Buffalo Game Notes Released

August 26, 2013 at 1:06p    by Jason Priestas    
Braxton Miller is going to set things on fire.

Game notes are out for Ohio State's opener against Buffalo, and although they don't include a depth chart – expected to be released shortly – they are full of other useful nuggets. Consider:

  • Ohio State has opened the season with a win every year since 2000.
  • Ohio State is 32-2 in its last 34 season-openers. Both of those 0-1 starts took place in the Kickoff Classic at Giants Stadium - 1999 to Miami and 1986 to Alabama.
  • Ohio State has won 61 consecutive regular-season non-conference home games against teams not ranked in the AP Top 25. The last loss: 34-17 to Florida State, Oct. 2, 1982.
  • Braxton Miller needs 95 yards to pass Cornelius Greene (2,080) and become Ohio State's all-time leading rusher among quarterbacks.
  • Head coach Urban Meyer is 42-4 in his career in games played in August/September.

Get 'em while they're hot.



Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

Guessing he will get those 95 yards against Buffalo.  So 1 game into Braxton's junior season he will already be OSU's all time leading rusher at QB?   That's pretty impressive.

Denny's picture

Pryor's stats all were vacated; he had 2163 rushing yards in three seasons.* Miller's still far, far ahead of Pryor's pace w/r/t rushing yardage and touchdowns, but is a touch behind Pryor in passing yardage/TDs (and also behind on INTs) comparing to Pryor's stats through his sophomore year.
Pryor broke a lot of records in his time in Columbus. Miller is pretty much on-pace to break those, which is a scary, scary thought for everyone lining up against the Bucks this fall.


osu07asu10's picture

Wow, I didn't realize ALL of his stats were vacated. I thought it was just those 9 (or however many, 2010) games that Tressel coughed up as well.
Interesting, so that leads me to ask, are all players statistics vacated for the forfeited wins of 2010?


Denny's picture

I'm probably mistaken that all of Pryor's stats are vacated - Maestro mentioned below that it's just the junior year stats (which was one hell of a junior year).


osu07asu10's picture

I agree but if you look at that site you linked it has asterisks next to all seasons.
Also am curious if the others from 2010 all lose their stats as well? Or at least the rest of the Tat5?


acBuckeye's picture

Looking back at the OSU record books in the Media Guide below, it looks like all of the members of Tatgate had their 2010 season stats vacated.
Pryor's junior year was one of the best in OSU QB history. Boom scored a ton of TD's as well. Such a shame.

Maestro's picture

Crazy that he will likely pass Greene as the all-time leading QB rusher in Week 2.  Of course TP's "record" doesn't count.  Impressive young man Mr. Miller is indeed.

vacuuming sucks

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

It counts to me.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I also watched it happen.

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+1 same here. Those tats didn't make him any faster or stronger. My blu ray discs say he did pretty damn well in 2010.

carence's picture

Why doesn't TP's record count?

Maestro's picture

Because all the stats from his junior season are vacated.  He would be the career leader with those yards.  Instead C. Greene still is.

vacuuming sucks

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I wonder if John Manziel's stats from last year will count? If not, I wonder if he will have to return his Heisman?



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Wow, he has a decent shot to double Greene's numbers during his career!

acBuckeye's picture

He does, however as his passing game continues to evolve, he's likely to run less often ala Troy Smith did later in his career. However, Urban's offense is much different and requires the QB to be a running threat, so we shall see..........

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42-4 in Aug/Sept. That is an incredible record.

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Corny Greene... What an amazing athlete!
He also had a rad Afro!
Pretty good backfield with Greene, Arch, Brian Baschnagle, Pete Johnson...

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I'm glad we won't be playing against an offense like that this year!  Johnson was a load, Archie had tremendous balance and strength, Greene was fast and smooth and Bashnagle was intellegent and determined.
Here's a nice article about Greene from ESPN
(Put the 4 letter warning out there for those who don't want to be surprised.)

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Possibly the most talented backfield in Ohio State history + Baschnagel.

CC's picture

THat could change this year and next.

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If Braxton would have been coached his freshman yr he would already be the leader. 

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