Ohio State Donates Penn State Bowl Revenue to Charity

By Kyle Rowland on August 5, 2013 at 9:09p
There's more to life than football.

Bowl revenue from the Big Ten's postseason-eligible teams is split evenly throughout the conference. All 12 teams are permitted to use it however they see it.

When Penn State was sanctioned by the NCAA for the ugly mess stemming from the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal, it had to give back a large sum of money to the rest of the Big Ten's member schools. Ohio State took the measure of donating the $181,000 to two local child-advocacy organizations.

Ohio State on Monday announced it will allocate money to the Nationwide Children's Hospital Center for Family Safety and Healing and the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Franklin County.

The funds stem from sanctions against Penn State that required the school to relinquish $2.3 million of conference bowl revenue the school would have earned had it been allowed to play in the postseason. The 12 schools in the conference, including Penn State, received a share of the money to donate to children-focused charities.


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Nice to see that money in Columbus especially at Childrens.

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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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how anyone can downvote Barney Stinson is beyond me.....

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Did anybody else read this article as saying that the money was given to these universities specifically for gifts to charities? Not sure why OSU was singled out for praise if that was the case. Either way, always good to pay it forward. 

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Yeah, I noticed that when I reread it. Oh well, like you said, the more paying it forward the better whether mandatory or voluntary!

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Each of the B1G schools receiving Penn State's money can give it away to "the organization of its choosing."

Ohio State is basically mirroring what Penn State did last month by going specifically to child advocacy groups. Every school gets a share to give away, including Penn State.

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OSU I guess gets singled out on this site because this is an OSU site and who cares about everyone else?  Seriously though all schools should be praised for giving it to whatever charity they give it to.

Class of 2010.

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Sorry, I meant singled out re: the article linked.  I understand why it was on this site.  2 great charities to give to though

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Great act of kindness there!

pat cozzens

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Totally was reaching for the up vote before I realized it was a staff post. +1.

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Well done Ohio State. Well done.
The money could not have been donated to a better place.

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The children are appreciative.

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B.F.M.  +1

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All these gif's are great.  It makes me wish I had something cool to add. Oh well.

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This is great!  Way to "pay it forward" tOSU!

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  This is really a good idea. The gift of giving. Peace.