New Today: Juice by Mekka Don

August 6, 2013 at 2:10p    by Jason Priestas    


Musical artist Mekka Don, a former Ohio State football player who will also be appearing live at Eat Too, Brutus IV, released his new single, "Juice," today. The song plays on the Urban Meyer mantra of intensity and will be played at home football games at Ohio Stadium this season.

You can purchase the single here.



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As Larry David would say: Meh.

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Meh- kka Don

D. Anthony

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I would go back through and count how many times he said "juice", but I don't really want to listen to it again.

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Considering what the staff wants "Juice" to mean and how they use it, that song was decidedly subdued.   Somewhere between meh and ugh for me.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Too slow-paced for a stadium crowd in the shoe. Just my 2 cents.


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Eh, not overly impressed with it. From a musical perspective, it's way too repetitive, like most mainstream hip hop tracks, and continuously talks about how awesome him and his "crew" are. Granted, he references the Buckeyes quite often and gives the impression that he's talking about being a Buckeye player and fan, but I find this along the lines of most mainstream hip hop songs with absolutely no substance behind the lyrics and completely unoriginal beats and music behind them. Pro-Buckeye or not, it's not really that impressive of a track.

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Maybe you'd prefer a little Kenny G? LOL.
I agree with you though. Rap sucks. I tell my kid every day, but he doesn't listen(to me).



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Not all hip hop is bad, in my opinion. It just depends on what it is. Someone like Aesop Rock isn't writing songs to brag about how amazing he is or to simply create new slang for the hell of it. Insightful, well written hip hop songs are certainly out there. Most young kids, though, don't care because they are purely in it for the sound. Unless you get them into music at a really young age that isn't mainstream stuff that is just pushed down peoples throats, then it takes a bit to realize the nonsense that the majority of mainstream music, not just rap, contains.

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Is that a #swaggernaut reference in there?  And Slam Thompson at the end?

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Not a big fan...

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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We would be having a field day with ttun if they were actually creating and promoting this stuff.  

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That's about right...

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I think the song needs some juice of its own .....

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This thread, basically:

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Better than half the junk they play before the game. 
Now get off my lawn. 

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I feel like this is pretty appropriate

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Well .... This is really not what I would want to hear at the shoe.  Just pipe in "enter sandman" and I will be happy!

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Think we can get this guy for Eat Too, Brutus V next year?

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Fantastic original content. Go 'head, unky

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To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

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Original can be loosely used here, lol. Considering most of his tracks are covers, it's not completely original, but the way he covers it by performing every aspect of it through some instrumentation, beatboxing, and a loop pedal is absolutely ridiculous.
In all honesty, getting him here likely won't happen. He's from England I believe so the travel costs would far exceed anything they'd be looking for, but man would it be fun to watch him do some stuff for like an hour while tossing back some Yuengling and getting amped for an Ohio State game.

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Can't go wrong with Pixies

vacuuming sucks

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While I've heard better bangers, I've heard things far worse. Overall, one of the better Buckeye-themed rap songs I've heard.

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Mekka Don's "Let's go O-H-I-O" is infinitely better. I said this somewhere else, but someone on the staff should give Columbus artist Blueprint a call...

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If they don't, they're definitely not friends of mine...

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It wasn't heinous.

vacuuming sucks

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This is pretty good, but the best OSU rap song I've heard is The Nation by Cal Scruby. In any case I'll definitely be listening to this little ditty on the way to the Shoe this year.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Less embarrassing than the sleepy rapper.

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While some of you may not like this, hip-hop is very popular with the youth of today, including recruits.  Having an artist make a song exclusively for tOSU seems cool to me.  Not a killer song, but I think it will play well at the Shoe this year.  JMHO