Graphic Content: Illinois

By Matt Pence on November 17, 2013 at 5:00p

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Wow, nice day from CJ Barnett! I believe OSU scored 21 in the first quarter though

JozyMozy's picture're right. ouch. at least he got the number of footballs right.

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14 tackles for a safety usually means a lot of completed passes. Good/bad stat.

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enlarge < embiggen


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Screw all these stats... Who is the girl in the "Music Without Wires" add on the home page? She is very pleasant to look at.

Holy Buckeye!

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 Go to the porn sites for that. This is OSU football.

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Interesting stat about the red zone offense for Illy, we have been playing much better than that over the last few weeks. Let's hope it gets back to what we are all used to in the next few games