CFN: Roby the 4th Best Corner in College Football

By Ross Fulton on August 10, 2013 at 12:00p

College Football News ranked Bradley Roby the 4th best cornerback in college football. CFN wrote 

Roby’s a 5-11, 192-pound junior who finished third on the team with 63 tackles with two picks and a whopping 17 broken up passes. He came from out of nowhere to be the team’s best corner two years ago and now he’s a lockdown all-star with great range, quickness and hitting ability. He might not necessarily be an elite next-level talent, he'll play in The League, but he’s purely a good football player. 

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Hopefully his year isn't affected by his legal troubles. He was an absolute monster last year. 

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So I take it the fact that Purifoy had forced 3 fumbles, he is ranked preseason the best corner in America?? Dude had less tackles, less passes broken up, and didn't have a single interception... Thank God it's only preseason talk, hopefully Roby has a year like last year at the least again!

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Not to defend the list, but a lot of time corner stats are deceiving.  A corner who lets a WR catch everything in front of him will have more tackles.  A true lockdown corner will not get balls thrown his way so he won't have many passes defended or interceptions.

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Show us three better corners.

Can't do it.

Long live the southend.

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These ratings mean nothing. He will have whatever is left of his season to prove himself.  The NFL draft will determine the 2 all-American CB's, not talking heads.


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  Naw, There is none. Roby will show he can do it again this year. Go Bucks

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While we may argue, as we should, about these rankings, I am glad that we have several top players mentioned regularly, further raising the profile of the program.

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I'm sure they can try to hype up 3 better corners in football, but there are none better than Roby!

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Has to get on the field

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Just me or is that last sentence difficult to understand?

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Only the 1st sentence makes sense.  The rest was written from what he remembered his mom said in her sleep.

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