Buckeyes in the NFL, Week Three: Posey Returns to Action, Holmes Grabs Game Winner

By Mike Young on September 23, 2013 at 11:15a

NFL on Fox reporter Pam Oliver has had a tough start to the season. First, she literally suffered a concussion thanks to this errant pass from Colts quarterback Chandler Harnish. Sunday, she was nearly trampled and decapitated by the Ohio State Marching Band.

In tangible football action, a former Buckeye wideout made his first catch after spending the offseason recovering from a major injury.

Another ex-Buckeye receiver made the top grab of the weekend.

An NFL veteran and key contributor to the 2002 national title team was benched in favor of a rookie. Plus, we have stats from all former Buckeyes in the NFL.

Posey Reels in Three, Shows off Healthy Leg

DeVier Posey was on the Texans’ active roster in the first two games, but failed to make an impact.

It doesn’t mean he’s not talented enough or quarterback Matt Schaub is ignoring him. Posey and the team are still being cautious, as he still works his way back from a torn Achilles tendon.

A third round pick out of Ohio State in 2012, Posey only had six receptions during last year’s regular season. He had a strong performance in Houston’s most important game of the season, however.

In a divisional round playoff game, Posey recorded 47 yards on three receptions and scored a touchdown.

Three receptions matched a career high and that touchdown catch was the first of his career Unfortunately, later in the game, he was carted off the field.

He recovered in time to suit up for the Texans’ fourth preseason game, catching two passes.

Still, he wasn’t quite ready for regular season action. Even head coach Gary Kubiak didn’t expect him to contribute this quickly.

“HIs practice this week was the best he’s had,” Kubiak told the Houston Chronicle, Sept. 13. I think he’s probably a few weeks away from being totally back and his confidence, physical shape, running all the routes and everything. But I feel better about him each day we go out.”

Grill Time is Tone Time

About a week later, Kubiak felt comfortable enough getting Posey involved in the game. It turned out to be a lost cause, but he caught three passes for 29 yards against the Ravens.

As he inches closer to being 100-percent healthy, Posey will push for playing time in a suddenly deep Texans receiving corps. First round pick DeAndre Hopkins is already establishing himself as one of the top rookies in the NFL, while he’ll fight established stars Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels for targets.

However, Johnson suffered a shin injury in the loss to Baltimore. If he misses significant time, Posey might be asked to take on a larger role in the offense.

Allen Benched for Rookie

In the offseason, Dallas brought in former Buckeyes defensive back Will Allen. After playing seven seasons with the Buccaneers, Allen is certainly familiar with Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and his Tampa 2 scheme.

It seemed like a good fit, and Allen established himself as the starting strong safety. In about the same amount of time it took him to win the job, Allen quickly lost it.

Rookie and third round pick J.J. Wilcox, out of Georgia Southern, took over a majority of the first-team snaps during the week of practice and started Sunday against the Rams.

Allen spoke to Zig Fracassi and Dan Koppen on Sirius XM NFL Radio about Wilcox taking over the as the starter:

Highlight of the Week

The Jets beat the Bills, Sunday, for their second win of the year. This Santonio Holmes – Geno Smith connection gave New York the lead (courtesy of Deadspin):

How ex-Buckeyes Fared During Week three

Player team position stats/Notes
Mike Adams Pittsburgh Steelers OT The Steelers and their o-line are terrible. Lost to Bears
Will Allen Dallas Cowboys S Benched in favor of J.J. Wilcox in win over Rams
Alex Boone San Francisco 49ers OG 49ers offense was nonexistent in loss to Colts
Michael Brewster Jacksonville Jaguars C Backup to Brad Meester in loss to Seahawks 
Chimdi Chekwa Oakland Raiders CB Plays tonight vs Broncos 
Kurt Coleman Philadelphia Eagles DB 1 tackle in Thursday night's loss to Chiefs 
Jim Cordle New York Giants C Made an appearance in blowout loss to Panthers 
Nate Ebner New England Patriots DB Special teams contributor in win over Buccaneers
Ted Ginn Jr. Carolina Panthers WR 3 rec, 71 Yards, 1 TD, 1 rush, 11 yds in win over Giants
Brian Hartline Miami Dolphins WR 4 rec, 56 yds, 1 TD and a silly dance in win over Falcons
Ben Hartsock Carolina Panthers TE Another dominant piece to a win over the Giants
A.J. Hawk Green Bay Packers LB 9 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 fumble recovery in loss to Bengals 
Cameron Heyward Pittsburgh Steelers DE 1 tackle in loss to Bears. 1 shout out from Jimmy Fallon
Santonio Holmes New York Jets WR 5 rec, 154 yds, game winning TD in win over Bills
Malcolm Jenkins New Orleans Saints S 3 tackles, 1 pass deflection in win over Cardinals   
James Laurinaitis St. Louis Rams LB 5 tackles in loss to Cowboys
Nick Mangold New York Jets C Recorded 2 tackles in win over Bills 
Jake McQuaide St. Louis Rams LS Snapper on 1 XP in loss to Cowboys
Mike Nugent Cincinnati Bengals K Missed 1 FG and had 1 XP blocked in win over Packers
Ryan Pickett Green Bay Packers DT 1 tackler, pass deflected in loss to Bengals 
DeVier Posey Houston Texans WR 3 rec, 29 yds in loss to Ravens   
Terrelle Pryor Oakland Raiders QB Plays tonight vs Broncos 
Dane Sanzenbacher Cincinnati Bengals WR Active but didn't record a stat in win over Packers
John Simon Baltimore Ravens LB 1 tackle in win over Texans
Rob Sims Detroit Lions OG Played on injured knee in win over Redskins
Donte Whitner San Francisco 49ers S 7 tackles, 1 reassuring tweet to fans in loss to Colts

Inactive: Johnathan Hankins (NYG)


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Poison nuts's picture

Got to watch Hartline play yesterday as I took in a Dolphins game in Miami...He played well & was used as a decoy for a lot of the day. He caught the passes thrown to him & runs perfect routes. It was actually a great game & good to see Hartline doing well...even with the goofy dance.

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Pam Oliver should stay out of the way.

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Yes Pam, REALLY, Get the F out of the way.


Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Seriously.  No offense to Pam Oliver.  I'm sure she's a great reporter and a fine human being.  But I have zero patience for people who f#@k with TBDBITL! 
When those kickers came on the field during Script Ohio during last year's Nebraska game, I almost lost my sh!t.  Any underage fans within earshot of me that evening learned a few new words.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

smithwessonBuckeye's picture

So Hankins has not been on the gameday roster yet for the Giants? That is pretty disappointing for a 2nd round pick.


Mike, thanks for the write up, I enjoy these because I love seeing Buckeyes doing so good at the next level.

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Why is that reporter standing there in the first place?

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Didn't watch it, so forgive me: Mangold recorded two tackles? Strange.
That lady is in the wrong places 1) wtf are you doing on the field during practice- didn't look like an errant throw, the intended receiver stopped short of drilling her or it could have been much worse, and 2) who the hell put her in the middle of the marching drill? 
Her ex-boyfriend/producer sure is an a-hole.

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They never learn...

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Favorite part about Teddy Ginn's TD is that he burned Aaron Ross.....again.

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I like Pam Oliver (she takes me away from BuckAikmanstein), but she's had it rough this year:

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At least it missed her nose unlike Marcia

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LOL.....classic Brady Bunch episode. 


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There is an X rated comment to be had here, just going to let it go.

Nice post AltaBuck.

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AND...wtf guy? Can't you put your hand up, be a man, jump in front of it or at least push her aside- ANYTHING  instead of watching and looking the ball in to your colleague's face? 

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Obviously he is partial to Beth Mowins and was hoping that this was an opportunity for her to get some upward mobility.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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it was probably one of those "this is not really happening, is that ball heading right at her?" kind of moments where you are so stunned about what is going to happen that you forget to react. 
Don't tell me you haven't had one of those moments? maybe not right next to her where you could do something but have you just witness a trainwreck about to happen and just couldn't believe it as it was happening? 
at least that is the only explanation for not helping her. 

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I believe Pam Oliver is a decent looking chick. I like her sideline commentary. OF course I feel they have really put too many women on the field as football reporters (no I am not a woman hater). BTW the poster, who in another thread, that made a crack about her full lips was totally inappropriate. Just my humble opinion. Been a tough week for Pam. 


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I feel like they put too many people on the sidelines period.  It's no one reporter's fault that they've gone to this absurd men-joking-behind-a-desk, women-wearing-cute-outfits-and-asking-coaches-how-they-feel-about-being-behind-at-halftime layout for broadcasts, and I do feel for Pam Oliver here, especially because she's the one who has to actually get hit with a trombone or a football when somebody else decides she'd look better with nothing but green field in the background.  It's a goofy trend and I hope it goes away soon.  
That said, I will always, always cheer at footage of the band plowing someone over.

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Interesting Fact that makes the gif above even better: Pam Oliver is a Florida A&M grad. 

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I think Pam Oliver needs to cover a national cooking show!

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And promote Pam cooking spray and Oliver oil :)

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The Houndie is dead. Long live the Houndie.

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Our calls to resurrect the Houndie are evidently falling on deaf ears.  Maybe we need to crowdsource it. 
Stepping outside of the normal parameters (because who can do that , if not the Houndie), I hereby nominate TBDBITL for this week.  Pam Oliver will agree they were Out of HoundTM

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Santonio Holmes would really like to receive his Houndie. 

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The Houndie is dead. Long live the Houndie.

...and may we all remember it foundly each week when the new, generic "Buckeyes in the NFL" post comes out.

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I'm going to demand a refund on my Premium Content membership until we get an explanation as to why the Houndie is missing! WHO'S WITH ME??!?!?!?!??

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I'm definitely willing to cash in a few thousand helmet stickers I've been saving to bring it back from the dead...