11W Recruiting Mailbag: All-Star Week

By Alex on January 2, 2013 at 3:00p

The 2012 college football season is coming to a close as bowl season winds down, but recruiting is just heating up as we sit about a month away from National Signing Day 2013 on February 6.

The Mailbag is back

Ohio State currently sits at 19 commits in their class, but is expected to take 5 to 6 more players in their recruiting haul. Some top players remain out there for the taking and with high school all-star games coming up this weekend we should know more about who will finish off this class by the time the weekend is over.

In Friday's Under Armour All-America Game, two of OSU's top targets in Trey Johnson and Vonn Bell are participating. Johnson is going to announce his commitment at the game between the Buckeyes, Florida, and Tennessee, while Bell will visit Columbus January 11-13, with visits to Alabama and Tennessee following that trip.

One day later on Saturday, Mike Mitchell and James Quick will announce their college intentions at the US Army All-American Bowl. Mitchell is picking Ohio State, Oregon, Texas A&M, or Florida State, while Quick will pick between Urban Meyer and his protege, Charlie Strong, of Louisville. Another top target, Shelton Gibson, will be playing in the Army Bowl as well.

With these exciting announcements on the way and the anticipation of Signing Day itching throughout all of you, we thought it would be a good time to answer all of your questions regarding both OSU's 2013 class and the 2014 haul that Urban and the staff have begin to put together.

Join us after the jump to read the latest happening on the Ohio State recruiting trail with this special all-star edition of the 11W Recruiting Mailbag.

Who do you see as the final commits for the class of 2013?

At this point things seem to be trending towards an epic finish for Urban and the staff. I think Shelton Gibson and Chris Worley are in, pending grades, and it looks like the Bucks will pick up at least Mike Mitchell and Trey Johnson this weekend at their respective all-star games.

The word on James Quick is positive, and I'm hearing the same about Vonn Bell, so to land those six players would be sensational. As of now, those six are who I am going with, but there's always room for a surprise if circumstances change, such as a Dontre Wilson, which they certainly can very quickly in recruiting.

Are there any current commits who you think are wavering or may waver on their pledge in the future?

Not as of today. The Bucks are very lucky to have a group that is firmly committed to the program and it doesn't appear anyone is in danger right now. Grades of course could always play a factor, but I am not aware of any situations that are in question at this moment.

Which 2013 prospect could come in and make the biggest impact right away?

I would say on the offensive side of the ball it would be James Quick. I think he has the skill set to get in the receiver rotation from day one and be a nice weapon for Braxton Miller along with Devin Smith, Philly Brown, and Evan Spencer out wide.

On defense, and overall, I would say the guy to watch is Mike Mitchell. I think he could start from the first game, as two linebacker positions are open and he is ready to make plays. I see him as the MIKE linebacker next year, but he could play on the outside as well. He is that good.

When will Ohio State finally get some playmakers? That seems to be the one area Urban Meyer has totally missed on since being hired, sans Ezekiel Elliott.

I guess that would depend on your definition of playmaker, but in my book Elliott (as you mentioned), Jalin Marshall, and Taivon Jacobs all fall in to that category. The Bucks have also landed Gareon Conley and Darron Lee who both could play either offense or defense in Columbus and would be considered playmakers.

James Quick and Shelton Gibson are still out there for the taking and would be two more big time playmakers. Vonn Bell is being recruited as a safety, but Urban told him he could also play some receiver as well.

I'm assuming you're only talking about offense as well, because the defense is full of guys who will make plays for this team as soon as next season.

What is the latest on James Hearns?

Hearns is set to visit on January 11, but I'm not so sure that visit happens. If Mitchell and Johnson commit to OSU this weekend I don't think there is a need, or room in the class, for another linebacker. If the visit happens, it is game on for Hearns, or the staff is at the very least keeping the seat warm, just in case. If the visit is off, you can carry on with your business.

Is Corn Elder a real possibility to end up in this class?

I really like Corn a lot and feel he would be another "playmaker" to add to this class, but I think he will be a casualty of the numbers game. If something doesn't work out with Quick or Gibson, Corn is likely next man up, but as of today, I just don't see him as a Buckeye.

Could Vonn Bell commit on the spot when he visits or will he follow through with visits to Alabama and Tennessee?

Urban will certainly be aiming to land Bell's pledge on the visit, but that will not be an easy thing to accomplish. Vonn appears like he wants to stick to his word to all three coaches and at least give them all a chance, but this is a kid who felt he had all of the information he needed to make a decision without taking officials, so you never know.

This is just a pure guess, but if Vonn wants to commit to OSU following his trip to Columbus, I think he could do it, but it may be of the "silent verbal" variety so that he can still keep his word and make visits to Tuscaloosa and Knoxville. Then again, if you know, why even take the other visits since he's been to both schools before?

We'll just have to wait and see how the visit plays out next week. If you couldn't tell, it is a huge moment in this recruitment.

Could Jaylon Smith surprise us on Signing Day or has that ship completely sailed?

Not only is that ship long gone, but it is tied up firmly to the dock in South Bend, Indiana.

Sorry, WaycrakenIt doesn't look like Timmons will get an offer

Could Ryan Timmons get an offer when he visits January 11-13?

Ryan is another player I like a lot, but I just don't think there will be room for him in this class. Like Corn Elder, he very well could be next man up if one of the higher ranked players on Ohio State's big board goes elsewhere, but I think Timmons ends up at Kentucky with Mark Stoops.

With USC struggling and Oregon in hot water with the NCAA, do you see the staff making a greater push in the West?

I think this staff will recruit the North, South, East, and West, and every in between, in order to bring the best players to Columbus, regardless of what programs are at the top of the college football world. Urban went out West to get Marcus Baugh, to Texas to get JT Barrett, to New Jersey to land Eli Woodard, and to North Carolina to get Tyquan Lewis.

I could go on and on about how Meyer has extended OSU's recruiting fence, but to answer your question, yes I think this will help in getting more prospects interested in Ohio State and other schools outside of USC and Oregon. UCLA may be the big winner from this situation though, as Jim Mora Jr. has given that program a lot of positive momentum.

With talk of Matt Patchan possibly transferring to Columbus, it seems like the staff still may want one more offensive lineman for this class. What are your thoughts on that situation?

I think the staff definitely wants another offensive lineman, but I don't think they are willing to reach. With Evan Lisle and Tim Gardner on board for this year, and Marcelys Jones in the bag for 2014, I think they'd only take sure-fire prospects and I'm not sure there are any available for 2013. I think the staff is better off focusing on 2014 offensive line recruiting.

Who is the best 2014 quarterback prospect nationally and who do you think the Bucks end up signing at the position come next year?

By 247 composite rankings the top spot goes to Keller Chryst, with Caleb Henderson right behind him, but it's pretty clear the staff believes the best player is Deshaun Watson of Gainesville in Georgia. I think Watson probably fits OSU's system the best and I am 100% behind the staff's efforts to wait for him right now.

I think the Bucks have a really good shot to flip Watson from Clemson, especially if some of the Georgia prospects they are after end up coming to Columbus, but we will know more after he visits campus in February.

I believe Drew Barker would commit pretty soon after being offered by the staff, so if they don't miss the boat on him I can definitely see him being the second choice should Watson stay firm with the Tigers.

What is keeping Will Ulmer from being a "Tier 1" quarterback prospect? 

I like Will a lot, but I need to see him throw the ball at the same level as Watson, Barker, Henderson, etc.. Hopefully he comes back to Columbus this summer for camp and one of Derek, Miles, or myself can watch him in person. I know the staff likes him a lot and he's really good, but just not on Watson's level.

What is the status with Zeus Jr. (Orlando Brown Jr.)? I feel he is a must have in the class of 2014. How does OSU feel about him and what are his feelings on the Bucks?

Brown is a very good player and it's obvious that OSU likes him a lot, as he was one of the early offers in the class. He is very fond of the Bucks as well, with his mother being a Buckeye fan from Cleveland, and him naming OSU in his latest top eight list. I don't think a commitment is imminent, so the staff will have time to battle with his other top schools, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Oregon, and South Carolina.

Who do you think is next to commit to Ohio State's class of 2014?

It could be a number of players and I expect something to happen in the near future, but Kyle Berger, Dante Booker Jr., Lonnie Johnson, and Thaddeus Snodgrass (if grades are OK) are all candidates that come to mind off the bat. There are certainly other players out there that may pull the trigger soon, so keep your eyes and ears open over the next two months for new on that front.

Who would you say are the top five to seven targets in Ohio for the class of 2014?

My top 10 uncommitted targets in the state (in no order) would be Marshon Lattimore, Kyle Berger, Dante Booker Jr., Kyle Trout, Nick Richardson, Thaddeus Snodgrass, Nathaniel Devers, Dareian Watkins, Parris Campbell Jr., and Joe Henderson. Ohio is really lacking talent in 2014, but there are a few others like Marcus Whitfield, Verondtae Wilkinson, Ashton Jackson, Mikel Horton, DeShone Kizer, Darius West, and Ethan Wolf worth looking at.

Which coaches on staff would be considered the top recruiters?

If you are on Urban Meyer's staff you need to be able to recruit at a high level, so I think all of the coaches are very good at that part of the job. That being said, the top guy would be Mark Pantoni. Of course, his whole job is recruiting, but he is the best in the business from what I am seeing out of him, as every recruit, whether they end up at OSU or not, raves about him.

Outside of the master, I would have to say Fickell gets my vote for the top spot. He has been absolutely sensational both under Jim Tressel and Urban. After that Everett Withers has been the "silent assassin", especially down South, and Mike Vrabel is turning into an ace recruiter right before our eyes.

Kerry Coombs brings the excitement, Tim Hinton has the magic touch with high school coaches, and then Stan Drayton, Zach Smith, and Ed Warinner do a very good job as well. Overall you have to love where this staff is when it comes to recruiting.


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Alex's picture

any other questions you have, feel free to post in the comments below and we will do our best to answer them

johnny11's picture

Thanks Alex as always. Alex do you think Gibson is playing games when he says he is eligible? Also that WV and TOSU are equal in his recruitment?

Alex's picture

I think grades are not an issue, but test scores might be. He says "grades are fine". We shall see soon enough. I don't believe for a second WVU and OSU are equal. WVU is his back-up plan but I think OSU will take him if he meets NCAA requirements, so if he can't get into OSU per the NCAA regulations, he can't go to WVU either.

wibuckeye's picture

Alex, could you elaborate a little bit on grade and test requirements for OSU.  Are they similar to other B1G schools or are they dramatically different?  I know a few years ago there was a multiplier the NCAA used for admission requirements for athletes in revenue producing sports, is this still the case?


Alex's picture

there is an NCAA requirement not an OSU requirement....if Gibson is good to go per the NCAA he will be good to go per OSU


AllDay028's picture

I'm always a little weary when we have to worry about someone meeting the minimum NCAA requirements. If you can't get an 18 on the ACT (or whatever it is) then I think they likely won't be able to stay eligible at Ohio State. It's a little different if there are slighlty higher tOSU standards, though.

btalbert25's picture

My thing is just get them in.  There are survey and remedial classes at every university and classes like Golf and Tennis, university 101 etc that you don't need to be a genius to do. Just get in, if he is willing to work hard in the classroom(even if they are easy classes) he'll see the field.  It's those entitled kids who don't think they need to worry about class once they get here because they are only here to play football that we need to worry about.

wibuckeye's picture

Sorry BTALBERT25, I don't agree with that. I want good students as well. It's not all about football.


btalbert25's picture

I was mostly saying that just because he gets an 18 on his ACT doesn't mean he'll have academic issues his time at Ohio State.  I'm sure the schedules of the majority of the 100+ kids on the team would make us laugh.

buckeye76BHop's picture

It's not just about grades...OSU wants to make sure "everyone" is good to go as far as NCAA regulations are concerned.  Hence why Mike Thomas and Cardale Jones went to Fort Union Military Academy in order to get grade/HS credit situations under control.  I love UFM and OSU's approach on this....leaves nothing to chance or...."investigate."  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

gumtape's picture

Totally agree. One nice thing about having deep pockets is that all of the athletes have a study table, tutoring programs, and yes, a large variety of classes to choose from (Katzenmoyer, anyone?). Not everone can be Greg Bellisari or Jerry Rudzinski (the academic all-americans when I was in school) nor should they be expected to. Come in work hard, stay out of trouble and if that betters the person in the time they were here, then it is a positive for everyone.
Only half of the students that start at ohio state (non-athletes) even get a degree from tOSU. Does that mean that they are worse off for attending?

High and tight boo boo

wibuckeye's picture

Thanks Alex.  I'm here in Wisconsin and all I hear about is the high standards they have for athletes at Madison.  I always cry foul on them because I know a former Wisky running back that had a 14 on his ACT and still was admitted to UW, while other kids I knew (non-athlete) weren't getting admitted with ACTs of >25. I know the NCAA multiplier got him to an 18 to meet admissions.


GoldenBearBuckeye's picture

It is my understanding that all the Big 10 schools permit admission of kids who attain the "clearing house" standards, except for Northwestern.
I believe that UM has a case by case admissions approach, but has allowed MANY kids in who barely attained those generic clearing house standards.

Crimson's picture

Here's the scale they currently use with GPA/SAT/ACT.  For ACT, it's the sum instead of the average as we usually see, so take ACT/4 as what you would think.  You can theoretically get in with just less than a 10 on the ACT.

zenshade's picture

Wow, they've watered that "standard" way down.  I thought you had to be wrong, so I read the pdf at the link.  It's true.  With a 3.5 GPA (fairly meaningless at a lot of schools), you can qualify with just under a 10 composite ACT score.  I guarantee you I could have gotten a 10 composite by just seeing the answers and not the questions.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

Not sure how true it was and didn't really believe, but I was told you can get a 6 just from filling out your information and marking all C's. 

AllDay028's picture

I don't mean this to be a jerk. But if you get a 10 on the ACT, you are probably at a 4th or 5th grade level of understanding. That's just atrocious.

Alex's picture

also, the only other way Gibson would go somewhere other than OSU if eligible is if somehow the Bucks didn't have room for him (i.e. they can get Dontre Wilson and choose to take him over Gibson). I think both Urban and Shelton have considered him "in" this class for a while as long as academics worked out, so that would be quite the change of plans for Gibson and a great pick up for Dana Holgorsen and WVU

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

You really think Urban would take Wilson over Gibson if Chip Kelly leaves and Wilson wants to come to OSU? 

SuperBuckFan08's picture

Any chance of a surprise commit to the Bucks that us non-insiders haven't seen comming?

Because I couldn't go for three.   -Woody-

Alex's picture

don't really think so, but you never know with Urban. I had someone that I thought at one point would flip, but he will be enrolling at a different school.

buckeyewarrior's picture

Are you able to reveal who that player was and why he chose to enroll at a different school.  I was excited to find out who it was going to be since you mentioned it so long ago.

Alex's picture

National Signing Day....he is an offensive player and the flip was very very close to happening

droessl's picture

Loved reading about the staff's contributions to recruiting.  Great read overall as well. 

oregonianbuckeye's picture

What sort of timeline are Gibson and Worley working on for a commitment? Do you see them holding off until NSD? Seems like three of our main targets will announce this weekend, and Bell may be down to the wire. What about the other two main targets?

Alex's picture

as long as grades check out, I think both could be in after their January 11 visits

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

There are conflicting reports on Gibson... He says his grades are fine and could commit to OSU at any time.  He also says that WV and OSU are tied for his top spot.  What's the real story behind Gibson?  His grades bad and he's embarassed or is WV really making a big push?
Edit:  @Johnny11 beat me to it...

johnny11's picture

Alex do we find room for Dontre Wilson should he break his commitment to Oregon because of Kelly leaving?

Alex's picture

it's going to be hard to say no to Dontre, as he is an outstanding player....I can't see OSU taking more than six though, so one of Gibson/Worley/Quick/Bell/Johnson/Mitchell would have to be out...right now OSU has two spots open technically, so taking six would mean four more players transfer/leave...that number could certainly be five, meaning there could be room for Wilson

JasonBuck's picture

Are you ready to reveal your mystery flip since he'll be enrolling at a different school?  Have to ask, AND if you had to base how we end this class with percentages on each recruit (example: Trey Johnson- 95%) how would you feel about each?

Alex's picture

I'll reveal on Signing Day

and I hate doing %, but sure, for fun:

Mike Mitchell: 110%

Trey Johnson: 99%

James Quick: 51%

Vonn Bell: 51%

Shelton Gibson: 99% (grades are the 1%)

Chris Worley: 100% (hearing ACT scores are now fine)

Killer nuts's picture

Which of our recruits do you see red shirting their first year in Columbus vs seeing the field in some capacity as a freshman?

Alex's picture

Just a guess at this point but:

QB JT Barrett-Redshirt

RB Ezekiel Elliott-Play

WR Jalin Marshall-Play

WR Taivon Jacobs-Redshirt

WR James Quick (pending)-Play

WR Shelton Gibson (pending)-Play

TE Marcus Baugh-Play

OL Evan Lisle-Play

OL Tim Gardner- Redshirt

DT Michael Hill- Play

DT Billy Price-Redshirt

DL Joey Bosa-Play

DL Tracy Sprinkle-Redshirt

DL Donovan Munger-Redshirt

DE/LB Tyquan Lewis- Play

LB Mike Mitchell (pending)- Play

LB Trey Johnson (pending)-Play

LB/S Chris Worley (pending)- Redshirt

CB Eli Apple-Play

CB Cam Burrows-Play

CB Gareon Conley- Play

S Jayme Thompson- Redshirt

S Vonn Bell (pending)- Play

ATH Darron Lee- Redshirt

P Johnny Townsend- Play

E2Brutus's picture

Is there a nickname for Eli Woodard I don't know about? lol

tennbuckeye19's picture

He changed his last name to Apple a week or two ago. His step-dad's last name is Apple and since his step-dad raised him as his son, he changed his name to honor him. So now it's Eli Apple.

E2Brutus's picture

Can't believe I missed that... That's really cool. Everything I hear from him and about him continues to prove that he is a really great kid. Can't wait to watch him play on Saturdays!

TMac's picture

Missed that in the Holiday Rush, Great Story!! I like young Mr. Apple more every day!

ONE Not Done!

cinserious's picture

@e2brutus: thanks for asking the tough question. Ive been seeing this eli apple name lastr few days but had no clue who he was. Scared to ask about him for fear of being labeled as 'out-of-the-loop'.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

buck-I.8's picture

If you just google "Eli Apple", the first result is the landgrant article about Woodard changing his name, just saying.

JasonBuck's picture

deleted, saw you answered my question on the Trey Johnson annoucing thread

TBDBITL0509's picture

I keep seeing reports of how there's a group of HS players from GA who would love to play together at the next level (Raekwon, Chubb & friends) - how likely is it that we get 3 or more players out of a very talented Georgia class in 2014? 

Alex's picture

I think between Autry, Watson, Brown Jr, McMillan, Glass, Sawyer, Kitt, and others, it is likely OSU gets three Georgia natives in the 2014 class. 

McMillan and Autry are a good two to start with so would just need one other player

TBDBITL0509's picture

I've never seen so much talk about one school from a group of kids who don't go to school together. It feels pretty special. I'm just trying not to get my hopes too high.

buckeye76BHop's picture

I realize you know your stuff...but I wouldn't be surprised to see 4-6 GA kids in this class (or more kids coming from other southern states).  Could you imagine...that many coming from southern states and the heart of SEC country...Oh my it would be grand!
My picks from GA; McMillan, Autry, Brown Jr and Kitt could be in...add Watson and Glass for surprises;-)

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

Woody Hayes 1913 - 1987 

btalbert25's picture

I'm thinking eventually every year half of our class from Georgia, Florida, and Texas and half from Ohio.

TBDBITL0509's picture

That would indeed be something else... I guess I've just never seen such a large group of recruits say they all want to play together. A lot can change in a year, so I would be very pleased if we got 4 - 6 out of this GA 2014 class. That's a top 5 tOSU class for sure.
Also, can't edit my comment now, but I meant Autry, not Chubb in my original question.

OSU westcoast's picture

Whats the tentative number of recruits that we will be able to get for the 2014 class? And any word on how recruiting is going on in the west coast?


RBuck's picture

Here's hoping for multiple 'Gray Boxes of Glory' Friday and Saturday.

Long live the southend.

BigMoosie's picture

Alex what about your top five to seven targets outside of Ohio for the class of 2014?

Alex's picture

I'll give you my top 10 (not in order), although it's tough just to limit to 10 as it is a GREAT class. I will be doing only Buckeye targets, not overall players.

Da'Shawn Hand

Raekwon McMillan

Clifton Garrett

Jalen Hurd

Deshaun Watson

Jabrill Peppers

Quin Blanding

Andrew Brown

Tony Brown

Damian Prince

Jugdish's picture

I hope you are right. That list is insane. Please, Santa, for next Christmas.

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

oregonianbuckeye's picture

Saw that LaRue just decommitted from usc. Is tOSU a possibility for him (assuming that one of the main six doesn't come our way)?

Alex's picture

OSU chose not to bring him in for an official visit when he wanted to come for The Game...don't think there's room for Sebastian this year

Hayze's picture

I've stated this before, but if people really want to know what the staff thinks of where they stand with recruits, then look at who they offer and who comes to visit.
Stringfellow and LaRue both wanted to visit. Staff ended up saying no. Therefore, they like their chances with Quick.
Haven't been sending out too many offers to LBs and James Hearns is the only LB visiting after Johnson/Mitchell make their decisions. Therefore, they like their chances with Johnson/Mitchell.

btalbert25's picture

Alex, I thought at one point over the summer you felt pretty strongly that Marshall would be the most dynamic player in this recruiting class and that he was probably the best recruit in the class.  After your comment about Quick making an impact from day 1 I was wondering has your opinion of Marshall changed or do you just think Quick is that good?

Alex's picture

I think both Marshall and Quick will make an impact as freshmen.

Marshall needs more of an adjustment as he is learning a new position. He would play the "H" at OSU, meaning he could line-up out wide, in the slot, in the backfield, or even behind center in the wildcat. He is the Percy Harvin in Meyer's offense.

Quick is more of your traditional WR and would play the same positions as Spencer/Smith.

DMcDougal24's picture

Are the Buckeyes interested in Milan Richard of GA? Where does he rank in comparison to some of the other TEs that we are targeting, namely Blazevich.

Alex's picture

interested, but no biting at him yet--Blazevich is their clear #1 target at the position and I think they'll only take one

corveyer's picture

With available scholarships running out and things looking good with everyone talked about above space is obviously limited. But are there any names that come to mind of recruits totally off of the radar that could end up in this class on NSD ala Jamal Marcus?

Alex's picture

At this point, I just don't see it. The closest thing could be Dontre Wilson, but I really don't see it. Maybe someone like Max Redfield if they don't get Bell? You never know with Meyer though.

Hayze's picture

Alex already said there wasn't really anyone besides maybe Wilson.
I think the reason you saw so many names pop up last year was 1) we had a smaller class going into the end of the season and 2) we weren't sitting as comfortable with as many high profile guys as we are now so there was more ground to made up.

db31103's picture

So with technically only 2 spots left open for this class but everyone assuming we take 5-6 more kids, who leaves the team?  

"I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying." - Woody Hayes

partisan's picture

Assuming Chip Kelly sails on to the NFL and Wilson opens up his recruitment, how do you see the staff making room for him?

sir rickithda3rd's picture

when its all said and done do you think osu will have a top 3 class?

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

OldColumbusTown's picture

I know you mentioned you think Drew Barker would commit soon after getting an offer from the staff (presumably after Watson decided he is definitely going to Clemson), but how long, realistically, do you think the staff waits on Watson? 
If they continue to see a glimmer of hope with Watson, but believe they'll lose out on any chance with Barker (or any other QBs they really like) because the process has taken too long, do they go ahead and make the offer to Barker, just in case?

Alex's picture

Honestly, I do not know. I think Watson's visit in February will be very telling. This staff is smart and if they really have Barker at #2 on their list, they won't let him get away without a very, very real shot at Watson.

They will get one very good QB for 2014, whether it be Watson, Barker, or someone else.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I saw where Watson tweeted on New Years Day that he would be enrolling a year from then.  I'm assuming he will enroll early and how will this affect his recruitment?  Will the staff push for him all the way until next Christmas or will they only push for a few more months then turn to other prospects?

hcazualcc's picture

have we given up on recruiting demetrious knox?

Alex's picture

a big NO to that....that kid is a game-player to the max...he could very well end up at Texas, but he also could very well have just been keeping a spot in that class warm to fall back on...he has already said he is visiting OSU next year multiple times, so this one will be over when a fax comes in

ATLBuckeye09's picture

Alex living in the Atlanta area I know there is a ton of talent not only in Atlanta but throughout the state of GA. The SEC recuits this state heavily of course with Bama alone having averaged 20% of each class over the Saban era from GA. We all know the status of Florida HS players but it seems to me that GA is really strong and I wanted to know what your knowledge of UFM & Co's strategy was vs. their strategy of targeting Florida players. From what I am hearing around here UFM has been here quite a bit in the last 12 months and the kids in HS now are really raving about UFM and talking tOSU in glowing terms. While I know he is still working Florida it does seem that he is targeting GA (especially Atlanta Metro schools) in a large way.

Because they wouldn't let me go for 3!
Woody Hayes 1913-1987

zenshade's picture

Not Alex, but I recently looked at population demographics relative to elite Division I players and Georgia is on par with Florida in terms of absolute numbers, with a smaller population and pretty much only UGA as the in-state competition.  And the players tend to not be all that loyal to UGA.
Compare that to Florida, where you have UF, FSU and Miami as MAJOR competition for in-state players.  Thus, it's easy to see why Urban is targeting Georgia.
Also, I wonder if there is an element of going after an Alabama hotbed, of directly competing against the best team out there.  Hearing what Combs said about "What have you done to beat Alabama today?" made me think of that.

Maestro's picture

Really looking forward to NSD.  It has become one of my favorite days of the offseason over the past few years.

vacuuming sucks

E2Brutus's picture

Agree. And with everything we're hearing about the prospects still on the board it could be very exciting!

stanton6's picture

I see Auburn just recently contacted Trey Johnson, and he said he may put off his commitment this weekend. Alex, do you think this is just a smoke screen to get people talking, or do you think this could hold some weight?


Alex's picture

As was said in other threads, Miles spoke to Johnson's coach who is at the UA Game as an assistant. He said Trey will announce Friday, and that it was just the media putting a spin on the story. I expect him to be a Buckeye Friday evening.

DefendOhio's picture

Alex, what's the latest on J.T. Barett? I heard rumors awhile back of his career being in jeopardy. How confident is the staff that Barett can come back from this terrible injury? I realize a redshirt is most likely in order next season. Thanks for the great work as always!

buck-I.8's picture

He's recovering well, and he's back in the weight room. His procedure is fairly routine, and there's no reason to believe his career would be threatened

Alex's picture

JT is expected to be 100% by the time fall camp begins

Troy0782's picture

Is it purely a numbers game with the reasoning behind the staff seemingly only wanting to take one 2014 QB or are there other factors behind the strategy?

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It's a two-fold issue:
1) 2014 is gonna be a small class.
2) QB is really not a position of need.  When the 2014 class gets on campus there wil be three scholarship QBs (Miller, Jones, Barrett).  You don't really want more than 4 scholarships spent on a position where only one palyer gets the vast majority of playing time.  Unless Jones transfers (which I would put good money on not happening), only one QB will be taken in 2014.

Cause I couldn't go for three

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I would love two guys, but with a smaller class maybe you take one sure-fire guy and then an athlete that can play QB too, such as Dareian Watkins, etc

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Any chance a nice showing and W for L'ville makes the final impression and wins Quick over?

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I was just thinking the same thing given their strong start. 

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I know there's a LONG way to go, but how realistic of a shot do we have at Da'shawn Hand?
Also, I think it's awesome you take the time to answer so many of our question, many thanks to you sir!

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I got a little birdie in my ear chirping about one Max Redfield. A player of his caliber certainly wouldnt be a plan B to Vonn Bell, the staff would take both of these guys. I know he likes ND a lot, and hes a SoCal kid, but i have a feeling he likes the chrome domers at this point. Is this conflicting information to any you may have?

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Yeah, didn't Max Redfield say in an interview when he arrived at the UA AA game earlier this week that OSU was one of his final three.  I think he said he was probably going to announce at the game too.  I may have the announcement wrong, but I know in an interview he said "...don't count OSU out..." and then said something like you never know....
Here is the link to the blog post from ESPN.com (you might need to be an insider)
"Redfield, a four-star safety from Mission Viejo, Calif., said Sunday he’s comfortable with his choice. The finalists include USC, to which he was a longtime commitment before reneging in October, Notre Dame and a dark horse -- Ohio State."-This is from the article and it blog post and it does confirm that he will announce at the UAAA game on Friday.
Redfield says this:
As for Ohio State, don’t count it out, Redfield said.
“I’ve been talking to their coaches a lot.”
This was news to me, because I didn't think he was even considering OSU.

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IMO there is little to virtually NO chance that he goes with OSU!
However, I was horrified when I was reading his quote, because he was saying that the OSU coaches had been talking with him a lot, and I think he may have implied that a coach possibly visited him in December when they made a trip out to the West coast.  
Anyways, back to the reason IMO this is a BAD development on the Vonn Bell pursuit.
I think many of us have been trying to read between the lines to see if the staff goes after Redfield, knowing that if they do (pursue another safety) then they may not be completely confident about their chances on Bell.

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I think Max had some interest in OSU before but we never recruited him and he's now down to Notre Dame and USC.
These all star games want players who are committing to have 3 hats on the table (Hence why Quick will have an Oregon hat and so will Mitchell).

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Would Dontre Wilson be the 1st option to take Quick's spot if Quick ends up choosing L'ville? 

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You and others refer to Elder and Timmons as "next man up" do you think if say Quick, Bell and/ or someone else decide not to come they would get their offer, or does the staff save that for 2014?

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If you're still checking this, Alex..
Let's assume Quick selects Louisville simply for purposes of this question. With Chip Kelly likely taking an NFL gig, would Dontre Wilson jump Corn Elder as the next man up in your opinion?

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i hope the staff finds a way to bring in dontre wilson with or without quick.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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If Dontre Wilson wants in, Urban will let him in. To good a talent to not take IMO.