Ryan Shazier Named All-American by Phil Steele

December 23, 2013 at 11:36a    by DJ Byrnes    
The War Mauler Jack Mewhort in action.

Football sage (and friend of Eleven Warriors) Phil Steele is known for his pre-season picks. (He famously picked Florida to win in 2008 when Georgia started out as the preseason No. 1.) His business doesn't end with just predictions, he also awards his own All-American team.

Ryan Shazier (first team) , Jack Mewhort (second team), Carlos Hyde (third team) and Braxton Miller (fourth team) all carried honors on the day. Two of the four have exhausted their eligibility, and we still await the decisions on Braxton and Shazier. 

12-1, while disappointing for many Ohio State fans, is still one helluva season. Congrats to the players involved as they continue their awards spree.



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I like Phil Steele, mainly because he hasn't sold out and decided he needs to sit on a stool and trade wits with the other idiots on the networks. He also got it right here, Mewhort is better than or as good as the guys on the other All-American reams who ranked him lower or not at all. Except for the Butkus snub, Shazier is getting his love.

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I am a huge fan of Carlos and Brax and our offensive line BUT Ryan Shazier ended up being my favorite player this season.  100% pure effort and results play after play after play.  He seems like a genuinely decent guy on top of all that.

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I still love Phil Steele for predicting we'd win the title in 02 :)

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