Georgia Wins What Used To Be Called the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

By DJ Byrnes on November 2, 2013 at 7:21p

MULTIPLE OFFENSIVE TOUCHDOWNS from Florida weren't enough to overcome Georgia. Both teams have been decimated by injuries, but it was Georgia who walked away with the victory, 23-20. Georgia never trailed.

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It was actually the viewers who lost.

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Look at what you did to Florida, Urban. :(

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Hahahahahahahaha...... love it when UF loses.

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If only they could show up for the FSU game.

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It would make UF's season to win that one. I feel filthy saying this, but Go Gat...I can't do it. Suffice to say I prefer that UF wins against FSU.

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As a Buckeye who lives in Jacksonville, Florida losing to Georgia is almost as good as a Buckeye win!

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Well both have happened many times this year.

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In related news, both teams have moved up into the Top 15 in the rankings given the gritty and competitive nature of SEC games. 

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In all seriousness, wrap your head around this.  Auburn beats Arkansas (currently winless in the SEC and also on a 6 game losing streak started by losing to RUTGERS #karma) and moves up 2 spots in the BCS.  Texas A&M hands over a million bucks to beat the crap out of UTEP, and the Aggies drop 3 spots.
Takeaway: massive bonus points for beating SEC teams, regardless of how dog turd awful they are, because, well, SEC, duh.  The rule clearly applies even to SEC teams.  God help Mizzou if they ever try to revive that Kansas rivalry.

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Preseason national title contender Florida will end up as a six-loss team this year. Will Muschamp's seat is officially on fire unless he beats Florida State. I cannot imagine what that spread will be, though it is in Gainesville.

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Just think about this: If Florida loses to Vandy next week, it's possible they won't be playing in a bowl game this year. URBAN'S FAULT

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I would like to know which game, Florida/Georgia or Michigan/MSU had the better TV ratings, nationally.  Anyone have any clue?

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Why is it no longer called the outdoor cocktail party?  Is Karen Holbrook the mayor of Jacksonville?

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I grant you 500 ghost helmet stickers for verbally body slamming that female dog.

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Agree it wasn't the most significant of football games.  That said, I'd love to click through a slideshow of underdressed tailgating southern belles.

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of all the pictures, that's the one i expected to see the least. Got a good chuckle out of it though.

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