Ohio State Players Sing Carmen Ohio Following the Iowa Win

By Jason Priestas on October 20, 2013 at 12:46a

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God, how is it always so awesome? Thank you Saint Jimmy, we are indebted to you forever for many reasons; and this tradition is definitely one of those reasons.

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Buckeye tears are falling.  I am so glad I am a Buckeye from the Great.State.Of.Ohio

Go Buckeyes

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I truly do love Ohio State. So damn proud to be an alumnus. Go Bucks!

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This school is just epic. A great history and things like Carmen Ohio and TBDBITL in general just send shivers down my spine. I get goose-bumps just walking into The Shoe and looking down onto the field. How could anyone not love The Ohio State University? What other school has what we fans have and are lucky enough to share in here? As fans we are able to share in our school's historical and current success in both football, basketball, and other sports; ridiculous facilities; an enormous fan base with a huge web of alumni all over the great USofA; and just as importantly a great school which improves at an alarming rate every year. Who else has all this? If there is such a university, I don't know of it. What an awesome Sunday morning to be a Buckeye! Go Bucks! Well that was longer than I expected it to be...

“This is America! And in America, if something sucks, you're supposed to be able to get your money back!”

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Always brings tears to this old alum.
So glad that is part of the tradition now - having the players join the students singing Carmen along with TBDBITL!
Didn't Tress start that? I don't ever remember the lads doing that back in the day (of course, I was usually pretty wrecked by the end of games back then!)?

*Edit* Just saw your thread JAKEBUCKEYE. He did mucho good for tOSU!

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First time I have made it to a game in three years. Made my buddies who I visited with stay for it. That will never get old.

pat cozzens