Buckeyes Stay 3rd in Coaches' Poll

By Ramzy Nasrallah on October 6, 2013 at 1:28p

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Just win baby

I like football

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Whatever....I guess beating a top 15 team doesn't compare to Clemson rolling perennial powerhouse team named Syracuse.

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You forgot Clemson beat Georgia.  You know that team that went to OT against a crappy UT team.  Whatever.  

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Oh, we forgot, SEC! SEC!  <gag reflex in action>

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#5 Standford and #2 Oregon play each other, and #3 Clemson and #6 Florida State play each other.  Our best opponent coming up is #16 Michigan.  Concerning Ohio State's bid at the national title, I guess the scenario is we better hope that Michigan wins out and gets into the top-10 before The Game, wins the Legends, and we beat them twice.  This is a tall order.  If Michigan is also undefeated, then they will also be hoping for a bid at the national title.  It might not be a #1 vs. #2 game like we've been getting in the SEC, but if that happens, those would be the most important games in the country during the final 2 weeks...much to the chagrin of the college football world that hates the B1G.

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Yes, we also need Nebraska to win out so we face them in the B1G Champ game. They could find themselves in the top 10 which would help us tremendously.

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Brasky's going to have a hard time getting to the top-10 after the shellacking they took at home by UCLA.  Northwestern didn't fall very far after last night's loss.  A rematch with them wouldn't hurt if they happened to win out, though.

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We need as much diversity to our schedule as possible. Playing anyone twice would be bad. Too insular. Bad September losses are more easily forgiven come November and December as well (for everyone not called Alabama).

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Crazier things have happened.  We backed into #1 with one loss the final week of the 2007 season.

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Good news that there was no drop. Fact is there will be a loser of FSU/Clemson & Stanford/Oregon. Things will sort out & all OSU can do is keep winning. Until it's the last week of the year & there are 3 other unbeaten teams (along with hopefully OSU) I will not worry. But in CFB there is almost never more than 2 undefeated teams.
edit: didn't see bucksfan already covered this pretty much...

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Problem if the winner of Clemson/FSU stays undefeated along with Alabama and or Stanford/Oregon we will be passed over for sure.  Need 4/5 teams to lose which doesn't look likely right now.

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That poll is WRONG.  It has since been updated:
*Edit- the link still shows old poll?  Get your sh*t together USA Today!

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Wait, that link still has them tied at #3.

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And this from their site as well.

Alabama retained the No.1 spot after going through the motions in dispatching hopelessly overmatched Georgia State. But No.2 Oregon chipped a bit off the Crimson Tide's lead. The Ducks took two first-place votes from Alabama and now has a total of four to the Tide's 57. Alabama's overall lead shrank from 67 to 58 poll points.
The rest of the top five held steady for the fourth consecutive week. Ohio State remained third after surviving a tough road battle at Northwestern. No.4 Clemson, a road winner at Syracuse, retained the final first-place vote. Stanford stayed put at No.5 after surviving a scare from Washington at home.


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Buckeyes 3rd Clemson 4th according to ESPiN http://sports-ak.espn.go.com/college-football/rankings
USA Today had it ealier as a tie, fixed ranking, but still have votes as same, ESPN has correct vote total. Clemson has FSU, Georgia Tech and South Carolina left, FSU has Clemson, Miamai (FL) and Florida left.  After regular season is over tOSU may be only undefeated left.
Go Bucks!

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Wishful, biased thinking on USA Today's part, eh?

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I'm glad NU is 18 and one ahead of 19 Wash after last night. Shows coaches aren't as fickle as many media members who are downplaying our win against a very good team on the road just because we won a tough game. But as has been advised by much of the 11W staff and community, I'm just going to enjoy the ride and savor every game. Whatever happens happens. Go Bucks.

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I don't think Northwestern should've dropped at all, yeah they lost but they played a hell of a game. I think they should've stayed at #16.

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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Agreed, but we are damn lucky they didn't drop out altogether, which is usually what happens after a B1G loss.

Now, unfortunately the problem is that NW and Wisky play each other this week, basically cancelling each other out in terms of being top 25 wins for us. If Wisconsin wins, I fear it would knock NW out of the poll, thus giving the media more ammunition about how "we don't play anybody". Typical media bias bullshit!

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Depends on what happens in other games, but yeah, if NU loses to Wisky then they might drop out of the top 25.  The loss could happen as it appeared to me that NU's defense might have some trouble stopping Wisconsin's running game.  NU's best bet is to try to keep the ball away from the Badgers, but NU's offense is  not exactly ball-control oriented.  Ohio State needs to keep winning.  What happens in other games is out of the Buck's control.  

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I think we will be just fine if we:
1. Win out
2. Northwestern and UM win out, except for the game against each other
I would prefer NU beating UM because when OSU beats whoever it is in the B1G champ, they go on to the Rose Bowl if we go to the Natty. I think NU is a better representative for the B1G after OSU. I would be concerned if UM went to the Rose Bowl and got killed by Oregon or Stanford.

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