Happy Birthday Ted Ginn, Jr.

By Jason Priestas on April 12, 2013 at 3:33a
Ted Ginn, Jr. did everything.

Ted Ginn, Jr. had us with his first career punt return for a touchdown, in a loss to Wisconsin. He delighted us with a three touchdown performance in East Lansing and then again with an 82-yard punt return for six in a win over the Wolverines. A month later, Ginn was the Alamo Bowl MVP and a First-team All-American return guy as a freshman.

It only got better from there as Ginn emerged as a weapon at receiver, complimenting Anthony Gonzalez on an Ohio State team that would go 22-3 while the pair were sophomores and juniors. He was still the nation's top return guy, but he was also now catching 29-yard strikes at Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium to quiet crowds and end 21-game home winning streaks.

Happy 28th birthday, Ted Ginn, Jr. Thanks for all the memories.


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He's 28?  I feel old...

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I say we bring him back for his senior year.

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Gawd I miss that guy!!!!

From the 2007 HBO special ---->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI7x_DDPcLo

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1. Once in a lifetime talent.
2. Just as well the video left out a certain touchdown.

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The video was uploaded in Sept '06.

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ahhh....unfortunately, then, it misses his long TD catch on Troy Smith's fake handoff against scUM.  One of my favorite plays ever in one of the greatest games.

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Quality sucks, but here it is:


Dan Isaacs

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One of the most exciting Buckeyes I ever watched.  Dude was amazing. 

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He was just sooo much faster than everyone else on the football field. Wow, thanks for the highlight reel post.


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Whew, what a talent!  I remember how he just handed the ball to the ref after he scored, which I thought was classy.  Also, how many of these highlights were against MSU?  They must have been glad to see him leave.

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That speed. Still to this day amazes me the separation this guy got whether it was before he had the ball in his hands or after.

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His separation speed was absolutely amazing.  I'm still surprised he hasn't had more success in the NFL.

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The way he blew past those ND defenders was amazing.

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Easily my favorite player ever in any sport. Greatest return man I have ever seen. One of the few players that actually accelerated while shifting past the first wave of defenders. When he dropped his upper body and head a bit while hitting stride (sometimes 80 yards before the goal line) you always knew he was gone. No human on earth could catch him.
Happy birthday Ted, you are, always have been, and always will be the greatest!

"The minute we stop expecting greatness, we become Wisconsin."

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Brad Nessler's call during the Minnesota game was great.

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The most electrifying player to ever don the S&G. 

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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Most people argue and yell at me when I say this... of course I never saw Archie play live, but I agree 100% with you...

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Here is a wonderful reminder of our wealth of talent: we started fielding Gonzo and Holmes as the up return men after people stopped kicking kickoffs to Ginn (see: fake end-around to Gonzo return against Minnesota).
My god.


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Ted Ginn! Ted Ginn! Ted Ginn did everything!

"...but then again 'Michigan' and 'huge mistake' are synonymous so that shouldn't have been much of a surprise to anybody."  - Mark Titus

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Way faster than Denard, and I bet he could throw a tighter spiral too.

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Could definitely get a pitch to home plate...


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Teddy freaking Ballgame!!!  I was at that Northern Illinois game he could of caught 25 balls that day.  Happy Birthday!

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Of all the offensive players that I have watched go from OSU to the NFL, he was the one I was sure would, and was rooting for most to, electrify the pros.  Not to be I suppose.  
Still, it always pumps me up to see highlights of this guy make other college players look foolish.

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Braxton Miller makes me feel the way I did watching Ginn..... just a highlight waiting to happen every play.

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In my opinion, the most exciting Buckeye to ever put on a football uniform...  every time he touched the ball he was a threat to score a TD...  I've never seen speed like that on a football field...
I still believe, despite Troy winning the Heisman, Teddy was the most important/best player on that 2007 team...

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Imagine what Urban Meyer would do with this speed in our current offense.

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It would have been pure insanity.

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his name was percy harvin haha

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his name could be jalin marshall

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Not only was he damn fast, he made sprinting look absolutely effortless.  That stride was a thing of beauty.
Happy Birthday, TG!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the '04 Michigan State punt return is the one where Paul Keels famously says something like "and Ted Ginn just ran through Michigan State's defense like Mexican water through a first-time tourist!" One of my favorite lines by Keels.

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Happy Birthday Teddy Ballgame.  You are my favorite Buckeye I have seen play in person.  The dude could do everything.  What a beast!

CJDPHoS Member

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Ginn and Holmes back to receive the punt

       Scary, just scary !




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What's amazing is that Urban Myer is bringing in kids who all have this kinda speed - Dontre Wilson, James Clark, Ezekiel Elliott, Parris Campbell, and it's definitely going to be fun to watch! 

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One of top-5 favorite Buckeyes of all-time! Happy born day, Teddy.
Didn't realize the amount of returns he housed for the 'phins.
Edit: ^ I watched his Dolphins highlights after tOSU highlights. lol.


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Teddy Teddy Teddy!
"Time to make a house call"
He made watching so much fun

I like football

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I noticed the "hang time" and "snap to foot" counters in the video and couldn't help wondering why they didn't have a "catch to end zone" clock on all of his punt returns.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Happy Birthday Ted. 

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Wow, the male cheerleader in the heading photo looks super-excited. Maybe even more than Teddy G himself!

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Heart you!

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Love it. 

  • MSU in 2004 was a down year, but he took that game over. 
  • Love all the ND highlights.
  • I was in Austin at the game in 2006. My dad and I were screaming about the single, press coverage that Ross lined up un before the half. Bingo. 
  • Missed one, but still have an imprint in my mind ... The fake dive to Beanie and bomb against scUM in 2006. 

Thanks for all the memories Teddy Ginn. Happy Birthday.