OSU Confirms Alternate Jerseys for Saturday's Game

By 11W Staff on September 25, 2013 at 2:04p

Ohio State football lead designer Sammy Silverman just tweeted this and independent sources have confirmed that the Buckeyes will be wearing the Nike pro-combat "chrome" uniforms, first donned at home against Michigan last November, this Saturday night against Wisconsin.

See you at the Shoe.


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The visor reflection... SICK.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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That was my favorite play from last season. Montee Ball on the goal line, the touchdown that could break the TD record, and our D comes up with a huge forced fumble. Love it.


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I was on the 50 about 20 rows up w my eight year old son. We had to be cool because we were around all WI folks. They all had their camera phones out because they thought he was going to break the record. You could have heard a pin drop.
one of my best Buckeye memories - being with Jr. And all. 

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That's awesome. Your son will remember that too. I went to the game where Eddie George rushed for 300+ with my dad when I was about 10 and is still a great memory.
We didn't have 50 yard line seats though, I'm jealous.


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I have a customer who gives them to me every time we play at WI. He gave me 4 this past year which were his and his parents. Best seat I have ever had. My son still talks about it. 

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That's an awesome hookup. I'd imagine your son will talk about that forever. First undefeated season in awhile, Urban's first season, beating the B1G Champs, etc.
Oh and sitting on the 50 yard line. He's spoiled no haha.


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That is what I keep telling him. I went to the MI game w a buddy and he let me have it for not taking him. 


That Gif is why I love RDS!

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I've watched this like 100 times now. Good thing my boss is out of the office today.


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That's one of the best goal line stands. Ever.



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Best part of the visor reflection is our traditional road uniforms and helmets. 
My opinion is the alt. uniforms would look pretty sweet with our normal helmets and not the Oregon-like chrome and neon green ones from last year.

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The facemask looks black.  I wonder what the helmet looks like.

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Same helmets they wore with these uni's last year Airforcenut...they had black facemasks

D. Anthony

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Definitely the sharpest of Nike's alternate jerseys.  I'm definitely glad to see this one again; wouldn't even mind seeing some of its design elements incorporated into our next version of home and away jerseys. 

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Agreed. To me, they look a lot more likea slightly revamped current uniform rather than something entirely "new" like the other pro combats released previously. I know there are some that don't like these current ones, but I would definitely be happy with these as new uniforms. I absolutely love the helmets.

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I actually like these alternates. I like them a lot.

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I remember that tOSU is undefeated while wearing Pro-Combat unis so I'm all for it. They might not be the prettiest, but they get the job done.

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Not a huge fan. I know a lot of people like the helmets and green buckeye leaves. I would like them a lot more with just the regular stickers. Green is too Christmasy. I want to see the away version.

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Did someone say Christmas colors?

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I'm okay with that because, CHRISTMAS IS AWESOME!  i see those helmets and I think of celebration and victory.

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If you have to go alternate jerseys, and I have no problem with that for this game, this is the best version to date.  Cannot wait for Saturday!

The Dude abides...

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This guy is the best in the buisness hands down. The visor reflection is dirty


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It's prime time.

Love it.

I don't advocare in the world...

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i think the dude was supposed to put his thumb down in that picture.

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Crisp fall night, prime time / pretty tight alternate jerseys (and a helmet possibly), recruits all over the place, 100,000 + crazed fans, throttling 'Sconsin under the lights .... If you don't love College Football Saturdays you don't have a soul.


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I just got a buckeye boner

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I'm sure there's some changes to the uni, but they are most likely using the uni's from The Game last year as a template.

-The Aristocrats!

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the wait for this game is killing me...... kudos on the visor reflection! Love that helmet... chrome, wide stripe, electric green Buckeye leaves and all!

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It just gets better and better! Night game, place will be rocking, national prime time game, awesome uniforms and lots of recruits to witness it!  We will see what kind of team Urban has this year Saturday night.  While i respect Wisconsin and, no longer hate their football coach, my gut is that OSU is going to put the complete package together and put them away by 2 or 3 TDs.  Forget whose nonconference slate was tougher, ASU v Cal,  past close games, etc - this year's OSU team a whole different animal.
Also - That is an awesome job on the poster!

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As much as I love the original uniform....I love this even more. I would like to see this particular uniform worn at least once every year, preferably only during night games and not against Michigan (unless we make these uni's permanent - which I am all for)


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I liked these jerseys a lot for The game last year but I cannot wait to see the reflection of those chrome domes under the lights. Love it.

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So, I wonder if we will even be wearing an alternate vs TTUN this year then?  It doesn't matter to me either way.  I do like these alt jerseys better than the previous ones.

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Apparently wearing the road version of this uni for the Michigan game.

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They should just go ahead and make the switch permanent IMHO. Given the template for these just happens to be a bolder version of what we already have and they're really awesome overall.

The GAME jerseys are supposed to be an away version of these - and I think those will have more gray in them than these do.
I'm actually working on what I suspect they will look like and I hope not to disappoint.
Stay tuned 11Dubbers! 

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Thanks Gametime, I always enjoy your uniform layouts!

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So glad the numbers aren't gray.


Stinson's picture

I think they actually are gray....

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." -Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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The numbers in your image are gray, yes. The ones in the image atop the post (and in the image that Toad embedded) are white with gray piping.


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Yeah last year all the promo stuff was white with gray piping. Then they took the field for Michigan and they were solid gray. That pic in the comments is from last year.

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I like the gray numbers. Much prefer the white with gray piping though.

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They look white because the numbers are made out of a 3M reflective material that they use on some of their shoes.

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"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." -Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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Of all the alternate uni's these ones I disliked the most 

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just creamed my workpants.

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These jerseys won't be the same without Zach!

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." -Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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That's the cover to my NCAA Football 14 game!

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I am sure I am not the only one, but I am very disturbed by this trend of replacing gray with black (e.g. on the sleeve of the jerseys).  Why are OSU officials doing this?  Are they aware that our school colors are scarlet and gray?  Are they secret Georgia Bulldog fans?  Doing it on the logo so it shows up better on smart phones is one thing, but on jerseys?  When I see any OSU jersey that has featured black over gray, I refuse to buy it (and encourage others to do the same).  Thus, this one earns a swift...pffft! from this Buckeye fan.

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the Jersey is only 1/3 of the uniform.  2/3 of the uniform are grey.  how much more grey do you want?   as far as the sleeve stripe goes, it is better aesthetically to have the stripe on the helmet, jersey's and pants match.  it gives the uniform a motiff.  If you get too many different stripe patterns going on, it sometimes starts to look like a circus.  I think our current uniforms are sleek  and streamlined.  besides, the desire for more grey on the jersey is probably why they made the numbers grey on these new alternates.  
I suspect the whole fan outcry for more grey on the jersey is because fans only buy the jersey,  not the whole uniform.  do we want grey stripes because it actually makes the uniform look better, or because we are being selfish about our personal game day apparel?  

fear_the_nut70's picture

Well written response.  You are right, on game days I don't put on a helmet, football pants, and cleats and head over to the saloon. 
I also noticed on the old photo of Keith Byers the stripes on the sleeves were also black, so apparently this is something the school has done before. 

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haha, maybe we should all start watching games in full uniforms!?  no one could question us as the best damn fans in the land at that point.  ready to go at any minute just in case Coach needs us.
when was Keith Byers?  late 80's or early 80's?

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"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15

stubbzzz's picture

man, that is awesome.  I like to imagine their is only one buckeye tackling him, but super fast bionic man style.   it's also could be a 3 step diagram on "How to Crush Denard".

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Up voting you for the awesome TJ quote.

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Jack Mewhort was holding this after practice today, literally the same helmets as last year's game

buckeyedude's picture

I'm against black jerseys, but I just love those freakin' helmets with the WIDE stripe and black face mask.
I would think it looks more intimidating to an opposing player.



Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Glad I bought one of these jerseys last season when they were limited production runs...I got a B. Miller one with his name stitched on the back too!  Best Pro Combat jerseys so far.

NGBuck21's picture

I do love the chrome helmets. The more I look though the chrome scarlet stripe on the helmet becomes less appealing. And I always loved how the original helmets on that sparkle when the lights shined on them. I LOVE these alternates. Slight changes and I'd consider wanting them as our permanent jerseys.

NGBuck21's picture


Ya gotta zoom in. TV it looks better. But Worthington's helmet has that sparkle to it.

drumsontheside's picture

I agree. I do like that gray 'sparkle' that our helmet has. I've never really thought about it until you said it though. I wonder what finish that is, it's not really sparkle and not really metallic. Pretty unique to us.


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I believe it is a birthright for some Buckeyes fans to *itch and complain. Anything my Buckeyes put on is cool with me. As long as they don't don the puke and blue I'm good.


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I hope they wear them every game.

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It's almost as if they're designed to subversively mock our tradition. And in this day and age, I wouldn't doubt it coming from Nike. It'd be nice if you could look at the stripe on the helmet and not see your face. I understand the wider stripes on the helmets - we've worn them before. But these are a caricature of those. Dare I say, a mockery? 
I believe if the AD's office had presented one of those metallic-laser-shooting Buckeye leaves to one of Woody's teams he would have tendered his resignation, taken a shower, and sought work up north to clean the floors of Michigan Stadium just to feel whole again.
The shirts? Well, I guess I like them better than the ones we wear every Saturday now. Those aren't even Ohio State code. But the gray numbers sort of give them a kitschy look. Sort of like something you get from Walmart or the 99 cent store....
I mean, if the purpose of these uniforms were for them to be worn under the lights so that the opposing team would be blinded senseless I guess I could muster some sort of closure. Other than that the thought of them drive me to Pepto Bismol.