Florida State Stomps NC State, 49-17

By DJ Byrnes on October 26, 2013 at 7:04p

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Kid's legit. In a strange way, it's good to see the Seminoles relevant again - keeps the Gators from thinking they're the historically major program in the Sunshine State.

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I'd argue Miami is the historically major Florida program. The same school where even Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson couldn't get on the field. Because he was playing behind ... Warren Sapp. It seems like literally half of the notable All-Pro NFL defenders since 1980 have come from Miami. And that's WITH their intermittent sucky eras of being sanctioned over and over again (lol)

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I could hear arguments for either FSU or The U - but we both know those damn Gator fans are convinced they're the top dog in the state, and history has shown that, aside from the years helmed by The Ol' Ball Coach and Urban F. Meyer, they're not all that good... at all.

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It would be truly fantastic if somehow Oregon stumbled somewhere, bumping the Buckeyes into #3 behind FSU going into rivalry week. 
Watching Florida fans have to root for their team to beat FSU, effectively helping Urban Meyer would be glorious.

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Winston is just fun to watch. His Clemson post-game interview last week was amazing too.