Catching Up with Demarre Kitt: Ohio State Visit

By Miles Joseph on February 15, 2013 at 4:00p

Urban Meyer secured signatures from wide receivers James Clark, Jalin Marshall, Corey Smith, and Dontre Wilson in the 2013 recruiting class. That's an impressive group, but the staff would love to add a couple of more wide receivers in the 2014 class to bolster a promising corps and continue to pile on speed.

Bringing the south up north?Todd Kelly Jr. and Demarre Kitt enjoying their visit

One receiver near the top of Urban's wish list for next year is Tyrone (GA) Sandy Creek's Demarre Kitt.

The 6-foot-1, 190-pound prospect, a consensus four-star, once thought Georgia was the place for him, issuing his commitment to Mark Richt early in the process. However, he decided to decommit from his home-state school in October to see what other programs had to offer.

Kitt took a trip to Columbus last spring, but the visit did not go as well as he would have liked due to much of the Buckeye coaching staff being on vacation at the time. The nation's 17th-ranked receiver kept Ohio State high on his list, though, and returned to Columbus last weekend. That visit went much better.

We caught up with Demarre to get the scoop on his visit, learn which schools are standing out, and more.

You took a visit to Ohio State last weekend. How did the visit go? 

The visit went really well. I had a great time and I got to see everything on Ohio State's campus. I also got to spend a lot of time with the coaches, including Coach Meyer. I went to the basketball game too. Even though they lost, the atmosphere at the game was great. My favorite part was getting to sit down with Coach Meyer and talk to him about the game of football and how they planned on using me if I decided to come to Ohio State. 

What did Coach Meyer tell you?

We talked about how I was his number one recruit at my position in my class. He also told me how they would use me playing at the "X" position in college. He told me I would have an opportunity to get on the field early.

Did you meet any other recruits on the visit?

Yeah, I got to meet [former Ohio State commit] Lawrence Marshall and a couple of other recruits. I already knew Todd Kelly Jr. so I spent a lot of time with him too.

Compare your first Ohio State visit to this one.

This visit was definitely the better one because the coaches were there and were able to show me everything. On the first visit, the coaches weren't there so I really only got to see the facilities.

How often do you talk to OSU coaches?

I probably talk to an Ohio State coach every day or every other day. I talk to Coach Meyer, Coach Smith, Coach Withers, and Coach Herman.

Which schools are your favorites right now? What do you like about those schools?

My favorites are Ohio State, Clemson, and also Oregon, but I haven't visited yet. I like the coaches from all of those schools and I like how they run their offense.

Which schools would you like to visit this winter/spring?

Tennessee, Auburn, Texas A&M, Oregon, and maybe a few others. I will also be visiting Ohio State and Clemson again in a couple of months.

When would you like to make your college decision? Will you be enrolling early?

I will make my decision right around the first game of my senior year or sometime during the season. I am trying and want to graduate high school early to be able to enroll in college in the winter.

What will be the biggest factors in your decision? Will distance be a factor?

The biggest factor is just wherever I feel the most comfortable. Distance will not play any role in my decision.




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osubuck57's picture

Liked his interview but think we are in a dawg fight with Clemson over him.We shall see.Really want him and Harris!!!


hcazualcc's picture

is drake harris also an "x" receiver?

oregonianbuckeye's picture

Nice job with the interview, and great video. Would love to land Kitt. Is it just me or do the blocks on that first punt return look like they are from Any Given Sunday? The kids getting blocked look like the jump to exaggerate how hard they got hit!

Gametime's picture easily makes the best of these highlight videos - that said, that QB is dropping some dimes too!

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13THandSummit's picture

Definitely a stark contrast to Kitt's highlight video. hah

13THandSummit's picture

Drake Harris:
"I talk to Coach Meyer every week. He's my main recruiter. He tells me they really want me and I'm the top receiver on their board."
Demarre Kitt:
"We talked about how I was his number one recruit at my position in my class."
Both play WR. What am I missing?

Hayze's picture

One is a split end and one is a flanker?
I Marshon Lattimore is probably the top slot receiver on the board as well.
It's like saying one LB is the top MIKE on the board and another is the top WILL on the board. Both are number 1 at their position.

13THandSummit's picture

I'm sure recruits like hearing they're the #1 recruit for a team, but given how much these recruits communicate with one another and can get access to info on sites like this, I think throwing that line out too often could have ill affects. I'm curious if both feel they're the #1 WR recruit for OSU and how they would handle it if they found out they weren't. Not saying Urban didn't make it clear that they were each the #1 for the type of recievers they are, but I feel like coaches in the past could probably get away with using this line on more than one guy rather easily and that the information age is changing things.

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

I'm confident that UFM and crew know exactly how they labeled the pitch to not conflict with another recruits pitch, giv'em the credit they really can close on these playmakers !

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


lljjgg's picture

I remember reading an interview from Nick Glass recently where he said that UCLA told him that he was the top player they wanted from 2014. Along with Demarre Kitt, Elisha Shaw, Todd Kelly Jr., etc. haha.

I think when coaches tell players "You're the top player we want at this position," or even "You're the top player we want in this class," what they really mean is, "you're one of a top tier of players at your position for this class that we'd be happy to get." Coaches are rarely going to get every "top player at a position" that they want, so it's more like a top tier imo, ala the way Alex broke down the 2014 QB's a couple weeks ago (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, etc).

^Edit: I like Hayze's interpretation better, though haha. Mine is a bit more jaded.

Poison nuts's picture

Yeah - that sent my BS meter off a bit, but here's what I came up with: I'm not condoning lying or bullshitting recruits, but if they are both truly great players, you probably don't say to one "we like you, but not as much as this other guy". If the staff has a few WRs they covet equally & hope to sign them both - I got no problem with them telling them they are both the number one target, because really, they each are in that scenario. As good as kids are these days you won't have too many playing football for you by telling them there's another guy you think is better...
Then again, I still don't know if Harris & Kitt are actually the same type of receiver, I don't know a whole lot about the 2014 kids yet...

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USMC11917's picture

Does he play the same psoition as Myles Autry? If I am telling anyone that they are my number one WR in the class, it is that guy.

Alex's picture

No, Autry is a pure athlete who can play RB, WR, or DB and at WR would be more of an inside guy, while Kitt and Harris are outside guys. I personally like Autry at DB, as I think he has great athleticism and recovery speed and flexibility to flip his hips and turn to cover.

USMC11917's picture

Alex, first I want to say I am honored to have you respond to one of my posts. Second, I've looked at film on Kitt and I think I looked at Harris'. I honestly can't remember a time that I have watched someones film and come away more impressed than when I viewed Autry's. I didn't see any film on him playing the DB position. Are you not impressed with the offensive showing? I concede I don't get paid to do what you do and follow football as in depth. I just can't see squandering an elusive play maker like this on defense unless you have seen otherwise. With the secondary haul we had this year do we really need more depth at that position? I guess time will tell.

Statutoryglory's picture

It's pretty easy to see the dudes we REALLY want and have to dog fight to get based on the number of coaches involved in the landing.  4 guys dropping regular calls a few times a week is a lot of focus.  Can't wait to see this kid as a Buckeye.

weimerad's picture

Alex, you said that you personally like Autry at DB.  Do you know what the staff is recruiting him as?  I'm guessing as an ATH and figure out the specifics later?  Will this have any impact on them recruiting the top DBs on their board, ie Blanding, Peppers, Nicholson and Smith?

cinserious's picture

How often do you talk to OSU coaches?

I probably talk to an Ohio State coach every day or every other day. I talk to Coach Meyer, Coach Smith, Coach Withers, and Coach Herman.

Everett Withers baby! The beast from the Southeast! After Withers' recruiting coup of Vonn Bell, I have full confidence in his game. He's maybe the assistant coach we know the least about but Withers would be the key cog in hauling in the Georgia Boyz for 2014. I like his abilities in N.C., Georgia, Virginia, Tennesee, etc. Getting Bell on board was sweeeeet and maybe, just maybe Withers gets in Da'Shawn Hand's ear after we win the NC!
Anybody know what the 'X' position is? I'm guessing its a flanker like what Philly Brown played this past year, but Kitt would have more moves than Brown. If we get Drake Harris, he could play Devin Smith's SE position and Lattimore takes the slot. This explosive offense will be so deep at many positions!
BTW, anybody know Kitt's 40 times?

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