Basketball Buckeyes Finish Sixth in Coaches Poll

By Kyle Rowland on April 9, 2013 at 2:42p


1 Louisville (31) 34-5 775
2 Michigan 31-7 744
3 Syracuse 30-10 696
4 Wichita State 30-9 643
5 Duke 30-6 607
6 Ohio State 29-8 594
7 Indiana 29-7 568
8 Kansas 31-6 533
9 Florida 29-8 530
10 Miami (FL) 29-7 487
11 Marquette 26-9 475
12 Gonzaga 32-3 444
13 Michigan State 27-9 440
14 Arizona 27-8 359
15 Oregon 28-9 320
16 Saint Louis 28-7 265
17 Georgetown 25-7 253
18 Memphis 31-5 185
19 New Mexico 29-6 165
20 Kansas State 27-8 147
21 Creighton 28-8 134
22 Wisconsin 23-12 101
23 Virginia Commonwealth 27-9 99
24 La Salle 24-10 97
25 Florida Gulf Coast 26-11 91

Others receiving votes: Butler 76, Oklahoma State 63, Ole Miss 27, North Carolina 26, California 23, Baylor 23, Iowa State 16, Saint Mary's 15, Illinois 13, Colorado State 11, Temple 8, Pittsburgh 8, Iowa 7, UCLA 3, Weber State 1, Notre Dame 1, Minnesota 1, Belmont 1

Dropped from rankings: Oklahoma State 19, Pittsburgh 22, Saint Mary's 25


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OSUStu's picture

Pretty happy with the Bucks finishing in front of Indiana.

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LadyBuck's picture

I am ecstatic to see the bucks ahead of the fighting tan Tommy's.

tennbuckeye19's picture

Seems like Indiana should be outside of the top 8. They underachieved by not making it past the Sweet 16 and considering they were a favorite to win it all. 
And seriously, Georgetown and New Mexico shouldn't even be ranked in the top 25 after their quick exits. 

Unky Buck's picture

I'm with you there. How they didn't drop further than that, let alone out of the poll completely, is beyond me.

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HolgateBuckeye's picture

Pretty happy with the results, especially since we are ahead of Tom Crean.

RedStorm45's picture

Did...did Marquette not beat crush Miami?

BME_Buckeye's picture

Finishing sixth, not bad for a football school! 

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tennbuckeye19's picture

Dear Coaches,
Your poll is a mess. For some teams you are obviously basing their ranking on their regular season, while others have been given consideration for what they were able to accomplish in the NCAA tourney. So which is it? 

andyb's picture

Exactly, Wichta State is 4th...but the Tournament Darling FGCU is 25th?? what gives?

d1145fresh's picture

When was the last time Kentucky didn't even receive a point in a poll? Not saying they should I just feel like even when they have been bad they still get one coach to give them a spot. 

Hovenaut's picture

All-in-all, not too bad for a team nearly written off two mos ago.

mwbri's picture

I see the NIT champ and NIT runnerup in the "also receiving votes."  So winning the NIT means you are somewhere around the 31st to 35th best team in the country.

Doc's picture

Seems about right.  We started the season ranked 4 and end it ranked 6.  I think they got it right concerning us.  Ha Ha to being ahead of the Crying Crean's.

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I think there has to be some balance between regular season accomplishments and tournament results.  The way the game of basketball works plus the one and done format creates a situation where the best teams don't always make it the furthest, and not as good teams get hot and go further than they should.  Given that Louisville was the #1 overall seed and won the whole thing, they're an obvious #1.  Should that school up north be voted #2 just because they got to the title game, when they were probably the 5th best team in the Big Ten?  The tournament does show that some teams are undervalued based on conference/lack of name brand, such as Wichita State.  I'm not sure that they are the 4th best team in America, but they're definitely a top 10 team.  Other than that, the tournament probably doesn't tell you much.  I don't know...I'm bored.
6th is a pretty damn good ranking for OSU given what we saw this year.  I'm not sure I'd have them quite that high. 

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EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Really? B1G tourney champs, Elite 8, and finished very strong outside of a cold shooting night.

buckeyestu's picture

The buckeyes ranking seems right. They had a good year for being a football school.

CowCat's picture

Yeah, we are spoiled to have the #3 football team (with no bowl game) and the #6 roundball team (on an off year).
How many other schools can legitimately compete at that level in both sports now?
Ohio State
Miami, Florida?
I can't think of any more, and Miami is a stretch.

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-- Urban Meyer

EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Ranking seems about right. After the Arizona game, I remember thinking, "Who knows?" about the rest of the way, including Wichita State. Three consecutive years in the final Top Ten; really, how much more evidence do the Thad-haters need to see the man can coach?