While You Slept: Chris Petersen Interviewed for Washington's Job Last Night

December 6, 2013 at 6:05a    by DJ Byrnes    
CFB in 2013

Online Dick Tracey's tracked a flight from Seattle to Boise State last night and speculated it could be regents of the University of Washington heading to Boise to meet with Boise State coach Chris Petersen to interview him about their vacant head football coaching job. Turns out, they were onto something:

It was once said it would require dynamite to get Chris Petersen out of Boise, but after a year in which the Broncos suffered four losses, it appears Petersen is changing his tune. He reportedly interviewed for the USC job, but was passed over for Washington's Steve Sarkisian because USC AD Pat Haden didn't agree with Petersen's vision for the program.

Could this finally be the time Chris Petersen makes his move?

Source: @BFeldmanCBS



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With the playoff coming, Peterson knows that Boise's traditional status as the BCS-busting Cinderella of college football are over, and that means its time to look for greener pastures. Plus, how can he not be tired of the Smurf Turf after all these years?

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Sorry, but why would i care about this!!!! I care about news that has an effect on the Bucks and the Big.

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Now i know why ur name is Oyster!! Do u think i care about ur vote ??Oyster.Crwal back in ur shell.

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I think this "crwal" thing could catch on:
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So let me get this straight, you opened up a an article titled, Chris Petersen Interviewed for Washington's Job Last Night. Subsequently replied to Andy Vance's comment only to write this?

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Then why even take the time to make a comment? Just keep right on scrolling until u find something more suitable for you.

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If he leaves Boise the fans will start calling him Gargamel.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

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i see what you did there...

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I literally cannot stand to watch a football game that's played there.  I think that the networks should be required to use video magic to change it to green.  Of course, I was disappointed that the first down line is not easy to see when you're at the game in person.

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They did this on sportscenter a long time ago, but the idea was to see what everything else would look like if the turf was green. Surprisingly, that was even worse.

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Wouldn't all pastures be greener than this?

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LOL    I still can't hardly look at that pic, even.

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I am not sure I would go with Sark over Petersen?  Wow...
Then again, I am not an AD.  :-)

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Of course, USC did so well with their last FB coach hire.

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It's Time Chris Petersen, It's Time!! Some doors don't stay open forever, and UW is a pretty good gig where he could be instantly relevant again. 

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i just wonder if he interviews for these jobs as a way of advertising boise st. i dont see him leaving for UW when he's supposedly turned down other jobs. unless he wants a bigger school but nothing too big like a usc etc. tbh, sark shouldve stayed at UW over usc. just for job security reasons

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Perhaps with Boise going 8-4 this year, and the playoffs looming, he feels Boise's relevance is about to disappear, and he's getting out while the going is good. 

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the playoffs actually help the underdogs out. u dont have to win a conference title to go to the show. u just have to be ranked in the top 4. its all about schedule from here out. of course the sec will have 2 teams out of the 4 every year tho

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Being ranked in the top four is irrelevant. The committee can take any four teams it feels are the best. It is not beholden to any rankings, even its own previously released ones (which will be several weeks prior to the decision making anyway and out of date).

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i didnt mean "ranked" i meant "in" the 4 team playoff. i dont believe the details of how it will actually be decided and handled on a weekly basis have been determined as of yet. we know who will decide but we dont know how comparable it will be too the bcs ranking format. its gotta be transparent thru out the season somehow tho. right? which suggests a "ranking of some sort".

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I thought Peterson's kid's doctors were in Boise .... am I remembering that right?

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You are right. Lot of people do not know the reason behind him passing up good job offers to stay in the area. I get mad when I see comments from readers  and some of the ESPN analysts too that say he does not want to fight in the big leagues or something to that extent.
I lived in Boise for a year and from what I heard he is very loyal to the people who helped him through his son's cancer treatment. I believe his son is now cured.

I breathe Linux with a topping of Buckeyes...

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Plenty of daily flights Seattle to Boise if doctors were an issue.

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I was the one that called Peterson to USC, but I bet this happens. He'll turn the UW program around, I bet.


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It would be a hoot if Peterson builds Washington into a Pac 12 powerhouse and beats USC every year.

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Another case of "I'll believe it when I see it". Peterson's name always pops up in when there's a vacancy and nothing ever comes of it. That being said there's actually some smoke this time around.
I'd love to see Washington get turned back around. It's a great program with the best fans in the Pac.

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Well that was quick. lol
Congrats to the Huskes & Coach Petersen!

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This is probably the most brilliant coaching hire you can muster anywhere in the country.  Washington has sucked for over a decade now, and why?  Because Oregon, USC, Stanford, and yes, Chris Petersen's BOISE STATE have made the state of Washington their own personal talent farm.  UW is tied, yes TIED, with Ohio State for 3rd all-time # of Rose Bowl appearances, which means they used to be alone in third until 2010.  Their dip into 10 years of suck and/or mediocrity is unprecedented.
Petersen knows Seattle.  He knows the state of Washington.  He's the guy you want.  Brilliant hire if they can get him.

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The talent is there for Washington too. Their last 3 recruiting classes have been ranked in the top 25 (24/7 rankings). If they are able to grab Peterson then those classes would surely get better and Washington would become more prominent. Not to mention that Arizona State is going to the PAC12 title game this year. He can get Washington to that level easily IMO. This wouldn't be a huge move for him either so maybe there's a good chance he does this. 

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We need to schedule Washington, now. 

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Washington got the better end of the coaching carousel wheel. I think Petersen will be more successful with the Huskies than Sarkisian at USC. Will be nice to see a Pacific NW resurgence. Things will be betting more difficult for the Ducks in their PAC-12 division.

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It's been confirmed by multiple sources, including UW. I wish him success. 

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