Video: Clemson's Tajh Boyd on How Close He Came to Committing to Ohio State

December 30, 2013 at 1:01p    by Jason Priestas    

Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd was this close to committing to play college football for Ohio State. Here he is discussing how much he liked Troy Smith when he was younger, the majesty of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center and meeting Jim Tressel.

In the end, Boyd said he wanted to go to the school he could see the field the soonest – Terrelle Pryor was still holding court at the time – but that he was impressionable enough to commit to the school where he took his final visit, which in his case, was Clemson.

While talking about his visits, Boyd admitted to narrowly avoiding disaster. “I almost went to Michigan,” he said. “I don't think I would have enjoyed that too much.”

Stop making us like you, Tajh Boyd.



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“I don't think I would have enjoyed that too much.”

He might wear Clemson colors, but this man is a Buckeye at heart.

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He almost went to Michigan...ill give him half-Buckeye credit for his joke, but no Buckeye thinks about going to michigan. 

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One of The Buckeyes Chris Spielman actually preferred UofM over the good guys, but as we all know, fathers know best.

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*SIGH*; this week is gonna drag the worst outta me yet.


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I guess I'll feel better watching Clemson score on us after this interview. We just gotta score more than them!

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Damnit, now I kinda like him

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Its kinda not to like this kid now...dammit he mustve brainwashed us or something...i hope he does get one touchdown now just because other than that i hooe we make him realize what hes missed by not joing buckeyenation...ill go back to liking him after he game go bucks!!

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Cool with me.
Cooler yet if he takes a couple of sacks and gives a couple of turnovers Friday night....(I'm not asking for much).

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We were actually a lot closer to getting Sammy Watkins (we signed his teammate Dallas Crawford) than Tajh Boyd, if memory serves me.  All casualties of Michigan's intramural cannibalization of Rich Rodriguez.  The long internal coaching change controversy was devastating on Michigan recruiting.

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He seems like a really good person.  Definitely see why Tressel wanted him so bad.
...hard to not wonder what he could have done in Columbus

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Hard to not like him? After hearing that - I love him. Sounds like the most Buckeye you can be & not play in Columbus. I will though, be hoping to see his utter failure live & in person this Friday...Go Bucks!

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We get Boyd, we don't get Brax. Things happen for a reason. 

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we don't get Brax

Do we know that for sure?

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