By Vico on October 12, 2013 at 9:17p

Stanford suffered its first loss of the season when Kevin Hogan's fourth down pass sailed high into the end zone, securing Utah's upset of no. 5 Stanford.

We're all Stanford fans when it hosts Oregon later this season.

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Urbans fault...

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Awesome! Perfect title, BTW!
I am now officially a Cardinal fan vs. the Ducks. When they play?



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Stanford just Clemsoned...

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Clemson almost Clemsoned today

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Mmk Stanford...time to rally and take down Oregon later on.  We got either FSU or Clemson going down soon next week.

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Somebody had commented on 11W last week, can't remember who, that this could be THE weekend for major "undefeateds" to be upset. It worked! Tip 'o the hat to ya, pardner1



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Our win streak now looks that much stronger.  I believe the closest will be Bama at 10 once they beat Kentucky.

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Didn't see this one coming!!


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This is HUGE! They were projected at #2 in the BCS standings.

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Lobs it to the endzone... Touchdown Devin Smith!!

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This isn't terribly surprising.  I think the PAC is getting way too much love.  Stanford or UCLA will beat Oregon and there will not be an undefeated PAC12 team.  Clemson sure didn't make a statement against BC today either.  And UGA?  lol how do you lose to Missouri at home?

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and I think USC just announced that it still has talent and will ruin someones season when they least expect it. The Pac-12 will get turned on its head.
SEC is a mix of Bama and a bunch of also-rans. If Missouri can beat Georgia who beat LSU and South Carolina who will beat Florida (who already lost OOC) who will upset some team that is not Bama because Bama doesn't play them, although Bama does play LSU who still can beat them because they aren't all that bad.
and yet Ohio State would be worst than all of them outside of Missouri?
Clemson is ripe for an upset. FSU might oblige them but I just don't see FSU running the table with a first year starter at QB despite his immense talent. 
I truly do think the buckeyes aren't in that bad of shape.

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Yes, the Buckeyes' position definitely got better today.
Bama plays LSU, which either gives Bama a loss or eliminates LSU. LSU also still plays Texas AM. Meanwhile, the SEC East is almost eliminated. Mizz lost their star senior QB for the year. Probably leaving South Carolina as the only remaining viable team from that division, but then USC plays Clemson.
And, as you mention, the P12 looks like it will be a bloodbath.

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Agree - USC has nothing left to lose - could be dangerous.

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Hopefully, Oregon will be on the chopping list soon, too. In addition to playing at Stanford, Oregon will likely have to beat UCLA twice.

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Not that it matters at this point but if the polls are unbiased Ohio State should jump Clemson. Their body of work just took a big hit today. They struggled against an unranked team at home. Georgia Clemsoned today not to mention last weeks game. So that victory looks more hollow utilizing transitive properties. We beat two ranked opponents back to back and one was away. I know all will be made clear in the end but I am interested in seeing how this plays out now.

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I'm not as worried about Oregon now, its the ACC that I'm nervous about. I think FSU will win next week, but then they look very scary to run the table. Oregon will lose just like they always do.

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I agree, FSU and Oregon are the two I am most worried about.  I hope Clemson wins next weekend, and then they lose like a) they always do and b) they have proven twice they are susceptible to doing this season, against NC State and BC.
However, in the big picture, I am more confident FSU will fall to UF or Miami than I am that Oregon will fall to either Stanford or UCLA x2.  Oregon looks legit to me, still, I have high hopes that they will lose as will FSU.

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No they won't run the table, need them to beat Clemson, they'll lose to Miami (FL) two weeks later or may lose a trap gameto UNCS that is in between them, after Miami (FL) they have Virginia Tech, and if that doesn't get them Florida last game. If Clemson does beat FSU then last game of year South Carolina.
 If LSU beats Alabama, tOSU and Oregon may be the only two left, but I sense Oregon will drop one at Stanford or one of the two vs UCLA.
I'd say Oregon has better odds of an undefeated season then the ACC. Virginia Tech has lost once and more in likely will win the ACC championship. I give Oregon a pretty good shot at defeating UCLA twice, it's Stanford that needs to come through.

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The real question is, who could we beat?  I think we could take Alabama, definitely Clemson, maybe FSU, but I don't think we'd beat Oregon, at least not at this point in the season.
I want to get the to NC game just as bad as the next guy, but wow am I having flashbacks of 2007..

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I get it, because Stanford's mascot is a tree:

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