It's Official: Carlos Hyde is Back

By DJ Byrnes on September 16, 2013 at 12:02p

Carlos Hyde has paid his penance for a summer dust-up with a woman at local abomination/night-club, Sugar Bar 2, that resulted in a three game suspension for the senior. The Buckeyes take on Florida A&M at noon at Ohio Stadium on Saturday.

Source: @KyleRowland

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Can't wait to see El Guapo back in action.

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The rich get richer

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Sweet.  Got tickets to the A&M game.   Really hoping to see six different OSU backs score TDs this week. 

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Have fun.  

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I think it is fair to say that he served his time. I hope he can help this team out but more importantly I hope that he learned his lesson and will stay out of trouble from now on.


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I think it will be tough for him to supplant Jordan Hall.  I am not the biggest fan of Hall, but he has played really well to start the season.

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I don't disagree with you at all about JH...kid has been a pleasant surprise this year and worked his tail off to earn the starting nod....but man I couldn't help but miss Guapo on those 2 goal line stands that we had to take it to 4th down starting at the 2 yard line...We need Carlos back simply for those situations, dude always falls forward.

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If this team is going to go to the NC game, or even the B1G for that matter, we need El Guapo to carry the rock. And Braxton to come back and play like a champion....and don't get hurt.



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I don't know what Spanish is for "Handsome man sit on pine and watch Jordan Hall get 90% of the carries", but I propose that should be 34's new nickname.


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That's beyond my high school Spanish, but "El Hombre del Hielo"  (Iceman) works for me, because I think he'll be icing games with his running in the 4Q after a steady diet of Hall, Braxton (if healthy), and Wilson.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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I will say, on 4th and 1, if I were Urban (pause for hails of derisive laughter), I would put Hyde in.  He does seem to be a higher percentage converter of the get at least a yard type carries.  Other then that, it's Halls job now.  Es veridad.


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Excellent... love seeing him hammer one in at goal line situations

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I think you'll see them working on Hall getting time at an H-back position & the Diamond formation to get Hyde game time ready for Wisconsin. Then Wilson with them in the diamond or at WR?

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Boom goes the dynamite!!

vacuuming sucks

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That's what Drayton said....

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This will make OSU's backfield even more dynamic.  I feel sorry for FAMU's defensive coordinator.

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I feel sorry for the first FAMU LB that tries to tackle El Guapo.



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My oh my, what a wonderful day!

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El Guapo rested and ready.  Look out BIG TEN.

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Can we tack on an additional 100 yards rushing from last weeks total and go for 432?

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Unleash the El Guapo!

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FAMU is in big, big trouble.

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We are going to have a plethora of running yards.

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Starring Liam Neeson as Urban Meyer and Ralph Fiennes as Stan Drayton:

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And starring Carlos Hyde as El Kraken?



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"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Thank goodness he's back!!!
Go Bucks!!!

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Jordan Hall has been exceptional, and has earned the right to continue getting proper touches. However, let's remember the utter damage Hyde did last year, especially late in games. He is a load, and will be needed to grind meat come the B1G season. 

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Love me some Carlos Hyde, but I'll be damned if Jordan Hall's 400+ yards in the past 3 games isn't pretty damned impressive. I guess too many weapons is a great problem to have. One benefit is Desmond Howard having to eat his words about Ohio State being a one trick pony...

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400 yards is impressive, but put it in perspective. It was against inferior, unranked OOC opponents not known for strong defenses.
I'm thrilled for J. Hall, but he's going to have to slide over. El Guapo es muy bueno. Si. Senor.



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Carlos: I'm hungry feed me!!!!!

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I just watched Hyde destroy UM in the fourth quarter again. Never gets old.

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He's going to run Angry....  Fear This!!

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Almost feel bad for FAMU's defense this week. Let's rack up 650 yards please

I like football

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We have a pissed off El Guapo to go along with a pissed off Brax 2.0. It is going to be a long day for FAMU!

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I seem to recall reading that Hyde was emulating Cal's Brendan Bigelow in practice last week, and that they were working on stopping Bigelow's spin move.  So maybe El Guapo has a spin move now?  
Seems to have paid off for Eddie Lacy after he took over the starting tailback job from Trent Richardson at Alabama.  Lacy and Hyde are pretty much the same size.  Of course, Hyde does quite well just running downhill, can't wait to see him play again.

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This day has seemed further away than Christmas.  Finally, it's time to open 34 cans of whoop-ass.

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I love Jordan Hall and he did a great job. But this offense needs a back like Carlos. Dontre and JHall will be a deadly combo in the H role. Los/Rod/EzE/Ball are the backs to take the workload between the tackles.

By the way, what's going on with Dunn? Would love to see him out there. I don't think I have even seen him on Special Teams.

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