Wednesday Skull Session

By Chad Peltier on February 13, 2013 at 6:00a

Good morning, Buckeye fans and welcome to your Wednesday Skull Session. 

In case you missed it yesterday, our fearless leader issued his SOEW — State of Eleven Warriors.

We've had a pretty excellent year as Buckeyes and Eleven Warriors was no exception. Thanks for helping make this place the raddest website of all time. 

Eleven Warriors wouldn't be complete without a little revelry in the failings of That State of North. Thankfully, the Michigan basketball team provided an opportunity for schadenfreude last night as they fell to Michigan State, 75-52

It wasn't even close either:

Michigan State didn't trail once, led by as many as 16 points in the first half and enjoyed 30-point leads in the second. The game was so lopsided that both coaches filled the court with reserves during the final minutes.

When Michigan State is on, it's really a scary team. Of course, the same could be said for almost any team in the Big Ten this year. "Buzzsaw" seems like a fairly apt descriptor here. 

In other roundball news, Florida beat up Kentucky last night as well, proving that they really are head and shoulders above the rest of a poor SEC basketball conference.

SO WOODY AND A TURTLE WALK IN TO A BAR... Stop me if you've heard this one before, but apparently some people can't understand a joke

“He reaches down and grabs this box, slides the top and there was something in the box moving around. He reaches in and he pulls out this turtle. He reaches down, this turtle’s snapping and he says, ‘I’m going to show you toughness.’

I think you can fill in the rest (or watch it for yourself). 

Urban made that joke about Woody Hayes and the privates-eating turtle (which he's done before even!) at the recent OHSFCA Ohio High Schools coaching conference, but it seems like almost the entirety of America has heard this "legend" by now.

In fact, it got to the point where Ohio State was forced to actually comment on the joke, sending a report to journalists that the obvious joke was indeed an obvious joke. Thankfully Twitter captured everyone's dismay at this news:

ALVAREZ SPEAKS THE TRUTH. One immediate result of the new playoff system is the increased importance of strength of schedule for teams hoping to make the final four playoff cut. 

Ohio State has actually done an excellent job of scheduling marquee out of conference opponents each season (in addition to a nice cupcake or two) and now it looks like the entire Big Ten is in agreement. Last night on his monthly radio show, Barry Alvarez mentioned that: 

“The nonconference schedule in our league is ridiculous,” Alvarez said on WIBA-AM. “It’s not very appealing…

“So we’ve made an agreement that our future games will all be Division I schools. It will not be FCS schools.”

This is a win for everyone involved (except for the cupcake teams who used these matchups as a payday), but especially for the fans. Ohio State's 2013 schedule includes such heavyweights as Buffalo and Florida A&M, so this will be especially welcome in the 2014 season and beyond.

With ticket prices set to rise and attendance at a low, students and fans alike are unwilling to pay for lame out of conference matchups, so this Big Ten Gentleman's Agreement is promising. 

Simpler days when a joke was a jokeThe University issued the oddest press release yesterday

SCARY BETS. College football might not have the league-wide parity of the NFL, but that doesn't make it any more predictable, either. 

College Football by the Numbers took a look at how Vegas spreads related to actual results over the course of the entire 2012 season: 

Out of the 697 regular season games involving IA opponents, 261 of them (or 37.45%) finished within one touchdown of the betting line. In other words, more than a third of the time, you're hard-earned money was one play away from either nearly doubling or floating away. Think about that the next time your buddy has a 'sure thing'. Overall, over two thirds (67.00%) of the games finished within two touchdowns of the betting line and fewer than one of every five games differed by more than 20 points.

As Senator Blutarsky points out, this should make you fairly wary of betting on the college game. 

THE SEC MIGHT BE HERE FOR A LITTLE WHILE. While Urban launches his campaign to dethrone Alabama, the SEC as a whole will probably be the king for the near future at the least. 

SEC Blog Saturday Down South took a look at where the top 100 recruits choose for school and finds that the SEC has been gaining a larger share of these blue chippers over the years:

In college football, success begets more success. The latest batch of youngsters entering the league were in 5th grade the last time a non-SEC team won the BCS Championship. Many of these kids don’t recall the dominant days of Miami or USC. For them, the SEC is where the big boys play, and big boys are what they want to be...As you can see the trend is accelerating. 2013 was the first year where over 40 of the top 100 recruits in the country headed to the SEC.

Thankfully Ohio State did just fine last year, snagging nine recruits in Rivals' top 100.

APPLICATION COMPLETE. Football Scoop reported that there was an open, unpaid internship for aspiring football coaches open with Ohio State yesterday:

Ohio State: The Ohio State University has an unpaid internship available to aspiring coaches working on offense. Interested applicants please email for further information. 

Don't mean to get your hopes up, as apparently everyone and their grandma submitted an application, forcing OSU to close the gates: 

Hope one of you manages to snag this opportunity! 

LINKS ALL DAY. A 350 pound running back has to be seen to be believed. The future is here... John Infante of Bylaw Blog fame comments on recruiting deregulation... Ask a compliance officer, hilarity ensues... Westminster dog show rankings, because we're able to make rankings for anything!... It's a real steal to be an Alabama football player right now /terriblepun... Oregon always gets the cool stuff... Sit Clowney? Yeah right. 



Abe Froman's picture

....and the Olympic Committee decided to stop Greco Roman Wrestling beginning in 2020.  
That is a big running back.  Looks like he has some speed too.
this March Madness may be one of the most exciting I can remember due to the obvious level of play by the teams (or at least their potential) that we normally watch.  Realistically all seven or eight B1G teams should advance into the second round and five or six of those into the sweet sixteen.

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

CALPOPPY's picture

That big running back looks to be really laboring but he can run decently. If he could lose 60 lbs he would still wreck the defense and still be able to walk in 20 years.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

The reaction to Urban's tale is quite hilarious!!!  The funny part is, most people believe the old man was crazy enough to do something like that!!!  Given the shit that he actually did, it most certainly would not surprise me at all!  Woody was one tough SOB.

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

CALPOPPY's picture

Maybe they got Woody confused with Mike Singletary. I could see him do that as well after he exposed himself to his team during a halftime speech.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

oregonianbuckeye's picture

Wow, 250+ apps? I guess a lot of people want to be the one that has to take care of the turtle.

Denny's picture

That Godfrey interview a compliance officer is the best thing I'll read all week


Alhan's picture

If I remember correctly, when Urban told the turtle joke last year, it was about Earle Bruce.  This makes a little more sense as that is who he worked for as a GA.
Come on CFBTN!  Rookie mistake.  #

you're hard-earned money

Of course, I guess I am hard-earned money :-)

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

johnny11's picture

Lets get that running back on the Marriotti plan drop 100 pounds then have him take Carlos Hydes spot lafter this year lol. He would destroy the A gap at 250. He was actually running away from a few people in that film.

Jack Fu's picture

Come on. Nobody deserves the Jay Mariotti plan.

johnny11's picture

good one plus 1 sir


Best piece of comedy? The notion of Clowney sitting out 2013 so he won't get hurt for 2014 draft. Was that Charlotte Observer reporter on peyote or something?

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

Alhan's picture

Greenie went on about it ad nauseum yesterday morning.  I don't agree with his position, but he doesn't think players should be forced to stay in college for three years when they might be "ready" right now.  Risk of injury and all of that.  I guess he wants one and done like in basketball, but I think it would be bad for CFB for players to leave even sooner than they already can.

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

btalbert25's picture

There have only been a few guys I can think of in recent memory who would be able to play in the NFL early anyway.  Most guys just aren't physically mature enough for it and struggle to catch up with the speed of the college game until their junior year.  Adrian Peterson, Clowney, and a hand full of other guys would succeed, but I could see a bunch of fools taking off well before they are ready and never being heard of again.

William's picture

I have to agree. The NFL and NHL are so different from any sports league because so few guys are physically ready to come in and play. If players were allowed to go straight from high school into the NFL or juniors straight into the NHL they'd get torn up (they are in the NHL, but so few do it). Going to college in football and the minors in hockey helps these guys develop their bodies for the abuse they're going to receive. 

rdubs's picture

I am not sure that it would definitely be bad for college football.  The level of parity in college basketball is what makes it exciting.  And the ability of kids to leave after a year is what makes the parity possible (although I don't think there should be any limit because there is no reason Lebron James should have had to play in college, just ask Nerlens how it has worked out).
It would probably cut into the overall level of play, but that hasn't been a huge deterent for CFB fans given that it is not as high level as the NFL, but fills much larger stadia on the reg.

btalbert25's picture

Is it parity when there just isn't good basketball being played though?  Seems like so many games anymore barely hit 60 points if at all.  Offenses are just bad overall now.  I guess anyone can win any given night, but there are a lot of just horrible games on TV anymore.  We've been lucky in the B1G this year, but why are the B1G teams good?  They have guys like Thomas and Craft who have stuck with the program a while.  Michigan has guys who have come back, even if Burke is only a sophomore.  IU returned guys who could of left early.  The quality basketball is being played in a conference that has a lot of guys who weren't one and done. 

Unky Buck's picture

Nice links today! In the "Ask A Compliance Officer", 6 and 6a made the entire read well worth it. As a guy who is really into music (err, obsessed might be more appropriate), those were seriously funny.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

TBDBITLinWIScantSON's picture

I would wager that Siciliano submitted a coffee-stained application. Maybe that's how he got in in the first place.
And the way Alvarez stated his point about OOC scheduling made it sound like UW wasn't the worst culprit. Nice try. Funny thing is, UW routinely lucked-out some wins over the likes of Northern Iowa & N. Illinois


CALPOPPY's picture

Those aren't even the worst. I know you just threw a couple names out to demonstrate the point (and probably off the top of your head) so I'm just saying this to back you up. But at least N. Illinois is MAC and some players from N. Iowa have made the NFL. But Wisky played Cal Poly in 2008. Wofford in 2009. Austin Peay in 2010. So the schools you mentioned actually look respectable when comparing who else they've played just in the past 5 years.
edit: Upon closer reading you are making the point that they lucked out in wins against the Northern I's. So my statement is even more "look who else crappy they've played"

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

TBDBITLinWIScantSON's picture

Also, if that turtle did commit to Um, that would just give Urban the chance to defy nature. Who wants to bet that Meyer could get that turtle to flip on his own?


CALPOPPY's picture

I'm not sure if UFM could get him to commit...after all, recruiting is such a shell game.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

LouGroza's picture

Wisconsin and Bert made a living devouring cupcakes regularly for years. Hung 70 on them consistently. Strange topic for Alvarez to address sos, but understand the premise that is before B1G teams now.

BuckeyeChief's picture

Maybe he is bitter about the way Bert left? I know he has admitted in the past about how weak the conference is overall.

"2014 National with it!!!"

TBDBITLinWIScantSON's picture

That's just it. As often as not, UW was in some crazy close games with FCS and lower D1 teams, but would hang 70-80 on IU and Minny. They really had to sell the idea that their toughest OOC opponent for years, was UNLV. Oreg. St. this year was their first "legit" OOC game in a long while, and they lost. They had no pressure to do more by the AD (Alvarez). That's why him pointing a finger at the whole B1G with that comment is so full of BS.


BuckeyeChief's picture

Agreed it is BS.

"2014 National with it!!!"

BacknBlack's picture

Now I understand why Bama and the rest of the SEC practice oversiging. It accounts for players lost to criminal activity.

Denny's picture

Feel like Urban Meyer is doing some covert advertising for Turtlecalls.


BucksfanXC's picture

Welp, that was not so covert advertising by you. That got me to Google it. Did not disappoint.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody


I see that their football coach aka Mike Golic twin was there

cinserious's picture

The debate has gotten some traction this week, mostly because it raises good points on the NFL's draft eligibility rule, one of the worst and most unfair in all of sports.

If the NFL ever changes this rule, first college football will turn to crap, then the NFL will be watered down garbage full of h.s. kids with "potential". Hopefully the NFL commisioner is smarter than David Stern, as we've seen what happened to the NBA since the late '90s. When the sophs and jrs left college BB things were still cool but when it became year after year of h.s. and freshmen leaving, it destroyed two products at once.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

CPBuckeye's picture

The turtle DID go to Michigan, to test Hoke's toughness... he's still looking for something to latch on to.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

Flounder actually ate the turtle!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

81Alum's picture

Loved watching the weasels get blown away last night. TTUN losing is always a good thing :-)
Wish we had thought of the "You Off" t-shirts worn by some in the Izzone.

IBleedSandG's picture

Watching that 350 lb. RB rumble down the field is awesome. I would think he could turn in to a heck of a OG.


nvbuckeye's picture

It is called "restraint of trade."  If any other college students went off for a job (math, science, computer whiz) most college football fans would not blink an eye.  But, when some stud athlete skips college to go pro in football or basketball, fans go nuts.  Being a Buckeye for over 50 years I speak and dream with scarlet & gray colored glasses.  Being a professional in my other life I speak and dream in reality that pro sports leagues are keeping young men from achieving their dreams because of arbitrary rules.  Sure, most 18 and 19 year olds are not physically and/or mentally ready for pro sports, but, those that are should be allowed to make the attempt.  MLB doesn't have this rule, it takes kids before they graduate high school, yet, I don't hear anyone on this site begroaning that.  If Clowney is ready he should allowed to go and try.  Maybe he can make it and maybe he can't.  Who to says Vonn Bell isn't ready to go.  All the allcolades given on this and other Buckeye sites seem to think he will be the next consensus All-American as soon as he puts on his tOSU uniform.  IMHO anybody should be allowed to try.
Plus all of you going on about BB being lousy now because of "one and done" players (not scoring more than 70 points in a game) really don't understand the science of BB.  Would you be happy if every FB game was evaluated on whether or not a team scored at least 50 points per game.  As I recall in 2012 fans were going crazy when IU put up 49 points against the Buckeyes, yet the last BB game was exciting when IU put up 81.  What gives?

Catch 5's picture

I agree with the sentiment of your argument - I'm usually for a person being able to take a risk and give it a try in the free market, but I don't think it applies here.  These are kids transforming into men - very few (if any) are capable of playing in the NFL before their JR years, and too often the ones who leave early would be better served graduating first.
Furthermore, the idea that one must complete college before being considered a professional is not exclusive to the NFL.  I'm an engineer.  Before I could practice my trade and sign my own designs, I not only had to have a degree from an accredited university, but prove I had practiced under another professional for 4 years (as well as pass a standards of practice exam).  I realize that these players are not in school for a football degree (which, why not?  Musicians can major in their talent, why not football players?) but the experience is something that I feel is a fair thing for the NFL to require.

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

cinserious's picture

Example: in the 80's and 90's there have been exactly two NBA players worthy of making the jump str8 outta high school. Shawn Kemp and Kevin Garnett (LeBron was after the 90's I believe). Outside of those 3 studs, how many players have mistakenly jumped to the NBA from high school not knowing they only had a streetball 'education'. Times that by four and you have the college freshmen who've made the same mistake. I understand school is not for everybody but to succeed at the highest levels of your trade you need some form of 'education'. Two or three yrs of college-level coaching (minimum) is what it takes to carve out a career in the pros.
The Kemps/Garnetts/LeBrons are prodigies and the extreme exception. Hell Micheal Jordan, the best to ever play put in two years of college. The h.s. and college freshmen punks nowdays all think they are better than michael. So are you giving these punks a chance or are you really doing them a disservice?

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

chitown buckeye's picture

Agree with your overall statement, would however add Kobe to that list and I do believe Moses Malone was the first to do it and was successful. I agree, more times than not it doesnt work out.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

cinserious's picture

Absolutely add Kobe to the 90's list.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

OSUAndy07's picture

Nice shout out to Georgetown Cupcake. Just down the street is the Rhino Bar which caters to OSU/PSU alums. Used to get cupcakes after watching us beat the piss out of scUM during the RichRod era

"But I'm tryin' Ringo. I'm tryin', real hard, to be the shepherd"

BuckeyeInOrlando's picture

That 350 lb. running back is just the kind of "michigan man" receiver the sun and blew are looking for... oh wait, he may be too fast.