Braxton Miller's Top 10 TD Passes of 2013

By Jeff Beck on December 27, 2013 at 11:30a

In his second year under the tutelage of offensive coordinator and QB Coach, Tom Herman, Braxton Miller has transformed into quite a cannon. Far from the run first, ask questions later freshman we saw in 2011, No. 5 is now firing the pig-skin with authority. Since his first season in the Scarlet and Gray, the Huber Heights native has steadily increased his efficiency (moving from a 54% completion rate to a 63% completion rate freshman to junior year) and his passer rating (138 to 157 freshman to junior year.)

In addition, Miller has increased his passing TD total by seven year-to-year despite missing three games to injury. The game next week against the Clemson Tigers looks to be a shoot-out and the Buckeyes’ gunslinger has shown he is up to the task. To prove it, here are his top 10 TD passes of the 2013 season on a loop…forever.

#10 Float Like a Bullet

On first and goal at the Buffalo 7-yard-line Braxton Miller rolled to his left then fired a strike to Chris Fields for a TD. Tossing it on the move like this looked too easy, and got Buckeye Nation excited about the prospect of Miller as a purer passer in the 2013 season.

#9 Play Action in the Big House

Up by a TD in the waning minutes of the third quarter against Michigan, the Buckeyes rode a steady dose of Carlos Hyde all the way to the UM 22. With a 1st and 10 to go, Miller faked a hand-off to Hyde then hit Jeff Heuerman up the seam for a 22-yard TD.  

#8 Welcome Back, Brax

After being knocked out of the previous three games due to injury, the night game against Wisconsin was the time to make a statement for Miller. Kenny Guiton had been nothing short of historic against San Diego State, Cal and Florida A&M. His performances were so epic that some were doubting whether he should be taken out in favor a pre-season Heisman favorite. With his position on the depth chart questioned for the first time at Ohio State, Miller unleashed a whale of a game, tossing for 198 yards and 4 TDs. Here is his second. Beauty personified.

#7 Starting 2013 with a Bomb

Here is Miller’s first TD of the 2013 campaign. A 47-yard bomb to Devin Smith. This is an example of putting it where only your guy can get it.

#6 Improvisational Filthiness

At #6 we have Braxton doing playground things. Wanting to assure the country that last year’s performance against the Boilermakers was a fluke, the Buckeyes proceeded to put up 28 points in the first quarter with three of those scores coming via a Braxton Miller pass. Here is the last TD of that epic quarter; an improvisation by No. 5 that made everyone wearing black look silly.

#5 Snow? No worry

Up 35-0 to start the fourth quarter, Miller trotted out on a snow-dusted field and spun this 39-yard TD to Devin Smith. #Gross

#4 An Early Equalizer

Being a good QB is all about finding a rhythm with your WRs. It’s safe to say Miller and No. 9 have that rapport. It was hard to keep this toss out of the top three. 

#3 Zipping Through the Penn State Defense

In order to hand Penn State their worst loss in a century, you’ve got to make some plays. Miller has been a human highlight reel during his time in Columbus, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him fire a ball with more on it than this one. Here’s how you fit it into a window, now go let that cannon cool on the sideline for a while.

#2 Philly in Indy

It’s still heart-wrenching to look at the tape from the B1G Championship game, but there are some gems amongst the wreckage. You may have been too busy wringing your hands and repairing the holes in your wall to notice… but Braxton made one of the finest throws of his career, firing the ball over three MSU defenders and finding Philly Brown in the back of the end-zone for 6.

#1 Just Your Typical Cross-Body Dagger

As aforementioned, Miller had something to prove in his first game back against the Badgers. The doubters were silenced after his first TD throw of the night. Braxton rolled left, then fired. This is perfection.

Thanks Brax. Now come back next year and earn your rightful place amongst the Heisman greats. 

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When Brax is ON, he's ridiculous. I hope he stays for his Senior Year so we can see where his development takes him.

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I haven't been too worried about it, but it's starting to stay on my mind.
I hope, this time next year, we will be looking at "Braxton Miller's top 10 TD passes of 2014" *.
*Thrown on Saturdays, of course.

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lol at #11 in that last gif

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That was epic.

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#11s move to the "Beard Scratch" was akin to Braxton's best improvisational adjustments during broken offensive plays.

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That gets funnier every time I watch it.

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What about that pass vs. Wisconsin with 1 second left in the 1st half?

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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That's what I was thinking.  That thing was a laser guided missile of beauty AND created a crucial swing of momentum going into the half.

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Couldn't agree more Speller - was kind of surprised but then again - what do I know?

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I was thinking the same thing. That should be #1, especially when you consider the throw itself and what it meant in that game. Since it's not on the list at all, I'm guessing whoever wrote this article must have just forgotten about that one. 

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Might not be the popular opinion, but I love watching this kid play QB. Yes that includes him slingin the rock too!

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