Hot Off the Press: Iowa Game Poster

By Walt Keys on October 16, 2013 at 1:00p


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simply stunning!

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Beautifully done, if somewhat confusing.

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These posters are always the highlight of my week.

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I think the message here is Brutus killing a hawk... Am I missing anything else??

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Well, Brutus is looking quite Natty, but therein lies my confusion.

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Thanks, I was wondering if the reference might have been a bit too obscure.

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I took as Brutus had tamed the hawk.  It is his pet.

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I think Walt had fun with this one.  Brutus is dressed as Hawkeye from Last of the Mohicans.

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I don't recall Hawkeye wearing a rose on his lapel though.

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Artistic license, I'm guessing, in keeping with the Rose theme in this year's posters.

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Looks to me like an Ohio Red Carnation.

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I think in the amount of time I've studied this game poster, Kirk Ferentz made about $10,000 $20,000.

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I noticed that you didn't say earned...

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i knew the characters outfit reminded me of someone...took me a second, but well freakin done.

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to clarify, that's a rifle on his back, that's a hawk in his hands

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I knew that was a hawk, I could tell by its eye...

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Masterfully done, Walt. Love the recurring rose theme.

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Thanks for the clarification. I originally thought it was a sword. Either weapon works for me.

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I believe the Buckeyes will be using a Hyde on Saturday.

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I think the weapon of choice will be a BrAxe.

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Wonder if that was graphically produced via software or pen and ink then scanned?  In any case, well done, really admire artistic people.  The battle of the 'eyes and my money is on the bucks for sure.

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Walt, i'm going to matte and frame each of these in my house.  I just hope this season turns out special so I have a great story to tell along with the great art work.  Well, done, my man.  As always, you are 99% pure.