OSU Loses JUCO OL Recruit Who Looks Like a Buckeye to Florida State

By DJ Byrnes on December 9, 2013 at 11:08a
JUCO OL Chad Mavety

Four-star 2014 JUCO offensive lineman Chad Mavety has chosen the Florida State Seminoles, per his Twitter:

Mavety would have been an important get for the 2014 if only because he'd have been the first recruit to ever literally look like a Buckeye. Not sure about FSU's offensive line situation, but Mavety had a chance to immediately fall into the two-deep next year at Ohio State.

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That one stings .... immediate playing time wasn't enough to get him here

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Sad news, but that "looks like a buckeye" observation is absolutely hilarious.  If only I was capable of laughter again?  It's too soon.

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does it feel like this is a result of us losing on saturday night?

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No. Saturday had no impact on his decision. 

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yep, these kids all want the bling hardware and they will go where they see it....  He is probably saying I can play under Jamies Winston who will be a great NFL QB some day, and heck they are unbeatable, and going to play in a NCG.  The O line needed to be addressed in 2012 Sept. The recruiting emphasis has been focused on speed and receivers. We need O Line and LB.

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Playing time an issue?  Not so much.  He was looked at as a very real possibility to become a starter.
Yeah, the loss to MSU may have mattered.  Recruits make decisions based on many different things, so it may not have mattered as well.

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Jordan and Birm,
Do you think we have a chance with Roderick Johnson? He is OT and has FSU and OSU in his top 3

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It will be interested to see which lineman the staff will focus on. Alex Bookser will be visiting this weekend and he is probably the top lineman on OSU's board, but he is very high on Pitt. Frank Ragnow, Roderick Johnson and Brock Ruble are in the next grouping. Brady Taylor or another new offer shouldn't be ruled out. I wouldn't expect an offer to go out until the staff regroups after the busy recruiting week, if a new offer is even made. Things always get wacky with the coaching carousel heating up. 

Florida State has a lot of openings on the offensive line. They're looking to take 6-8 and they now have four. Many think Roderick Johnson will end up at FSU. They're right in the mix for Frank Ragnow, too. 

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Thank you Jordan,

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The timing Seems like he wanted NC tickets. Hopefully the loss is not going to affect anymore recruited if it even was a factor with him. 

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Hate to see this but good luck Chad.  We'll be able to move on.

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Can somebody please explain what happened with Prince? He supposedly almost committed over the summer, and now OSU isn't even in his top 5 and not getting an OV. 

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I am more than happy with the recruits we have at the position. Mavety might have been good for depth, but i think the guys we have recruited will be just fine.

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Hopefully after Jermaine Eluemunor flips his commitment 3 more times the 3rd time is to us 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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According to Jordan, he already silent committed to us once.

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Stinks to lose him, but look at what the line coach has done in two years.  Reid Fragel (nuff said) and this current crew playing as one of the best in the country.  We will be young on the O-line next year, but we will be fine.

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No surprise here after he moved up his announcement to before the in-home visit with Urban Meyer.  Disappointing news nonetheless.  At least there are some other good ones still available, maybe for four years instead of just two. 

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While Saturday may not have mattered, I do wish he had visited for a game other than the Indiana game...that was about as cold as it could be & still play a game. Plus, it was Indiana.

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"Saturday had no impact on his decision?"

The timing would indicate otherwise. Was he waiting to see who was in the NC game? FSU could lose 4 games next year. Well maybe the guard has changed. Maybe Bama's dominance is over. That means Saban's on to the next gig.



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As long as we have Warriner I'm fine with anybody we get as long as they have potential. 

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Good luck, Chad.

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Best wishes to Chad at FSU.  It's never good to lose a young man the coaching staff has worked hard on but FSU should be an easy sell to young men his age.  It looks like FSU is 'back' and the coeds there are very easy on the eyes from what I see on tv.  
Life will go on.  I am very confident in this staff and the development of the "O" line under Coach Warinner.  The play of Pat Elflein in the last 2 games is proof positive of that.  Go Bucks!

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Man, I'm really disappointed to hear this news.  I was really hoping Chad would choose OSU.  He seemed like a pretty good guys and a player that could step in and start immediately in one of the open positions.  Well, hopefully we will get a chance to get some other good O linemen to join the 2014 class. 
Best of luck to Chad.  Of course except if OSU happens to meet up with FSU in the playoffs in the next couple of years.  LOL
Go Bucks!

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Meechy and Jamarco ... Get here early and get your butts in game shape.