, the future QB, two top OL and kicker are already here.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

wyatt's picture

I think Raekwon is going to put a hurt'n on someone and knock them out of the game......can't wait. 

W-burgbuck's picture

Man if only there were some formation where we could use them both at the same time so that the defense would crap themselves as their D - coordinators head exploded while trying to figure out who would ruin their night Braxton, Curtis or Wilson....maybe looks like this ◆ and also involves eze.


ITWASME's picture

That's easy to do just put braxton and eze in the shotgun like usual and put four receivers out wide with dontre and samuel in the slots so there are basically two h-backs. As for the diamond formation we will see...

W-burgbuck's picture

I would actually love to get thomas and McLaurin or Clark wide, Samuel and Wilson in a tight slot and eze or Smith in the backfield with braxton.


MoMoney5's picture

No disrespect I think Kwon will start at the LB..Curtis will beat dontre for that spot I believe he's stronger better build and has more agility..Taken nuthin away from dontre whose great but he's a little on the stiff side..Also think curtis will be a better blocker.Hopefully they both will see the field a lot at the same time it will be dangerous if so wit EZE,curtis,dontre, wit the veteran receivers will bring braxton that Heisman 

Rashaun samuel

avail31678's picture

Jones is the 14th ranked gaurd in the state??  Or is it the country?  Not being snarky, just wondering if that's a typo.
EDIT:  Checked Rivals, is NOT a typo.  I'm the typo here.

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

247 likes him a lot more (#13 OG nationally, #11 Ohio overall).

NitroBuck's picture

Rivals has Jones as #14 overall player in the state, and #17 OG in the country.  Glad to have him.

Ferio.  Tego.

bedheadjc's picture

Kyle Trout

Here he is absolutely destroying a would-be tackler.

You mean the play where he barely gets one hand on a guy, with little to no force, and the other guy falls down 'cause he's not an athlete. That "destruction"?
And that Kwan play...unblocked on a blitz? He better damn well make that play. Show his highlights where he takes on multiple blockers and THEN stuffs the play...you know, something laudable.
Just busting chops here.
And stay off my lawn.

tOSUswaggernut's picture

I believe Curtis will beat Dontre out of the primary touches.  Dontre, while super fast, didn't block well, displayed less than superior vision and cutting, and adds very little yards after contact. Don't get me wrong, dontre will be a star, but I think it's Curtis Samuel that has a higher ceiling. 

cinserious's picture

Right now is Dontre's first offseason with Marotti (body will be transformed). After a year in the program to learn the plays and schemes and understand what Urban and Herman is expecting of him, I believe Wilson will be primed and ready to do some damage his sophomore season.
If Samuels still beats him out for the position, I'm all for it because the culture around here now is all about competitions, as it should be. (On that note, I expect Michael Thomas, Dixon, C. Smith, and Jeff Greene to seriously attempt to supplant Smith/Spencer for the wideout positions).

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

W-burgbuck's picture

I really like dontre and believe he is a special talent but was i the only one that kinda held their breath when he had the ball, just seemed like he was always going to lose the ball. In his defense I only think he fumbled once but always seemed on the edge to me.


johnny11's picture

Yah Dontre has time to bulk up in the offseason. I'm wondering why people keep forgetting about Jalin Marshall. He will be battling with those two for time at the H and at the normal slot position as well. His top end speed is a step slower then Samuel and Dontre. He is already almost 205 pounds though and was doing well in camp before getting hurt. He would have played had he not gotten injured and fell behind in camp. All three though really bring it so its going to be fun to watch it hash out come spring.

Obuck's picture

I apologize for being the word police - but you commonly use "adieu' (which means goodbye) when you should have used "ado" (time wasted over trivial details). I am actually trying to help and I hope will be perceived that way.

dan_isaacs's picture

6'4", 354lbs?  Nose tackle anyone?

Dan Isaacs