Ted Ginn is Still Doing Everything

By Jason Priestas on August 30, 2013 at 10:04a
Ted Ginn is still doing everything

Ted Ginn, signed by the Carolina Panthers to help with the team's return game, is making a push to be a factor in the team's passing game, as well.

A week after scoring on a 74-yard punt return, Ginn lit up the Pittsburgh Steelers to the tune of five catches for 149 yards. The highlight was a 50-yard catch on on a pass from quarterback Derek Anderson that quickly turned into an 87-yard touchdown, thanks to Ginn's ridiculous top-end speed. 

"I came out and saw the safety take a bad angle right away, and Ted's so fast that I just gave him a chance," Anderson said. "I don't think you can actually overthrow him."

You're preaching to the choir, Derek.

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Picked him up in fantasy immediately...dont let me down Teddy

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Seems like I can't embed just the video on this one without embedding the whole page. :-/
Follow the links below and maybe someone else can figure out how to just embed the video.
I don't know if it's just my internet, but the 1st video cuts out at the end. But the 2nd link will show the long TD catch.

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Thanks for the vid link...awesome performance by Ted!

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The 9ers could have used his deep threat skills with Crabtree out.

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I like how the D-back just starts jogging after Teddy blows by him. Oh, well, why rip up a hammy when you know there's no way you're gonna catch him?!

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I'm sure those Steelers DBs had nightmares of practicing against Mike Wallace.
Where can I pay to see that footrace? 

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Glad to see Teddy find a home. Will definitely help their special teams and offense!!


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He's never been productive as a receiver save for maybe 1 year in Miami. Maybe he finally developed route running skills and is ready for a breakout. I'd like to see him succeed, but i'm not getting worked up about this since it's the preseason.

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Dude. Can. Fly.

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With Steve Smith on the other side, Cam Newton can just toss it up and let either of the speedsters come down with it. 

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My lions were seriously talking to him both of the last 2 offseasons. Needless to say, both times I was quite disappointed when nothing came of it.

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Good to know another Bucks/Lions would have loved Ginn for the Lions

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Of all Buckeyes in the NFL, Ted Ginn is the one I root for the most to have a good career. Hoping Carolina will be the spot he really excels.

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Love me some Teddy Ballgame. One of my favorite Buckeyes. Dude can flat out move.

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Ted Ballgame is one of my favorite Buckeyes.

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If he could get paired with a QB who could throw an accurate deep ball, he'll be a threat.  He didn't have that in Miami, nor in SF.   I always wondered what he could have been catching balls from someone like Favre.

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That's my dude.  it drove me crazy when he was in San Fran.  they never really gave him a chance on offense. They had both Teddy and Troy Smith for a whole season and never used them together.  although each one tore it up whenever they were actually given a chance.  

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Ted Ginn did everything. Ted Ginn did everything? Ted Ginn did everything!
...and Ann Arbor is still a whore.

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