Iowa State Pours Some Salt on Your School's January Bowl Bid

December 22, 2013 at 11:16a    by DJ Byrnes    
Iowa State

Iowa State's biggest moment of the 2013 campaign was getting jobbed by Big 12 refs in a home game against the Texas Longhorns. Iowa State lost that game, along with eight others this year, but are they impressed with your team's January bowl bid? NOT IN THE LEAST:

While January's bowl schedule has undoubtedly been diluted from the days of yore, this being pointed out by a 3-9 team only looks like sour grapes. Humorous sour grapes, indeed, but sour grapes nonetheless. 



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Love me some sour groups.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

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I do agree with the statement, even if it is coming from a program where 3-9 is a typical season.  The BCS games are really the only ones that should be played in January.  The stupid minor bowls that "fill in" the space between Jan 1 and the NCG just should not be placed there.

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auto correct fail?

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How do you not love this site? Wake up feeling great after a crazy bball game last night. Already 3 very good posts, 4 or 5 buckshots, and now a reason to hate an obscure program a little more.
Let me start:
How about you try actually playing in a BOWL game before you throw shade on our bowl games, you state university of crappy corn state. ALSO that was a charge last year you idiots, you know why? Aaron FREAKIN Craft, that is why! Suck it Cyclones, go back to preparing for you stupid caucus and leave the sports to Ohio State. (Except for that baskets win over MeatChicken, that was cool)

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slightly off topic, but I sat in the Iowa section for the OSU and Iowa game at the shoe this year. You would be amazed how many good caucus jokes you can come up with in 4 hours.

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Me likey sower gwapes... :)

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3-9 is also their all time bowl record and they have NEVER played in January!

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coming from a program who's all-time record is 508-613-46, this is not a shock.   The highest they have ever finished a season ranked in the polls is #17 back in 1971. 
All-Time they are 5-71-2 vs Oklahoma...... 17-86-2 vs Nebraska....... and haven't won a Conference title since 1912, when they were Co-Champs of the Missouri Valley Conference.

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At first I thought they singled the buckeyes out- glad to see I was wrong.

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At that time of year, I will cherish every game played. I don't care. I feel like a bear foraging before winter, when I realize that the spring game is all that is in the barren land known as CFB off-season. Yes, I will watch 6-6 teams play eachother on jan. 5. 


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Yeah, but 10 teams will play in January bowl games that matter and Ohio State is one of em... again.

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Maybe they are still pissed off for losing Tom Herman.

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In their mention of best games, they missed the rose bowl. It had one of the best matchups per their highly flawed logic. Seemed to only mention games with big xii ties.

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isn't it typical of a team who has done nothing ever to try and belittle those who have success?
Keep on blowing cyclones!
101 years of losing success!

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Interesting, I wonder if this guy is associated with Iowa State athletics in some kind of an official capacity?  If so that is pretty ironic and snarky.  I'll root my a** off for the bucks no matter what bowl game they are in, of course disappointed the bucks are not playing in the NC but a BCS bowl game is a nice consolation and against a good passing team the secondary will have its hands full.

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Earle Bruce actually had a winning record when he coached Iowa State.  That was a great achievement.

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Wonder if they'd like some cheese with their whine...

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I don't know what it is about these Iowa State people - a coworker is a Cyclone, and after we lost to MSU, she heckled me on Facebook about the loss... To which I replied, "Need I remind you what happened the last time our team played your team in basketball?" 

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Which is yet another reason to not do Facebook.
I do need to ask though, if she is a coworker, why not berate you to your face?  That's like sending an e-mail to the person who sits at the desk right next to you.

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We both work from our own home offices... I only actually "see" most of my coworkers a few times a year :)