Was Bo Schembechler God?

By Kyle Rowland on June 12, 2013 at 3:01p
Disciple of Woody.

It's no secret that Jim Harbaugh is an admirer of Bo Schembechler. But no one knew just how much stock the former Michigan quarterback put in his head coach's word. Apparently, it was just below the almighty. 

Speaking about the dangers of PEDs, Harbaugh said: 

"(PEDs have) no place in an athlete’s body,” he said. “Play by the rules, and you always want to be above reproach, especially when you’re good. Because you don’t want people to come back and say, ‘Oh, they’re winning because they’re cheating.’ That’s always going to be a knee-jerk reaction by people, in my experience, ever since I was a little kid.

“So we want to be above reproach in everything. … Because if you cheat to win, then you’ve already lost, according to Bo Schembechler. And Bo Schembechler is about as close to the word of God as you can get, in my mind. It’s not the word of God, but it’s close.”

God probably would have done better than 2-8 in the Rose Bowl, though. 



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I would like to disagree on principle but Bo was correct.  (This one time). 

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A little overboard on the God comment...but Bo was an awesome man. I want to preface this story by saying I'm born and raised Buckeye and graduated from OSU. 
Anyhow, Bo was next door neighbors to my aunt and uncle in Boca Grande, Fla. I have had many OSU/Mich convos and stories with him. Even hung out in his place. He was always so awesome and captivating. Never had a bad word to say about OSU other than he respected the hell out of them but also wanted to beat the hell out of Us. I think he was a great coach and a better man. What he stood for is what used to make college football great. I actually really like this quote as well. Again, the Godly statement by Harbaugh is whacko but Bo was solid. It was a sad day when he died. I thought for sure that would give the skunk bears the added motivation to win that 06 game. I'm glad we won (not gonna talk about what followed) and that out fans were very classy about it. Hell, even the Dead Schembechlers changed their name. Now that's respect. 

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Cool story, thanks for sharing.
And yes, Bo was the man.

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Bo put his pants on one leg at a time. Just like the rest of us. Great coach, with some pretty good words to live by. Play the hand your dealt, work hard, and be the best you can be, at whatever you choose to do. Play it straight and those that doubt can kiss your ass. That's not exactly word for word, but that's what I'm taking away from it.

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He may have been, but Woody was his Daddy!

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Sounds to me as if Bo learned well from Woody.

A shame about that Rose Bowl record though, with one of those losses to John Cooper. Ugh.

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Pretty sure if that was true the 06 scUM game would have ended a bit differently....

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God would have won at least 1 national title.

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Bo was a jerk his brother is the nice one. The only good thing he did  he retired so he wouldn't pass Woodys win total. 

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God would not be B0 for 24.

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Well he can't B0 for 25...

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Ditka vs. God: Ditka by 2, cuz it's God.

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Just because he knows what characteristics are God-like doesn't mean he's nice.

My dislike for Harball-baby peaked during the '86 game with his repeated over-exaggerated flailing arms, gnashing of teeth complaints to the officials because his audibles couldn't be heard. The officials charged Ohio State with a timeout because of crowd noise. How he could not possibly be heard over 90,000 with a trap like this?

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I dunno, man. There's a lot more evidence that Bo actually existed.
/whistles, shows self out


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As I understand it, God thinks he is Woody Hayes....

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