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By Johnny Ginter on June 1, 2013 at 9:38p

A few days ago, we posted a Buckshot talking about declining football attendance across the board, and one of the more concerning points of data showed that non-OSU college football is struggling (at best) to keep up with big brother.

Cincinnati is the Ohio school that fares second best, bringing in an average of just over 29,000 fans per game in 2012, a 10% decrease from the following year. Other Ohio schools are as follows:

Ohio U 21,844 +10
Toledo 20,552 -7
Kent State 17,880 +54
Bowling Green 15,632 +4
Miami (OH) 14,733 -9
Akron 9,275 -41

None of this is particularly encouraging, and it's food for thought about how the most powerful college football program in the Midwest (and maybe the country) effects its more local brethren.


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You win games and you increase attendance. Ohio State isn't responsible for the success of those listed schools.

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Look at the jump in Kent State's numbers, which is undoubtedly due to them having their best season in a long time (perhaps ever).
Moreover, I don't know if most of these schools have EVER had particularly good attendance.

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It would help if Miami was better and UC was worse.  Miami has one of the worse stadiums in the country.

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Kind of awe-inspiring (or really sobering) to realize that the average Ohio State football game draws more fans than the next five in-state schools combined...

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Agreed.  Really quite amazing when you think about it.


Doesn't a lot of that have to do with the fact OSU is so much bigger than the rest of them? I know OU and UC are both D-I programs but they have roughly half the enrollment and their stadiums are a fraction the size of the Shoe. When we play UC next year aren't we playing at Paul Brown Stadium instead of Nippert because its just too small for our fan contingent?

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The stadium is small but the enrollment at UC is not.

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

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Kids at Akron need a slap on the head.  Brand new, gorgeous stadium, D1 football; and you don't show up.  What the hell else are you going to do in Akron?
I have to think SVSM outdraws the Zips.

A man got to have a code...

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When was the last time the zips had a season CLOSE to .500?

Schools think new stadiums will draw students... I would rather go sit in the 1922 edition of The Shoe, as long as our team is getting it done on the field!!
"Just WIN baby!!"


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Agreed. From a coach/player perspective, I get the draw of new facilities. From a visiting fan perspective, as long as the bathrooms actually function I don't care when the place was built. The original architecture/size matters more than the last time they put in new seats.

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All your fans belong to us...
Ohio State

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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Toledo is probably the only school to come close to UC...if they can keep up their success.. I would like to see their attendance numbers 6-8 years ago...Almost always a sell out with Gradkowski there.  

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I was in grad school at a couple of those places...would skip free games in their stadiums to watch the Buckeyes on a static filled 14 inch TV every time; and I wasn't alone.  

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I have to agree with several points made above. We win, and people love to join that bandwagon and watch. Another thing is that Ohio State game days for a lot of college football fans, not just B1G or OSU fans, is a bucket list item.
One over looked factor is also what makes fans get up for the games. I feel that a big part of the Ohio State Game Day Experience is getting to the stadium in time to watch Script Ohio. This not only brings people in for a unique and respected tradition, but has them in their seats for kick off, thus making it look like the stadium is mostly full for the start of the game. What makes people get up for Akron or Miami of Ohio games? At least OU has the marching 110.

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A good friend of mine was a member of Ohio's marching band. (The real Ohio, Hoke) I visited him one weekend in 1983 and watched the halftime show. When the show was over I got up and went back to his dorm to watch Ohio State vs Iowa. As I was leaving the stadium a group of students taking a poll asked me why I was leaving before the game was over. I told them I didn't want to miss the Buckeyes on tv. They then asked me what could be done to keep people in for the entire game. I shrugged as I left and said "lock the gates."

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