Ohio State Eliminated from Big Ten Baseball Tournament

By Vico on May 25, 2013 at 7:46p

Ohio State's sixth shutout loss this season came at an inopportune time. Meeting the Nebraska Cornhuskers for the second time in the Big Ten's baseball tournament, the Buckeyes failed to put any runs on the board and were eliminated from the Big Ten Tournament in the process.

Ohio State has now lost eight of its last ten games, belying a midseason run that saw Ohio State win 12 of 14 games. It was at this point that Ohio State look poised to capture the Big Ten regular season conference championship.

Now, Ohio State's fate for the NCAA Tournament is in the hands of the selection committee. Losing eight of the last ten games, against NCAA teams like Louisville, Oregon, and Georgia Tech, cannot bode well for the prospects of an at-large selection.

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tdible2132's picture

I had no idea that Darren Erstad was the coach of Nebraska.  It surprised me to see that when I was watching the last few innings tonight. 

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Bummer.  Definetly some good things for the Buckeye baseball team this season, but sad to see how things ended.  Does anyone think we might have a chance to get into the NCAA tournament?  I'm not quite as familiar with college baseball and who might get in. 
Go Bucks!

FormerBuck's picture

Thank God only one more year with Greg Beals as coach.  And there is exactly 0% chance of an at large bid

tdible2132's picture

Yeah I don't see much chance at all for an at large bid.