Play Without Thinking

By DJ Byrnes on August 7, 2013 at 7:50p

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Impressive. I really like his attitude.

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I am born and bred a buckeye but I've lived in lubbock for the last five years. I saw the air raid offense in full swing under leach and the demise of a quirky yet brilliant coach. Then came Tuberville who really was just a rebound coach. Half of the fan base bought in and half were team leachers. Kliff has brought the fan base back together and the excitement surrounding the program hasn't been as high since the Crabtree catch in 2008. TTU is all in with Kingsbury and although the big 12 is a tough conference these days, I think Tech can make a splash in the next few years. I love the Big ten style of play but man, watching air raid offenses is fun! 

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Tech alum here, Baroclinicity is as well.  Better you than us in Lubbock.  I kid............kinda.

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Yeah, I was impressed by the video.  I was unsure of the hire at first, thinking it was done too much with the heart.  Looking forward to see what Tech can do!

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"Go" is kliff kingsburys favorite word. His second favorite word? "Lets".

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I love him as a coach, just not totaly sure if he's ready to start his career this soon.

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Noted. He's at the perfect school to work out the kinks, though, and is in a talent-rich (absurdly so) state where 3*s are probably ready to play. I see him doing very well quickly. Can they keep him? Mack Brown is pretty old...

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yah Mack is old but kingsberry loves Tech. No real reason to leave either. 

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Kliff Kingsbury is the friggin' man! (after Urban of course)  Loved T-Tech w/Leach, looking forward to seeing those guys light up the scoreboard in the BIG 12 10? 12

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This is the reason I will always love Kliff Kingsbury

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Texas Tech got them a gem.

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Thanks for posting. I didn't want that to end.

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As a former player, I love his attitude and his energy. I think Tech will catch people sleeping this year. We really can't underestimate this guy took a 3-star Johnny Manziel and helped turn him into a Heisman winning QB who beat Bama in their own house. 
Great young coach and coaching talent here.

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players will love playing for this guy.  if he sees early success on the field, he will start getting big recruiting classes