Miami Takes Florida to the Seventh Floor

By Vico on September 7, 2013 at 3:38p

It was a sloppy, error-prone game that was billed as the last time these two former rivals will meet on the gridiron for the foreseeable future. Miami concluded this series as winners, 21-16.

Story of the day was Florida's turnovers. Five turnovers for the Gators terminated drives before points could come. Florida's defense and special teams did what it could. Miami was held to 212 yards of offense and Florida blocked a punt that set up Florida's first touchdown of the game. It wasn't enough.

The ACC now boasts two upset home wins of top 25 teams from the Southeastern Conference. Clemson beat then no. 4 Georgia last week.

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We know, we's Urban's fault.

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Next year is the year they finally get rid of all of Meyers players.  Until then you are correct as always sir.  

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Nice showing, SEC.

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Obviously, Muschamp is the savior and Urban can't coach ....
</sarcasm off>

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What do you know, south carolina being exposed again as waaaaay overrated. Wonder if they will drop out of the top 10?

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I'm loving how rough the SEC has started this season.  UGA and UF both losing, Alabama having no offense at all, LSU winning by a small margin, etc...

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ACC is doing their part in putting the SEC back in its corner.
Couple more of these W's from another conference or two and we can start talking about how overrated the SEC is.

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ACC is 2-2 against the SEC top 25.  Bama beat Va Tech and SC beat NC.

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Much as I dislike the U, after Muschamp's digs at Urban during Summer, I was actually rooting for Miami. Going to love reading about Muschamp's excuses now.

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^^^ my thoughts exactly. 

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 y sentiments exactly. and this headline was clutch, too.

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Gator tears are oh so yummy.

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time for a certain Florida fan/writer to write another negative article about Urban...

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Obviously Meyer left the cupboard bare.

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I don't like the 'Canes, but I was very glad to see them win.  Florida is like ND and S. Car in the sense that they usually play pretty good D but usually rely on sheer luck for their offense to work (i.e. blown assignments, poor tackling, being more physical than the other team); ergo when the opposing team actually plays solid and consistent defense, they look like fools.  Florida and S. Car are soooo overrated each season I am glad to see them both go down. 

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Very glad to see Miami win that one. Hate Florida and their fans with a passion! They absolutely deserve to see their team lose. Saw the Florida players acting like thugs at the end of the game. Urban's 3 years removed from Florida, but I'm sure it's somehow his fault that they lost.
At some point Muschamp will have to act like a grownup and take responsibility for his team's play and behavior.

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Florida sux.
That is all.



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Dammit '11W Staff' - need some attribution for the writer who came up with the topic title, because it is pure gold.

A man got to have a code...

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That would be me. Mostly because I can't see or hear anything related to Miami Hurricanes football and not think of that song. It's the greatest thing Miami football has ever done. Its four national championships and NFL legacy be damned.

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

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Florida or USC ... Florida or USC.  So tough to choose just one (to laugh at!)

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Oh, I laughed at both, believe me!

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I think Texas may be having some trouble with their run defense...sarcasm...Holy crap BYU?!?!

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I'd hoped for a NC rematch with UF if it was possible. if both teams could go undefeated. Now that they lost (& it was such a fantastic loss!), I'll be rooting for them to drop a bunch of games this year. Watching Muschamp & sports writers try to still blame Urban in year 3 would be both sad & beautiful at the same time.

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Much rather cheer for Miami. I can't stand Florida. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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  Gotta agree with ya on that PJ...... +1 to you good sir.