B1G Championship Hype Video

December 3, 2013 at 7:30a    by DJ Byrnes    

As weird as it is playing a game immediately after Michigan, it's also pretty cool too. See you in Indy, Sparty.



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Would've liked to have seen some Ted Ginn highlights in there

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1:45 mark you see him blow by everyone!

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He's so fast you couldn't see him!

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Well, one of us is playing for roses. The other, for crystal. 

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Neither of us are playing for it.  Sparty should be going to the Rose no matter what.  We are going to make Orange Juice of Clemson or get Jameis'ed in Pasadena.

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Oh man, that 1998 endzone pick.... most depressing loss ever. We can talk about the bcs champ games osu lost as tough, but in 1998, after that msu game, it felt like the Buckeyes would never win another championship.

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Agreed...I was there. Walking out of the stadium was like leaving a funeral.

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Me too, as depressing as loss to Florida and 95 ttun loss.  I have never seen a game implode like that one.  This Saturday will be retribution for 98.

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Maybe Urban will show them the '98 video...along with posting their quotes on the bulletin board about how they feel they are the measuring stick and how Connor Cook is "licking his chops" to play our defense?

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worst loss in my 40 years by far, and it aint even close.

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Horrible day.  Funeral walking out of the Shoe.  Got to my apt, thought Adriaticos would cheer me up, ordered "Cheese on a quarter, pepperoni on the rest"....and that's exactly how it came.  Cheese and sauce on a quarter, pepperoni\sauce with no cheese on the rest...smh

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While I like the vintage film, I would have thought they would have had more current footage.  After all, the 2013 teams are playing, not the 1995 teams.

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So, think MSU goes to the Rose Bowl no matter the result of this game?

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I think the result matters. The Rose will prefer to keep the B1G tie in, but Sparty may need to still be ranked in the Top 14 after this game. 

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Which will be a near lock unless they lose 84-0.

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Honestly...not feeling as hyped from that video as others this year.  But nice effort...for a Michigan State fan.

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Yes, MSU goes to the Rose Bowl regardless but OSU would go to another BCS bowl if Sparty wins. Some are pulling for a OSU vs BAMA matchup. Hopefully we take care of business and that isn't an issue.

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Following the victory over Sparty this Saturday night look for Jesse Palmer to exclaim on ESPiN "I was raped by Jameis Sqwinston...now put an SEC team vs tOSU in the title game!"

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A for effort but way too many old clips and way too much wacky effects and strange cropping of the shots... What is with the desaturated portion that made the bucks uniforms look green?  This was done by a Spartan fan? 

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Bauserman getting sacked, classic! 2011 seems like a distant (terrible) memory.