Meyer, Buckeyes Look Toward Michigan State, Not BCS

By Kyle Rowland on December 1, 2013 at 3:00p

Now Ohio State can turn its attention to Michigan State – that other team up north. Last week, Urban Meyer continually dodged questions about the Spartans during Michigan Week. He didn’t take a win for granted, which proved prophetic in Saturday’s 42-41 win despite being two-touchdown favorites.

The Buckeyes have won 36 Big Ten titles and two division crowns. But next weekend presents a new opportunity – winning the Big Ten Championship Game. If it does so, second-ranked Ohio State will likely find itself in a common destination for Big Ten champions, but the Buckeyes will be in the Rose Bowl a week later than usual.

To get there, they must get through a Michigan State defense that’s among the best in the country and the top unit Ohio State has faced in Meyer’s tenure. The Spartans have held five of their past six opponents without a touchdown.

“It’s a great group and by far the best defense I’ve ever been a part of,” Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi said.

  • Meyer said he, the Big Ten and Gene Smith will discuss the fight in the Michigan game tonight, possible further punishment. Meyer met with the players and said he was very disappointed in their actions. He confirmed that he will not suspend the players.
  • “The bigger the game, the more the distractions.” Meyer learned a lot about that in the SEC.
  • MSU’s defense has been impressive all year. Meyer said in the limited film he's watched, it's the best defense he's seen all season.
  • The conversation about the BCS will last 6-8 seconds tonight, according to Meyer. Team is focused on Michigan State.
  • Meyer said he was very impressed with redshirt freshman Pat Elflein's play on O-Line. “He was really good (with emphasis) at times.”
  • Asked if he has comment on Auburn's AD lobbying, Meyer simply said, “No.”
  • “I think America is ready for a playoff.” -Meyer
  • Meyer said Ohio State won’t even be in the conversation if they can’t move the ball against the best defense in America.
  • Meyer on bus celebration: “It was absolutely nuts for 15 minutes.”
  • Meyer refuses to get into SEC-Big Ten talk, but does say he doesn’t think the gap between the two leagues is that big.
  • Meyer said Carlos Hyde is much different player from last year and on different planet compared to two seasons ago.
  • Stan Drayton gets a lot of the credit for Hyde's success, according to Meyer. He said they've developed a father-son like relationship.
  • “He’s playing as good as any running back I've ever watched,” Meyer said.
  • The passing attack is an area OSU will work on this week, Meyer said. Braxton Miller only completed five passes at Michigan.
  • Asked about Big Ten offensive player of the year vote -- Braxton or Hyde -- Meyer declined to answer with a chuckle.
  • On relationship with MSU staff: "I have a good relationship with [Mark Dantonio]. There's a lot of respect there."
  • Meyer said he cannot really recall the details of last year's videogate with Michigan State. Said whatever it was it wasn't intentional.
  • Michigan State defense is hard to prepare for because of the scheme, Meyer said. Very aggressive blitz scheme, different formations.
  • Meyer said he's embarrassed to say that he's never practiced returning a missed field goal. But he said it will now be part of the prep.
  • Meyer said Braxton Miller's preparation has improved dramatically is past year. Said he'll be as prepared as possible for Michigan State. "The brighter the lights, the better he plays."
  • Focus will not be a problem this week/Saturday, according to Meyer. He said biggest issue is the quality of the opponent.
  • “We were exposed.” -Meyer on OSU pass defense. He said he has confidence that it will be fixed.
  • Ohio State in good shape injury-wise for Saturday, according to Meyer.

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So happy to have UFM as our coach. Go Buckeyes.

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Oh yea!!!! Urban is the man. Hyde for Heisman!! Indy here they come.

stark county football

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I'm just glad our focus is on the MSU game 

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go bucks beat msu


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We have the best Head Coach in College Football. Hands Down. Not only that, I love the "No BS"  in his Press Conferences.

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a) Glad UFM is not going to suspend anyone...hope the B1G follows suit
b) Let's follow our coach/team and focus on Michigan State

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I'm just relieved that Dontre and Marcus won't be suspended by Meyer. Anyone with good vision and a little common sense can tell that that Dontre was the victim in that fight and Marcus was just trying to protect his teammates. If this incident happened on the street about 7 Michigan players would have gone to jail. #beatsparty

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Absolutely right!! If only MH had not gone out there at all (which I don't blame him for) or at least not reacted much afterward, there would be a lot of talk about ttun players being to blame for the whole thing. They were ganging up on Dontre and pushing him into defending himself which he eventually did. Also, it is surprising that Taylor Lewan didn't get involved because he is such an unsportsmanlike player.

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Read all I needed to read....get 'em ready, Coach!

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Could someone provide a video link to the PC? Thanks.

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exposed?! that defense has been exposed for a long time coach, get fickell, combs, and withers to fix the system...the athletes are 4/5 stars.  Go Bucks, beat sparty!

As much as I like Urban, his coaching left a lot to be desired in the Wisconsin game. W had a game plan to shut down Miller, thereby 70% of the offense, by assignment defensive personnel on him throughout the game. OSU should have made them p

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There Can Be Only One!

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Why can't we implement a scheme similar to Michigan State?  We have as good or better athletes.  Maybe Fickell can study their D and implement some of their concepts - if not in time for next week, then maybe for the bowl game.

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."  - Albert Einstein

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Fickell should know it, I believe he was on the staff under dantonio in 2002, and Tres had a great relationship with dantonio and would send guys to study with MSU staff in offseason.

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We tried to run that scheme the first half of last season.  

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Has anyone heard that Wilson's hand may be in a cast?  "mgoblog" posted something about seeing Wlson with his hand in a cast, but I wasn't sure if he was referring to a UM player.  I'm hoping that isn't our Wilson.

misterbulbous's picture

Nevermind.  I guess UM has a safety named Jarrod Wilson who was out with injury.

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The circumstances surrounding this year have some historic eeriness.  This is the last year of the BCS - and look at the similarities between this and the first year of the BCS.  OSU and FSU are the top 2 teams (in reversed order) and MSU is the team that stands in our way.  I think we will get revenge vs MSU for 1998, and then beat FSU in what should be a rematch of the very first BCS NCG.  How sweet it will be for OSU to win the very last BCS title, ending with a 7-3 record in its 15 year history.  Most wins and most appearances of any school. 

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All of that sounds good but there is much work to do to reach that level.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Meyer agrees that the defense was exposed at UM.  Good.  The first step in fixing a problem is to recognize it.  
The Bucks need a fire lit under their backsides.  They are within reach of the brass ring, and must recognize how rare that opportunity is and focus and prepare and (above all else) play at a level higher than they have thus far.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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If we take care of business Saturday and beat Sparty - the next month the media will be filled to overflow levels of OSU hate themes... don't deserve to be there, weak schedule, not the best team, weak conference, will get crushed by <insert any team here>!  Sound familiar?  Same shit the Gators went through under Urban Meyer and we all know how pissed off they came out and what happened that day!!!  I LOVE that narrative and how this is shaping up for OSU!!! 
Now let's kick the FUCK out of Sparty!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

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Who cares what they say about us - we've got a mission on Saturday night and that is they only thing I care about. They can say whatever they want but we will be playing in The Big One in January.