TBDBITL Rocks Out in the Snow at Mirror Lake

By 11W Staff on November 26, 2013 at 11:06p

Ours. Not yours.

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That is hauntingly amazing.  The black and white was an excellent touch!  Wish I was there.

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Literally and figuratively.

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Ya! It made me wonder what year it was. B&W sure makes it look colder. 

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That is sweet. I agree with above. That is somewhat magical. 

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They are bad-ass.

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The snow is a nice touch!

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I didn't go to Ohio State so I won't pretend to understand the importance of the Mirror Lake jump, and especially not having it be a regulated/sanctioned event.  However, that looked flippin' sweet.  Can anyone comment as to whether this move softened the blow by the administration to make this event "safer".  It seems a little like your parents saying you can have a party as long as they are upstairs, but you're allowed to have beer, except this is infinity times cooler.

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It's an interesting tradition on one hand, but if you have seen "Mirror Lake" it is anything but mirror-like or a lake, it is a basically a dirty pool of water.  Love the Oval and all things buckeye, and maybe they have cleaned / filtered it since I was last there, but never had any desire to jump in.  Maybe the enthusiasm of youth and a good deal of alcohol is required to trigger partaking in this tradition.

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I "think" it is a bit better.  In the warmer months it's usually stirred up by a fountain, but yeah, when I was there in the 90s, I had no desire to get in there.  It's a pond.

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It's a lot cleaner these days.  It used to be just a mud hole, then the added a fountain, then they put some nice granite stone around most of the edges, then they trimmed out all the landscaping and trees.  Of course in November, every body of water is a dirty pool of leaves, soil run-off and water.

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Unbelievable that this was posted as it happened.  11W are 'Johnny on the spot'.  Takes me back 20 years to M Week as a student.  Thanks so much for capturing this!


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How awesome is our University though for real! The Ohio State!


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Wow! That brings back some memories from the late 80's when I was in TBDBITL. However, they look too sober for that crazy weather. Need to go back and teach the young band members about the warmth provided by the brown liquor in a bota bag.

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More black-and-white films of TBDBITL? Yes, please!

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Can't totally confirm this yet, since the peeps that told me were shit faced drunk, but I have heard the whole "regulating" isn't really happening. The regulation plan was one entrance in only with many exits out and a wrist band needed. Word I am hearing is they aren't checking for wristbands and don't really care how you get in or out.... Anyone able to confirm?

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I hope the administration just backed out of it. There are million things more dangerous than jumping into a freezing, nasty pond full of duck sh**, but as long as they wear shoes, don't jump if they've got open wounds, they'll live to tell the tale

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That was epic!

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This "tradition" didn't exist when I was an undergrad 85-90, but every tradition originates somewhere.  I'm glad classes after me came up with original ways to celebrate M week, and I don't think the administration should interfere.  Isn't it worse for the school if someone drowns (extremely unlikely in two feet of water) after they issue wristbands and promise security?

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Wrong. I participated in the Mirror Lake jump in 1986.

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You jumped in Mirror Lake.  There was no organized "Jump."

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I and several thousand others were led there by members of TBDBITL on the Thursday night before the Michigan game, so I would say it is very much consistent with "the tradition" - perhaps even the genesis of the tradition. But whoever authored the Wikipedia page on the subject claims the first jump took place in 1990, which I know to be incorrect.

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I graduated in '84, students were in the Lake when I was there.  It may be bigger, but it's not so recent as some would have you think. 

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That snakehead we let loose in there after graduation in August '90 must be big enough to eat a freshman by now.  Beware!

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Does something need to be installed to watch the vid? I get audio and no video.

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Not for the first time, and certainly not the last, I wish I was back at tOSU!  What a beautiful scene. 

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That's it, that just put me over the edge..I'm getting drunk..

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My friends and I went in after the wins in 84 and 94.  I think we also went in after we beat LSU in 88.  For us, it was always a post victory thing.  I don't remember it being a big thing during my years as a student to go in pre game.  It is tradition now, so I hope the administration doesn't muck it up.  Go Bucks!

Go Bucks!