Dream 14: Who Sees Early Playing Time?

By Michael Citro on January 19, 2014 at 8:15a

The 2014 Ohio State recruiting class is billing itself as the “Dream 14.” There’s no doubt that the class has already shown camaraderie and a little bit of swagger.

But the question most Buckeye fans have is: just how many of these guys can make an impact in their first year?
Urban Meyer is putting together an extraordinary class of young athletes. As such, I believe several members of the Dream 14 group could see significant playing time next season.

You really never know what to expect out of a freshman, and it’s a good rule of thumb never to expect too much too soon. It’s possible that none of those mentioned below will sniff the field, and it’s equally plausible that many of the Dream 14 players not discussed herein could become surprise contributors almost immediately.

We’re still a few weeks away from National Signing Day. What better time to speculate on which players (most of who are still unsigned) might see the field next year? To me, there are 13 guys who stand out as having a decent chance to get on the field early.

Let’s start with a position battle that has limited competition. Sean Nuernberger is an early enrollee out of Buckner, Ky. The incoming freshman kicker has a big leg, and will battle it out with veteran backup Kyle Clinton. This will be an open competition with Drew Basil’s graduation. It all comes down to whoever performs best, but if Nuernberger is as good as advertised — and shows it — he could nail down the starting gig.

A good place to look for potential freshman contributors is in areas where the team lacks depth. Ohio State specifically will need to address departures and/or depth issues at wide receiver, linebacker, offensive line and defensive back.

The Buckeyes could use a guy like Dixon to step right in.Johnnie Dixon has a chance to see the field as a freshman.

Philly Brown and Chris Fields are moving on, opening up a couple of slots at wide receiver. In addition, Devin Smith and Evan Spencer have not yet performed at the level they must for Tom Herman’s offense to reach its full potential. As such, there are opportunities for young receivers to see the field.

While the favorites to move up the depth chart are returning guys like James Clark, Jalin Marshall, juco transfer Corey Smith and Georgia Tech transfer Jeff Greene, the fight for the two-deep at wide receiver will be quite a battle.

Johnnie Dixon out of West Palm Beach, Fl., looks to me like a player who could challenge for a spot early. Dixon has impressed me and already appears to be more polished than many older players on the roster were coming out of high school.

Curtis Samuel from Brooklyn, N.Y., is another player I like, although he'lls serve in more of a Dontre Wilson-type hybrid role than as a straight-up receiver. Samuel has been described as a bigger, faster Wilson and that speaks volumes. Both Dixon and Samuel enrolled early and will have a jump on the rest of the incoming competition.

No position has been as big a question mark for Ohio State these last two seasons than linebacker. Ryan Shazier is off to the NFL and everyone else has had only limited success, at best. There will be ample opportunity for spots to be taken in the two-deep and possibly even as starters.

Raekwon McMillan out of Hinesville, Ga., has made it clear that he came to Columbus to start, not be a backup. McMillan enrolled early and will press hard for early playing time. I would not be surprised if he made good on his mission to crack the starting lineup as a freshman. He’s a gifted athlete with good size (6-3, 235 pounds), speed and instincts. He’ll be tough to keep off the field.

Kyle Berger (Cleveland), Sam Hubbard (Cincinnati), and Dante Booker (Akron) are Ohio boys who will also be in the mix early. Along with McMillan, this trio will be battling with incumbent starters Curtis Grant and Josh Perry. Other competition will come from Cam Williams, Darron Lee and Mike Mitchell. Linebacker is a position that appears to be in good hands moving forward.

With four starters on the offensive line graduating, Ed Warinner will have his hands full this off-season. Warinner has worked wonders in the past, converting college tight end Reid Fragel into an NFL lineman and plugging freshman Taylor Decker into Fragel’s vacated spot last season. Jack Mewhort, Andrew Norwell, Corey Linsley and Marcus Hall are moving on. There will be opportunities.

Decker, Pat Elflein and Jacoby Boren seem like locks for three of the spots on the line. That leaves two starting spots and a bunch of positions in the two-deep to fill. Meyer has done a great job filling needs on the line, despite missing out on a few targets. Look for early enrollee Marcelys Jones out of Cleveland’s Glenville (Pipeline) program to compete for playing time. You may recall he was the first member of the Dream 14.

Kyle Trout out of Lancaster is another large young man who is already enrolled at Ohio State. That will help his chances of getting into games in 2014. One freshman who won’t be on campus until the fall, but who I believe has a chance to possibly even push for a starting role due to his natural ability, is Demetrius Knox out of Fort Worth, Texas.

While some are high on Chicago product Jamarco Jones, I think not enrolling early may be the difference between getting into the O-line two-deep and possibly redshirting.

The times they are a-changin’ in Ohio State’s defensive backfield. Bradley Roby has declared for the NFL Draft, leaving an open starting position at corner that will see plenty of competition. I expect new assistant Chris Ash to evaluate guys a little differently. I never liked that Ohio State separated guys into “field” or “boundary” corner positions.  Let the best corners play, I say. But hey, I’m not getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to coach.

McMillan could be the most important freshman on the team in 2014.Raekwon McMillan aims to start from day one. He might.

Armani Reeves will be the frontrunner in the battle to replace Roby at cornerback, opposite returning starter Doran Grant. But even Grant may feel some heat from the younger guys if they perform in camp.  Eli Apple and Gareon Conley will provide that heat, but so too might a couple of young guns.

Erick Smith is another Glenville product and he has been extremely impressive. His coming out party occurred at Friday Night Lights, and he was all over the field in the Army All-American Bowl, showing the ability to cover, effectively serve as a force player on the edge, and tackle in space. Smith plays with good instincts and may prove hard to keep off the field, especially since he can play safety or corner. He, Cam Burrows and Ron Tanner will likely press Vonn Bell and Tyvis Powell at safety.

I also love Damon Webb’s game. Meyer stole Webb out of Michigan’s back yard at Detroit’s Cass Tech. Webb looks like a future lock-down corner to me. I’d be pretty surprised if this kid doesn’t become a stud for Ohio State. He'll likely push for playing time early in his career.

Yet another guy who will be hard to keep off the field in some capacity — possibly at defensive back, possibly elsewhere — is the electric Marshon Lattimore. He’s another Glenville stud and he should make an impact somewhere very early — potentially on special teams if he can't crack the two-deep at corner.

Finally, the Buckeyes seem to have plenty of depth at defensive line for new D-line coach Larry Johnson, but you never know who might break through. My gut tells me that Jalyn Holmes is a guy who could push for playing time his first season, despite a lot of returning players in the two-deep and a number of redshirt freshmen returning to the position battle.

I’m certainly not counting out other members of this very impressive Dream 14 class from making a run at some playing time next season. The above are simply the players who have impressed me as being the most ready at this time, and many of them have a head start on their classmates by virtue of already being on campus.

In fact, the only early enrollee I don’t see making a serious push for the two-deep is quarterback Stephen Collier. But that’s only because the Buckeyes return a two-time Big Ten Player of the Year in Braxton Miller, as well as talented youngster J.T. Barrett and experienced backup Cardale Jones. Collier may be able to displace Jones as the third string guy, though.

Those are my thoughts on the incoming freshmen (so far — this class isn’t even full yet). Who you got?


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Knarcisi's picture

Good write up.  I know we are all wondering, as we have a lot of holes and moving pieces. 
LB - I think we see Mitchell move outside. Also, I was not impressed at all with Cam Williams. OL - I think wide open outside of Decker and Elfein (and maybe Boren). 
Frankly, we need a step up or two from starters like Reeves, C. Grant, Powell, and Perry. The competition at these positions will have positive results, one way or another. 

IGotAWoody's picture

I think all the guys you mentioned as needing to step up will be better this coming year, but I was impressed with Tyvis Powell's abilities as a redshirt freshman. I expect to see him as a starting safety. If one of the incoming freshmen displaces him, then they're bringing some magic to the table! But you're right about the competition, it's going to be exciting to watch how all those positions play out.

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oregonianbuckeye's picture

Really nice piece, Michael. I agree with it for the most part, but would make three slight changes. 
1) I think McLaurin may compete for playing time as well. Really like his game and I think WR is 'wide' open. 
2) I'm not sure I agree re: M. Jones. Having watched a few Glenville games this year, I found him to be very out of shape. I expect Trout, Meechy, or J. Jones to have easier transitions to tOSU. 
3) I love Berger, but I think he may end up redshirting coming off his knee injury. I'd add in Trey Johnson to your discussion re: LBs. 
Really excited about the future and seeing these guys in S&G!

buckeye_heart's picture

Completely agree with you on Berger. We have a large amount of talent at LB now with this incoming class and it may be better for him to strengthen his knee.

Poison nuts's picture

I'd add in Trey Johnson to your discussion re: LBs

People keep forgetting him...I'm looking forward to seeing what he has this year.

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Crimson's picture

I think he's the favorite to start at Will, so I don't think he's being overlooked.  However, he's not class of 2014.

oregonianbuckeye's picture

My point was that every other LB in the depth chart is mentioned in the article, except T. Johnson.

Knarcisi's picture

If I'm honest, I wouldn't mind seeing Mitchell, McMillan, and Johnson line up as the starters. 

Edincostarica's picture

Like those 3 as well but it probably wouldn't happen until mid Oct or Nov. if at all.  The coaches will want some experience in the mix. We'll wait and see.


d5k's picture

Would love to see them win the jobs but I won't second-guess the coaches if Grant/Perry keep their jobs.  Perry in particular still has upside and Grant looked better in the beginning of the year before he started battling injuries.

buckeye_in_ky's picture

Johnson, Mitchell and McMillan will be the best line backing trio in the country when its all said and done. Hoping this year will be there comming out party.

Michael Citro's picture

I'm not sure I agree re: M. Jones. Having watched a few Glenville games this year, I found him to be very out of shape.


I don't necessarily disagree about the shape he's in, but never underestimate what Coach Mick can do with a guy who enrolls early. And Ed Warinner has certainly worked wonders with guys of limited experience. Not saying Jones will start, but with a spring in the program under his belt, I think he has a chance to push some guys, which is what makes everyone better.

wolfman's picture

I was thinking the same thing about Trey Johnson.  Wasn't he the kid that originally committed to Auburn?

Crimson's picture

Yes.  Then his position coach left.

buckeye_heart's picture

Raekwon would be my pick for the most playing time. If he stays motivated to start and really studies the defense and gets comfortable with it he could be a real factor. He has all the tangibles, but as we have seen with Mitchell it can take a little bit to get a good grasp on the defense.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I see Raekwon busting on to the scene, too. Michael does a great job discussing how the incoming talent relates to areas of need. Two other factors that determine early playing time, which Michael and others have discussed previously:

  1. The maturity factor: obviously, an 18-year old kid who is a freak-of-nature "manchild" will be ready to play earlier in his college career compared to a "late bloomer"; Raekwon seems to be very mature for his age, physically and in terms of "football smarts"; 
  2. How mentally-demanding is the position? Perhaps it's easier to throw a raw cornerback on the field and tell him to play man-to-man than to ask a safety to play numerous zone coverarages while making adjustments on the fly; asking a raw "Viper" to go in on third down and rush the passer is less ambitious than expecting a frosh DE to play all downs, "stay at home," etc. In theory, MLB is a more mentally-demanding position, but my impressions are that Raekwon has great instincts that belie his age and experience, which will make up for his learning-curve issues. You could argue that Joey Bosa defied these rules this past season, by being an all-downs DE.

Raekwon, though, is maybe an exception to the usual three "rules" of need, maturity, and learning-curve. The need for him to play isn't necessarily high, with senior Curtis Grant in the fold, and MLB being a mentally-demanding position. The other frosh starters, though, will probably need to meet all three categories - that's why so few play much as frosh.
So, which recruits meet all three factors? A WR who is asked to simply get open but not too much else (Dixon), a hybird RB/slot receiver that is told to "just go make a play" (Samuel), a pass-rushing DE/Viper (Holmes), a kick returner (Samuel, Lattimore). By the above logic, I don't like any of the OLmen to play much, or safeties, or OLBs. But I like Raekwon to blow away such "rules."         

d5k's picture

To be honest, I'm way more interested in the contributions of the class of 2012.  There are open spots and highly contested spots this spring.  

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Sure, I agree, there will be more action there: Boren, Elflein, Kyle Dodson; Dunn/Ball; Marcus; Powell and Reeves; Schutt; Michael Thomas; C Williams. I think some fans tend to forget about that class in part because Urbz and company had to put it together at that last minute and thus weren't able to do much talent evaluation. Even still, this is the season for the 2012 class to really make waves, if they're going to. 

DenBuck's picture

Amazing the athletes we have a LB and DB. Give these guys a year and we should be lights out!

Buckeye For Life

Knarcisi's picture

Regarding OL, it's sure time for Kyle Dodson to step up, isn't it?

oregonianbuckeye's picture

Good point, here. The other guy that I fully expect to get a lot of playing time on OL next year is Evan Lisle. That guy is a beast, and I have heard that he has been pretty impressive so far at tOSU. 

TMac's picture

The two areas I am most excited to see evolve are WR & DB. In both positions we have a couple openings, and the returning starters aren't all B1G - so the competition for playing time ought to be fierce with all the young & hungry talent !  I expect Smith, Lattimore, Sanuel and Dixon to be in those battles and be in the two deep 

ONE Not Done!

HotSauceCommittee's picture

I almost feel like Lattimore because he is local is almost undervalued by us Buckeye fans. I cannot wait to see him on the field. He is gonna be a great Buckeye. 

Blackbeards Delight's picture

If I recall Bama replaced three Offensive lineman this past season. Their offense didn't seem to miss a beat or a (free meal/loan from a trainer or agent.)Point, not concerned and if anything we might get shorter routes injected into the passing game and a little more hurry up.
Lots of competition at receiver should produce a better product on the field.
It boils down to the secondary. Unlike the offensive line where I know the talent will be coached up I still have my reservations on the secondary. Not knowing what coaches new or old will be coaching each position I will reserve judgement until I know who is where.

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- Me


IGotAWoody's picture

Their offense actually suffered alot from playing those new starting linemen, especially early. Their points and yard averages fell from the previous year, and at the end of the season, with a championship on the line, got manhandled by Auburn's dline. And then followed that up by getting pushed around by OK. OKLAHOMA! 
They were also not as good on the defensive side of the ball, so hopefully, with a D that will be much improved next year, our oline can develop and be solid by the time we role up on MSU.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” ~Carl Rogers

Blackbeards Delight's picture

Bama had 218 yards rushing.
277 yards passing, totaling 495 yards with 0 turnovers against Auburn. Over a hundred more yards than Auburn. Doesn't look like a man handling with over 200 yards rushing.
They sucked on third down completing 4 of 13 attempts.
Bama had similar results against Oklahoma but with only 130 rushing but 387 pass yards. Over 80 yards better than Oklahoma. They had 5 turnovers.
They might not have been good enough to get the job done but they didn't lose that game to Auburn. They didn't look great against Oklahoma but their Defense did them no favors. I would argue our experienced Offensive lines performance was similar to Bama's in the last 2 games.  I hate Bama to! I'm saying with improvement on defense our offense won't have to be as beasty and score 40 points to win. With Ed Warinner coaching them they will be ready. 

"Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve 23yr, it's what's for breakfast"

- Me


IGotAWoody's picture

They got manhandled on THIRD DOWN, which is the down that counts the most.
And only 130 yds rushing against OK?!! That's pathetic.
Just as we know, all too well, unfortunately, championship football comes down to a few plays here and there that are the difference between 14-0 and 12-2.
I'm with ya, brother, I see our dline being dominant next year, and our oline taking a few games and then starting to gel and dominate, thanks to Warinner and the offensive coaches.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” ~Carl Rogers

BuckTheWorld's picture

Never let stats get in the way of a good argument! 

An Angry Fan

bull1214's picture

with dontre not getting many touches his frosh year, i dont see samuel getting any unless he beats out dontre completely. the running game has plenty of candidates but not enough touches to go around. burning samuels eligbility for limited time doesnt make sense unless he explodes as a returner.

FitzBuck's picture

It feels like a long time since we had so much talent on the roster we couldn't guess the majority of starters on both sides of the ball.  Amazing problem to have.

Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".

tosubuckeye's picture

As much as I like Dixon, I believe the receiver group is extremely talented and will be difficult for any of the new guys to break in. Raekwon in my estimation has the best chance of seeing the field opening day, don't know as a starter though. We need to remember most of our guys were everybody's "can't miss".  We're talking about Raekwon the same way we used to talk about Curtis Grant: same body, same skill set. Our problem at the lb spot is coaching scheme. Kids have to think way too much instead of just playing. Erick Smith is the "most" ready to play opening day freshman I can remember in years. The Army game with his play and never being out of position demonstrated that to me.  In the end I'm hoping success for all of our guys!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!



Nutinpa's picture

I could be misconstruing your post, buckeye.  But I would not go so far as to describe the current OSU WR group as "extremely talented".   They are solid...respectable....and vulnerable to single coverage...and the most reliable guy just graduated.  Let's not get carried away.  "Extremely talented" refers to the WR corps at LSU, USC, even Clemson had athletes who will play on Sundays.
It may be hard for Meyer to sit Smith and Spencer for stetches of time next year, but I think as a group, they are not elite by any evaluation.....yet.  Maybe they will show us something next year with the new guys sprinkled in. 

Crimson's picture

This also includes 2nd years, and we got quite a few good ones last year.

d5k's picture

They are unproven.  If they end up being good I will be happy but not expecting greatness at WR next year by any means.  Article also omits Michael Thomas and his twitter feed.

Hovenaut's picture

Good article, mentally bookmarking this through spring and summer camp.

Not at all dismissing what Urban did with the classes he inherited, but very much excited to see the program reloaded with his recruits.

M5gatronBuckeye's picture

I hope a lot of these dudes can contribute early. They will be exciting to watch. Personally, im most excited about McMillan and Hubbard. We obviously need all the help we can get on D

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nm_buck's picture

I am equally interested to see what changes Ash will bring to the defense.  If he is truly allowed to take over the defense as has been suggested... it will be more than just the incoming freshmen who will be adjusting to a new scheme.  That could open up a ton of opportunities... with the exception of the DL.

"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15


One freshman is guaranteed to start: Sean Nuernberger. You're a kicker!!!!!!!!!!!!
Three freshman from the 2013 class saw significant playing time: Bosa, Wilson, and Elliott. I will venture to guess that number will be 4 for 2014. Nuernberger will be the kicker. I think we will see one of the freshman OL break through and one LB. I'll take a guess at one of the WRs too. I'm not naming names yet because you just never know. Most people thought Mitchell and Jalin Marshall were going to play/start before getting redshirted.
However, I will say the freshman who are early enrollees and getting to work out under Mickey and participate in spring practice and game will have a HUGE advantage over everyone else who show up at fall camp: McMillan, Samuel, Dixon, Trout, and M. Jones. Collier could also make up some ground on JT and Cardale for a backup QB spot though I really think he's going to get a RS too.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

Crimson's picture

Mitchell and Marshall both had concussions coming out of fall camp.  I think Marshall would have seen playing time otherwise, but I'm not sure about Mitchell (I was hopeful, but others said he didn't have great technique).  I'd love to see them this year.

hetuck's picture

I'm not so sure. Clinton got better height on his PAT and kickoff against FAMU than Basil. Hang time and placement on kick offs is more important than distance.

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

Vince Lombardi

d5k's picture

I am curious if there's any possibility we give Cam Johnston a look on kickoffs?

nrbuckguy's picture

I just can't see our secondary not being elite within a year or two, we have so much talent there. It is up to the coaches now to deploy it effectively, I do have a lot of faith that Chris Ash is the man to do that.

In Urban We Trust

Bamabucknut's picture

It is exciting to look at the great players the team will have . BUT. We are trying to swim across the Olentangy with a 75 lb weight strapped to our back UNTIL OUR DEFENSE gets fixed.
I want someone to say we have people different from the last 3 years designing and play calling the defense.So far....all we know is we have some great new defensive coaches.Thats it.

13THandSummit's picture

What's with all the paragraphs? I need bullet points or a numbered list to read something like this.

allinosu's picture

I have eye on Erick Smith. Even though he was a 4*, I wondered for a while If we were taking him for Lattimore. The all-star game erased all that for me. It appeared to me he could play safety, star or corner. He was physical,  jumping routes and tackled very well. Being versatile could see him on the field.

cdkmike's picture

i think smith for glenville the best player in ohio go bucks cant wait till season starts

Michael green

EDUGOON's picture

What an ultra deep pool of talent we have to pull from. But because of that I see some position shake up's to make our young and talented defense even better. I see eventually Mike Mitchell being moved to LEO and possibly Sam Hubbard being moved to LEO. Those guys are freaks!!! They would be amazing edge rushers that also posses the ability to drop into coverage. Add's major depth to the DL and improves overall team speed. Just a shot in the dark? Thoughts?

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ScarletNGrey01's picture

Great article, I defer to 11W for all my recruiting info.  What a group of studs coming in.  The best bets do seem to be Nuernberger (NUUUUUUUUU!) and Raekwon.  Curtis Samuel seems like an intriguing player that maybe could fill that Percy Harvin position.  As Michael pointed out, some player will surprise most of us "non-experts" and do some great things coming out of the starting gate.

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Ericgobucks's picture

Great write-up. For me, I'm very excited about many areas, but WR is going to get interesting. I think Smith and Spencer have both underachieved. Devin Smith has all the tools to be a dominant force, but tends to disappear in critical moments. Spencer is a beast blocking and gives tremendous effort, but isn't a guy that instills fear in opposing defenses. 
I also think that despite some of the posters on this site, McMillan has a great shot at starting. My philosophy is that if the fullback could beat Curtis Grant, why can't McMillan?
Im so hopeful Ash can do something with our secondary. No more curse of the class of 2009!!

Jbucks's picture

Im REALLY EFFIN EXCITED about this class!! this is the class that gives you a base to build on. Not to down play the last 2 classes, which obviously gave us some big time Stars like the Defensive line Dontre, Bell & EZE but this class, theres just somthing about it, possibly because of last 2 classes, this is the class that makes our team more complete in terms of Depth, Talent & Competition. to me the stars of this class are everywhere! outside of Kwon being huge im looking for Meech to turn into a leader on that O-Line one day he is that kind of kid, J. Jones has the mean streak in him when he plays that has been missing, he LOVES to finish off his blocks hard! Booker IMO could be just as good if not better than Kwon in the end & quite possibly the guy to watch on that D. plus Lattimore I expect to crack into somthing from get go. And last but not least (on my excitable self pumping rant) Dixon, while not big as in height but he plays 10x's his size, hes power on the outside, with Coach Mick on him this early, hes gonna be that trucking powerful fight for every yard kind of playmaker... CANT FREAKING WAIT!!!

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BoFuquel's picture

One maybe two. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

m5987usus's picture

I'm so excited to see curtis samuel I think he's gonna be a stud like ted ginn seriously he's just so fast and more of a wide receiver player


syphon2677's picture

Its hard to say how good Smith and Spencer is at WR cause we don't have a throwing QB.  Also i see our LB depth taking a hit cause I'm sure one will transfer. I think this year we will see a huge difference in team speed and cant wait for spring ball

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I agree... Gotta be easy tho. I've been sayin Braxton doesn't read defenses and go through progressions well for a while. There's a few on this site that don't take kindly to that opinion.  

Balkestud's picture

For me, the guy who is ready to play right now physically is my boy Dante. Not sure why he is being overlooked but just like Joey the Nose, he has the stature and sand in his pants to literally push his way into playing time right away. Just like you don't find many natural strong side DE's (Bosa) in high school, you find fewer natural strong side LB's in high school. I can see Booker playing over the TE for years to come eventually becoming a more athletic Bobby Carpenter. Averaging 10 sacks a year from that position is what I envision for "Booker T. Badass"

It gets kind of rough in the back of my limousine,



chirobuck's picture

The guy I would put my money on if i had to just pick one would be Johnny Dixon....I disagree as well about m Jones he may develop into a solid lineman one day but its not going to be next year and no way before meechy and j jones they are both much closer to being ready


^ best post ever ^

otrain2416's picture

I feel like aside from Nuernberger at this point I can't say any of these kids will come in and start. We have a lot of starters and veterans coming back that I can't say these freshman will jump right away. I definitely feel like some of these kids especially on the O line will be competing for two deep. Kick returner is another position I feel like some guys can come in and play along side Wilson. Other two deep positions I feel are open are OL, slot WR, Will, Mike, Sam, S, and possible corner. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

Brandon26841's picture

I see a lot of redshirting in this class, personally. Just too much depth on the team right now in certain areas to make much of an impact.
Obviously this is completely pointless, but if I had to guess:
Will play:
Curtis Samuel (but still likely stuck behind both Marshall and Wilson = not much PT)
D. Knox (if he can beat out either Underwood or Brown he'll be in the 2-deep. Not a guarantee)
Dixon (wanted to say he'll redshirt, but eh... he might see a little time)
Lattimore (likely start off 5th on depth chart at CB, so may redshirt)
McMillan (should definitely play. Shocked if he started though)
Dante Booker (back-up at WILL)
Eric Smith (could definitely see him getting time on special teams)
Terry McLaurin, Parris Campbell, J. Jones, M. Jones, Kyle Trout, Noah Brown, Stephen Collier, D. Webb, Holmes, D. Thompson, Berger, Hubbard, Hooker
That's 8 true freshman seeing time, so that's obviously pretty optimistic. I could definitely see several of those guys redshirting I listed there.

Seattle Linga's picture

Nicely done Brandon - imagine where this defense will be in a couple of years

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Excellent info Michael!  I'm really looking forward to the new guys coming in and playing!
Go Bucks!!

PittBuckeye's picture

Can you quantify the Samuel being faster than Wilson? Is that quicks too, or are you just talking straight line speed? Because side to side Wilson is one of the fastest football players I've ever seen, certainly in a same group with most of the fastest.

Rjr88's picture

Can't wait to see a close-up of Hoke's face the first time Damon Webb gets an interception against UM


Rjr88's picture

Strike that ... I don't ever want to see a close-up of his fat face


Buck Commander's picture

Armani Reeves in the secondary is a scary thing to think of. Let the freshman play and show their stuff! I feel this D will be nastier and more dominate with the recruits coming in turn 'em loose and let them destroy!!!!!

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

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6-2 to 6-6. What does this represent?
The range of Height of all the incoming linebackers! 
With a potential linebacker group over the next 3 years being possibly 6'3'', 6'4'' and 6'4'' with a STAR that might be 6'6'' Sam Hubbard, that is going to be one HUGE defense. 

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

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Looks like someone just copy n pasted this piece on 247.
Good right up, can't wait to see the future of the Bucks!  Not sure we'll have a lot of instant impact guys, but I could see 2-4 guys in this class receiving some quality PT especially by the end of the year.   Can't wait to see this D and O in a few years though.

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Looking forward to new LB's and DB's We need to get tougher / smarter and show it .

Mark May is a mental midget

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Good write up and I have a feeling this is going to be debated for most of the Summer until the first depth chart. 
The future looks bright for these young men!
Damn! Is it August yet?