Catching Up With Dallis Todd: OSU Offer

By Derek Young on February 16, 2013 at 4:00p

La Mirada (CA) High School is home to two heralded 2014 prospects that hold offers from the Buckeyes.

Tyler Luatua, the top-rated tight end in the class, was offered back in May, and Dallis Todd, a highly ranked wide receiver, joined him recently when he was offered about two weeks ago. 

Will Dallis Todd follow Marcus Baugh in the trek from Cali to Columbus?Todd could be next in line to OSU from California

Todd's offer from Ohio State caught the eye of other schools. Since then, offers from Louisville, Clemson, Arizona State, Nebraska, and others have also rolled in.

At 6-5/210, Todd will most certainly be a wide receiver that will play on the outside in college, and can possibly outgrow the position to move to the H-back role in Urban Meyer's offense. Because of his size and athleticism, it is easy to see why the OSU coaching staff has chosen to pursue the California prospect early on.

The Buckeyes 2013 signing class was loaded at the slot receiver position, an area of weakness for the team during the 2012 season. With that position replenished, the Buckeyes' coaching staff will now focus on outside receivers for the 2014 cycle to complement the slot receiver types they just signed.

Ohio State has offered five juniors from California thus far, with Todd being the third. Riverside (CA) JW North TE Marcus Baugh signed with Ohio State last week. Can the Buckeyes strike it rich twice in as many years in the "Golden State"?

Keep reading to find out what contact between Dallis and OSU has been like, where the school stacks up compared to other programs, and if Todd will visit Columbus in the near future.

Ohio State offered recently. Is it an offer you were expecting?

The Buckeyes' coaches started to come around a bit more recently. Coach Moschetti told me that they weren't just interested in Tyler. They were also interested in me and our sophomore quarterback Kevin Dillman. I really didn't think it meant that I would get offered anytime soon, so it was pretty cool. It was one of my first few offers.

What coach do you stay in contact with at Ohio State?

Coach Hinton is the guy that comes and he is very cool. I call and talk to Coach Hinton on the phone at least once every week. He's the coach I talk to the most and have the best relationship with. 

What has the Ohio State coaching staff told you so far? 

They have assured me that I am one of their top targets at the position. My size at the position is what they like, and what they are aiming for this upcoming year in recruiting. They want the bigger guys that can play on the outside.

Being teammates and with both of you being juniors, would you consider yourself and Tyler Luatua to be a package deal?

We have talked about it, joked about it, and it would be a nice luxury and a cool thing but it is not a deciding factor. He has to do what is best for him and the same goes for me. If that makes us college teammates, then great. If not, that will be OK too. 

Have you taken any visits yet, have any planned, or know any you want to take?

I have not really dove into the recruiting process much or cared about it until basically now. I had not taken any visits and I want to look into a few schools more before I choose to travel far for a visit. I do want to get out to Ohio State in the spring though. That is one I definitely want to take and I should be able to. I have discussed going to the spring game. I know the game is not on their campus but I can make it a longer trip and see the campus also.


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Nick's picture

Hopefully Michael Thomas has a nice year so he can see how the bigger receivers are going to be used in the offense. 

rdubs's picture

Amazing that a 6-5 dude has so many good screen highlights.  I would have expected more down the field plays.

Statutoryglory's picture

He looks like Pryor out there with that stiff arm

buckeyestu's picture

I was hoping to see more down field plays, a lot of short sideline stuff.

bucknutz18's picture

great acceleration for a big boy

81Alum's picture

Love how we're expanding the recruiting horizon to include the hotbeds of high school football - Texas, now California. This is great - we're already getting the top players in Ohio, and some from Florida, now if we can get the top players from Texas, California, and Georgia - man, we're going to be unbeatable.
Speaking of expanding recruiting out West, some of the Samoans in Cal/Hawaii make for beasts on the offensive and interior defensive lines - I wonder if we're going after any of them.

buckeyedude's picture

OSU just signed the top three players from Texas, and one of the best frm Georgia, Vonn Bell. Not to mention Marcus Baugh from California for 2013.
I'm guessing with a name like Luatua, he's either Hawaiian or Polynesian. I think it's high time Ohio State landed a Polynesian player. Don't think we've had of those yet.



cinserious's picture

The Hawaiian and Polynesian players tend to stay out west like pac-10 and mountain west schools. Its MUCH closer to home for alot of them. A notable exception being Manti Teo to ND. However, it would be nice to establish a recruiting pipeline to those Hawaiians and Polynesians in the future.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Codeezy's picture

Dude has loads of potential. One of my wishlist guys for 2014.

buckeye76BHop's picture

I like him....the thought of him and Baugh on the field at the same time would be a lethal combination.  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

rightfield's picture

His HS offense is awesome. He will go onto the college game very polished. I can see why we offered his QB and TE also. Those coaches at his HS are amazing.

Its good to be the king

zbd's picture

A tall WR with speed to burn. Not a bad combination.

Jhesse17's picture

You know the kid's good when he has 12 minutes of highlights.

osubuckeye4life's picture

California is the final recruiting hot bed we need to plant a flag inside.
I like this kid good combination of size and speed. 
How high are we on his teammate Luatua?

ColumbusBornAndRaised's picture

He reminds me a little of Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos