Only 1,000 Orange Bowl Tickets Remain

December 17, 2013 at 9:41a    by DJ Byrnes    
Former Kansas coach Mark Mangini and Obie the Orange (Orange Bowl Mascot)

This escalated quickly. From Miami Today:

Ticket sales for the Friday night Discover Orange Bowl matchup Jan. 3 at Sun Life Stadium are going better than expected. A weekend night game, strong college football season and exciting Ohio State Buckeyes-Clemson Tigers matchup have all contributed to a better climate for tickets sales this year.

“We have had a really nice college football season and a lot of people are excited that our game dates are better this year [than last]. It’s Friday night and it’ll be the holiday weekend,” said Dawson Hughes, vice president of ticket sales and operations at the Orange Bowl Committee. Last year’s Tuesday game on New Year’s Day just didn’t spark the type of sales that the committee is seeing now.

“From a ticket standpoint, the goal from our end is that the tickets are sold out [before teams get their tickets]. That hasn’t been the case, but this year we’ve gotten very close, we’re down to about 1,000 available seats,” Mr. Hughes said.

It's good to hear Orange Bowl ticket sales have been brisk, because Ohio State's seniors deserve to be sent off in the best possible college football atmosphere outside the Horseshoe. 

With the sting of the loss to Michigan State starting to subside, there's a lot to look forward to in a match-up with the explosive Clemson Tigers. (Charlie Bauman still had it coming, though.)



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I doubt the orange bowl has sold out a non national title game since, maybe 2003 Iowa/USC.  If not then, one of the Nebraska/Miami games from back in the day.
Looks like 2006 3Penn State/22Florida State sold out.  Also looks like they cut down the size of the Rose Bowl in 1998.

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Better ticket sales than last years sacrificial lamb NIU being lead to slaughter by FSU?? I would hope so!!

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I think it helps that this year they don't have some bullshit matchup like Iowa v GT or N Ill v FSU or Kansas and somebody else at that point who gives a damn.  Kansas aint selling out Autzen, let alone the Orange Bowl.

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With Mark Mangino present, are we to assume there'll be a sale on HOT DOGS? 

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The number released by the Orange Bowl Committee is a bit misleading in that it counts the 35,000 tickets allocated to each of the two participating schools, as sold, as Ohio State and Clemson are responsible for the costs of those tickets.
However, as far as I know, neither Ohio State nor Clemson have sold out their 17,500 tickets--meaning that there are likely well more than 1000 tickets remaining to be sold.
Clemson, for example, is discounting the face value for tickets, and eliminating processing fees to try to sell their allotment.

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I have been to some obscure OSU BCS games, like Kansas State in 2003 and Texas in 2008, and we still had our half of the stadium packed for both of them.  However, that KSU game was the only time I have seen oppossing fans encroach on Buckeye territory instead of the other way around, probably because it was their first BCS game and they thought they had 0 shot to make it.

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I was at the Sugar Bowl and it would roughly 60-40 Arkansas, not full and somewhat hard to tell who was who other than when we did O H I O and when they did Whoo Pig Suey.
That said it was just a few hours from Ark to NOLA.

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And correct me if im wrong, but I also believe that was Arky's first BCS game as well?  There is always that excitement like "It's our first one and the boys will be ready and we will sodomize the Buckeyes..!"
Funny how both those games ended with crucial interceptions with less than 1 minute remaining to seal it for OSU and the final score was within 7 points for both games.  Try as they might, the up and comers just can't take down the veterans.  I think im seeing a pattern here!  49-42 Buckeyes, with Boyd throwing a pick on Clemson's last drive.  That would be some trippy pigskin, eh?

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I'm also curious if both schools sold out their allotments 

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At this point, neither Ohio State, nor Clemson have sold out their allotments of tickets.

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I understand Buckeye tickets taking a while to sell because we all wanted to be booking flights to LA and hanging out in southern California.  But Clemson must have known for at least 6 weeks this was their probable destination.  I'm always surprised at how crappy some fanbases are when they are compared to Buckeye fans.

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There definitely appear to be plenty of heavily-discounted Clemson tickets still available via their Athletic Ticket Office.

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Go get em, Tiger! is what they should be saying.  They NEVER make games this big now they are being persnickety about the trip?

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Well I'm sure there will be plenty of S&G that's all I know.

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I mean seriously...that is a classic pic! 

"I will pound you and pound you until you quit." - Woody Hayes

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I know Mangino looks so fit!  I think he was on Atkins during this time period.  Notice how he only has 3 chins?

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and because I am fruit I am not scared

"I will pound you and pound you until you quit." - Woody Hayes

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Lol either that or he will eat you peel and all because peeling oranges gives him chest pain from the sheeer exertion.
Let;s just consider for a moment that the man has not taken a breath through his nose since 1984.

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At what point do you stop caring?  When you notice you have enough chins to give jowls to an entire African village?  When, without measuring, you are 97& sure your body is a chode?  It has to be a scary moment for the human psyche.

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I haven't lost a game with U Washington in 5 seasons on XBox and now that I'm playing on Heisman mode Arkansas is up 7 with 2 min left.  I promised all my recruits a national championship this season.  I know it's off topic but they already have a phanton, complete bullshit victory over my favorite team, and now they are on the verge of giving Wendellhart Wordsmithe, my coach, his first carreer loss.