Thanks, Dad

April 28, 2013 at 11:03a    by Ramzy Nasrallah    

Holding invisible XBox controllers

After flunking out of Ohio State, skating by in community college and making no friends, flunking out of Alabama and then failing to see the field for Florida Atlantic, Duron Carter is now set to collect an NFL paycheck.

In lieu of any college highlights, it's obvious what is most impressive about the young wide receiver:

His father, Cris Carter, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2013 and an ESPN NFL analyst, played 12 seasons with the Vikings and holds the franchise marks in receptions (1,004), yards (12,383) and touchdown receptions (110). Cris Carter's No. 80 has been retired by the team.

His father went on a please-hire-Duron campaign prior to the draft, suggesting that his son's only problem was that "he (bleeping) hates school."

His father insists Duron will thrive in a football-only environment.

Like Alabama. Oh...right.



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1) if its your son you can't blame Chris
2) his son is going to fail miserably before training camp even starts with talks of "laziness."

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His father went on a please-hire-Duron campaign prior to the draft, suggesting that his son's only problem was that "he (bleeping) hates school."

It's called parenting Cris.  Maybe you should have looked into it.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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And they said laziness and procrastination never pays off!

"2014 National with it!!!"

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Meh, Clarett managed to get drafted after getting himself kicked out of college. Carter has always had the potential to be great. Not too surprised here.

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oh but what it is to have talent to waste at all

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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And here's the next to last NFL story regarding Duron Carter.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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no the last story will be Duron Carter cut from Vikings.
the next story will be Carter to AFL2
followed by a Duron Carter 30 for 30

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If he can't stand school how is he ever going to master the complex offenses in the NFL?? If he wasn't a great athlete he would have flunked out of high school. A failing of his father and mother.

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Like Alabama. Oh...right.

Best of luck to the kid. Everyone deserves a 5th chance to earn a significant living after four completely free ones.

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In related news, the Viking Party Boat is back in bizness, y'all!

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Not this time.  Different ownership, different GM, different coaches.  I really don't think Duron has any jackass margin this time.  And while Cris was a GREAT receiver (I never saw anyone work the sideline like him), he was not a positive force in the locker room.  The Vikings are clearly throwing a bone to the old man, but if past performance is any indication of future results, I really don't see the kid making it.

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Obviously daddy called in a favor for duron here. At least they didn't waste a draft pick on him, right?

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I mean, listen, there is really no downside for the Vikings franchise here. Cris Carter has given a lot to the franchise and doing him a favor of giving Duron a tryout is more than they can do. In all likelihood he'll be out in the first few rounds of cuts and that will be that. At least he had that chance.

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Part of me wishes him the best. Another larger part doesn't want this kid to get a chance like this.. Sorry.

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For a kid who hates school so much, he sure did "attend" a lot of them!

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This whole story and situation is what is erroding the core values in parenting in this country. It's really sad the message this sends to kids and even parents of kids playing sports.  In my assumption, Duron probably didn't get much attention from dad while he was working for espn, He never made him work hard for anything. It's all entitlement that has him to this point in his life. If he would succeed in the NFL what does that say? 

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Chris Carter - Father of the Year Award
Way to show your son and other youth's out there that an education, a free one that he could have had from two prestigious Universities, isn't important.
I love football, more than most things ... but when my son is of age he is going to know the importance of getting a good education.